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So you want to grow your blog, and you want to do it fast! After blogging for over a year, I’m finally convinced that YES, this is a growth lesson. As I slowly saw one or two views on my WordPress stats and often wondered, if I had to develop a solution to promote. I read so many articles on this website called Pinterest and how it can really grow your audience. Then I remembered I already had an account and sought to make it more of a resource.

I came across Pinterest, looking at a recipe photo, and stumbled upon this search engine. I was immediately amazed by this photo search engine. I mainly used it as a personal way of storing all of those ideas I wanted to try and things I liked. When I had started my own blog, I didn’t know that Pinterest was also used for promotion. I did some research, including reading and other blogs about Pinterest. Ever since I’ve been pinning my Pinterest pins, my Blog has grown, and I’ve had more viewers on my page.

I know you may have read tons of strategies on this subject, but you might learn something new. Here’s to me sharing all of the techniques and strategies I’ve been using to promote my site.

As a beginner at you might not see too many results, but it all takes to progress. When starting in the world of blogging, you will learn that promotion is just one of them. A new blog takes time to rank on Google; they have to analyze it, and based on SEO, maybe you will search wherein the search terms. Pinterest gets readers directly to your site as soon as someone clicks on a Pin. I used to be amazed when I would have two or three readers pop up on my stats but eventually, in one day, I had over 1,000 readers. It does take some time but here are some strategies below and wanted to show you how to speed up the process.

Choosing the right words

Pinterest is similar to Google as its A: considered a search engine and B: people use search terms, or I would say keywords to find results. What makes Pinterest so awesome is that it will put a bunch of other relatable keywords after searching for one keyword. As a blogger, you can use this as a resource to finding similar search terms to put in your Pin description and title. The more you keywords you can add to your Pin (and it has to make sense), it is most likely you Pin would generate more for those topics.
As you begin to type in your search term just like Google, you will see a list of relatable other search terms. These are most likely what other Pinterest users are searching for at the bases of your keywords. You can make a list of these key terms and keep them in mind. Pinterest would put the majority of the pins that relate to the topic at the top.

Key tip: Before you start searching for keywords, clear all your previous searches. As you begin to type, there should be a little “X” there you can click to clear in the search bar. Now you are ready to search

Find out what’s Trending for your Reader

Pinterest has tools for us to take advantage of, especially if you have a Pinterest Business Account. So first things first, please make sure you have a Pinterest Business account is your promoting your blog. It’s free and easy to switch to. Go to your Pinterest settings to convert your account. You can use the two tools to see what your readers are interested in is Pinterest Analytics and Pinterest Trends.
I will go over both of them and tell you how you can use these to your benefit.

Pinterest Analytics and Trends

The Analytics and Trends show you the people who have followed you, view your pages and everyone else who uses Pinterest. You can use this to see searches that are trending with your and Pinterest’s audience. If you want to speed up the number of readers on your blog, choose topics that your followers are already looking to find. Do you have a viral pin that is Trending? Piggyback on that and write other blogs that related to the subject of that Pin.
After you’ve switched, you will see Analytics in your top bar. The next step is to choose Audience Insights then All Pinterest Users. If you want to zero in on just what’s Trending, choose Analytics, then Trends.

Keep it Fresh and be Consistent

You have to keep your audience in mind when your thinking of your Pinterest page. Imagine if you saw the same content every day? Is this still a page you would keep visiting, or will you lose interest? If you want your page to grow fast, you have to keep pinning. When pretty much every day, but as you pin new things, you can organize or delete pins that don’t make sense to your board. Keep it organized, nice, and clean that way; it makes it easier for your viewer to navigate. What does it mean to keep it fresh? By creating a variety of pins with different images. Even if it’s for the same link, use a different image for the pin. What is important is making sure the branding from your pins is cohesive. Just by looking at the pin, they know it’s you, your style, your brand. Even from other sites, all the pins should relate in look and niche if at all closest you can get. Vary your style of pin, maybe more with text than other bases on an image. Capture your viewer’s attention with great graphics, bold text, and give a sense of urgency. Why do they need to click on your pin versus 100’s of others because, because?

Think of this when you’re creating your pin. Do a test run on different pin styles for one link and see which one grabbed your audience’s attention more. The reason why they love this one…let’s imagine because the text was bold at the top versus the bottom, they can see more of the image versus less. It definitely helps to experiment with your pins, and at the end of the day, you are getting to know your audience more. Ok, my fellow bloggers, I can talk about Pinterest all day, but I’m sure I gave some information to work with. Stay tuned for more Pinterest traffic posts, and I hope by doing the small changes above that your Pinterest page soars!!

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