My Daily Blogging Schedule That Will Actually Helps me Create a ton of Content

I’ve been blogging for over a year now, and believe me, and made a ton of mistakes. And I had wasted so much time trying to figure things out! I would plan and plan and plan, but I still needed a system to keep me on top of things.

What made it difficult is because I was and still am, working full-time. I didn’t want to put my dreams on hold, but I still needed the income from my regular job.

As a newbie blogger, you can’t rely on your blog generating income just yet, as, like anything else, it takes time. I still need to make money to help me grow and succeed at my dream goal: Making money from home.

Failures are lessons learned

After tons of failures, I’ve finally come up with a strategy to help me pump out tons of content and still keep my sanity. When you’re working a full-time job, the hours you have to yourself can seem like there’s none. And trying to run a business, keeping up with your home, and family, where exactly is the TIME!

So I hope that throughout all the mist and sea of blog posts telling you what to do to help you grow your blog, that you visit this one here. Even if you’re trying to be on the fast track of making money, there are still so many obstacles, and one is managing your day.

I want to share my tips and hope that you get some peace with this. Welcome to your day to day blogging schedule! In this article, I’m going to share my daily blogging schedule to help save you time and energy. Plus for an added bonus, a checklist for before and after you hit publish.

My Daily Blogging Schedule That Will Actually Helps me Create a ton of Content

The 80/20 Rule

You may have heard about this rule in the blogging world, but I’ll make it easier to implement it in the schedule. The eighty percent should be the main thing to work on that will either generate the most traffic or earn more revenue.

Getting straight to the core of things, what should you be doing for most of your time?

It’s not posting on social media, or even pinning to Pinterest. That 80 percent is creating content. Without content, there will be nothing to post or pin, nothing to earn revenue. So when you are making your schedule make sure most of the time, you are creating content.

The twenty percent is where you would do all the promoting and engaging with your audience. Promoting would be posting, send out email notifications, etc. The twenty percent is just enough to get some traffic to your site.

If you spend to much time on promoting and marketing, you would not be able to generate new items or articles. Also, you can throw in planning to your 20% as well. I’m definitely one of those that like to spend hours and hours planning.

I have an obsession with lists, and I have a list for everything, home and business alike. Then I realized that I would have a lot of things planned out and time ran out on completing the actual task. After I would get so disappointed in myself, never choosing to relive it, I decided to change my strategy.

I wrote about one of my time-saving techniques called “Batch working” and along with my blogging schedule. You can check it out HERE

My Weekly Schedule as a Blogger

My Weekly Schedule as a Blogger

Now let’s get into the good part, as crazy as it sounds. I like to be busy. Blogging allows me to reach a ton of people and do what I love best, helping others. Even though I was busy, there was no progress. I would write whenever I had the time, and at the end of the week, two blog posts. By the end of the month, just 12 posts and no traffic. How frustrating it was to know I had so much time to accomplish more, but I couldn’t gather the energy.

I wanted to work on what people might call the work-life balance. In my case, its the Work, Work-Life Balance. I can’t let my dream slip from me, no matter how tired I was, this needs to work! Starting by writing a post, then going on social media, posting on Facebook, it was like I was everywhere getting nowhere. Something needed to change!

I had to adapt to a new strategy that also doesn’t drain me. And when I caught a glimpse I what my focus was, it dawned on me to focus on what’s important. My readers! Most importantly, creating content for them to read.

Work around your Free-Time

Working full-time hours and blogging can take up your day. So I wanted to optimize my schedule around the times I’m available. Get ready to have your mind blown, and yes, it starts at 3 am! I usually get ready early in the morning, but now that I’m working as well, I choose to change that and put in some work first. My best advice is to find the time in your day that you can dedicate at a minimum of 4 hours, at best 5 hours. Even if you need to space it out, in the beginning, blogging takes up a lot of time.

I created a schedule that I use according to the 80/20 productivity guidelines. For me to do everything, I have to go to bed for 9 pm at the latest. If I have a late-night, then I will have a late morning and will get less stuff done. In the future, as I generate more funding, I look forward to hiring a VA to do some of this work. It would be nice to cut my hours in half. And finally that one day I can work at home full time! Oh, heaven!

Sunday (8 am – 5 pm) Planning Day

When it comes to planning out your blog post, I recommend always being two months ahead. There are always regular events and trends that usually pop up seasonal or in the course of life. A Ton of examples is Holidays (Valentines Day, Christmas), Wedding season, School Events ( graduations, Back to School), Seasonal Activities (Summer, Winter, Fall), New Year resolutions (Fitness, Goals, Vacations), world events (sports), Global Shopping days (Tax-free week, Black Friday). Wow, that’s a lot of examples, I’m sure I left some out, phew! Once you have at least planned two months, you can dedicate the rest of your Sundays to drafting your posts.

Writing Tasks ( 4 hours)

  • Do research for the next 14 Blog Posts
  • Writing Outlines for 4 Blog Posts
  • Draft Email Sequence for the current week

Smalls Tasks (4 hours)

  • Plan out my Blog Posts for the Month
  • Do Research on Trending Topics for the Next Month
  • Keyword Research for each Blog Post
  • Trending Research for each Social Media Platform (schedule in if relatable)
  • Outline my Sales funnels for the Month
  • Write my Goals for the Month/ Main Focus
  • Plan out my photography theme / and Video Topics (12 Videos)
  • Keyword Research for Video Topics
  • Plan out Call to Actions for the Month
  • Place everything on an actionable calendar
  • Read a book/ takes a course/ watch videos related to what I need to learn more of/ or want more education in.

Monday (3 am – 9 am) Writing Day

Writing Tasks ( 6 hours)

  • Write Schedule Blog Posts (3 Blog Posts)
  • Outline Blog Posts (3 Blog Posts)
  • Finalize Email Sequence for the Next week

Tuesday (3 am – 8 am) Social Media

Writing Tasks (3 hours)

  • Write Scheduled Blog Posts (2 Blog Posts)
  • Make Captions for Social Media Posts and Pins
  • Draft Scripts and or Outlines for Video Posts
  • Draft out Email Sequences for the Next Week

Smalls Tasks (2 hours)

  • Schedule out Social Media Posts for the next two weeks
  • Schedule out Pins in Tailwind for the next two weeks
  • Research on best engagement times and follower analytics
  • Research on similar accounts that are related to my niche
  • Schedule out marketing posts/ Call to actions/ Sales funnels

Wednesday (3 am – 8 am) Digital / Creatives

Writing Tasks (2 hours)

  • Write Scheduled Blog Posts (2 Blog Posts)

Small Tasks (3 hours)

  • Create all digital graphics for two weeks my pins or posts
  • Make Thumbnails for scheduled videos
  • Schedule opt-ins / products/ drafting, editing or finalizing courses

Thursday (3 am – 8 am) Digital / Creatives Day

Writing Tasks (3 hours)

  • Write Scheduled Blog Posts (2 Blog Posts)

Small Tasks (2 hours)

  • Scheduling all digital graphics for two weeks my pins or posts
  • Scheduling opt-ins / products/ drafting, editing or finalizing courses

Friday (3 am – 8 am) Digital / Creatives Day Part 2

Writing Tasks (3 hours)

  • Writing Scheduled Blog Posts (3 Blog Posts)

Small Tasks (2 hours)

  • Finalizing opt-ins / products/ drafting, editing or finalizing courses
  • Scheduling and finalizing projects on website/ social media platforms/ ads

Saturday (8 am – 5pm) Photos and Videos

Writing Tasks (3 hours)

  • Writing Scheduled Blog Posts (2 Blog Post)

Small Tasks (5 hours)

  • Photo sessions
  • Videos / editing/ Posting
My Daily Blogging Schedule That Will Actually Helps me Create a ton of Content

How I would summarize my week

On Sundays, I plan out all of my future projects or make any necessary adjustments on my schedule projects. Every day of the week, I usually write for at least one to two hours. For the rest of the time, I do smaller tasks. Mondays, I work mostly on only writing materials. Tuesday’s small tasks are social media engagement and scheduling posts. Wednesday’s tasks, any graphics related projects I have to create or images that I have to download. Thursday’s after writing, I’m scheduling editing all of my posts and Graphics. Friday’s task list consists of all my digital artwork. The weekends I use for photos like self-photography and videos.

How to switch your focus when you start earning Money

After blogging for some time, you might want to start to monetize it. Earning money from your blog can help you increase your income, and finally, if you wish, “Work from Home!” Even though earning money is all in its rights as “Awesome,”! you still want to maintain your focus on creating content. As this rate, creating content to monetize might look a little different.

There are several ways to earn money from your blog. There is affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, courses, digital products. When you are first starting, you might just want to add “ads” on your sight. A lot of bloggers start with Google Ad-sense because its easy, your site just needs to be approved by Google first to get started.

Continue to write based on Niche

Just by increasing your traffic with SEO and writing trendy topics in your niche can increase your revenue in AdSense marketing. The affiliate links for independent sites work the same way, but make sure you are choosing companies that relate to your niche.

It would be easier to write about affiliates that are similar to your niche and audience. Picking affiliates in your niche will help create more clicks to the link for purchasing. Your readers won’t feel like you are trying to sell them and addressing the main purpose.

Here is a list of Things you can monetize your Blog Website

  • Join Affiliate Programs like ShareASale, Awin, Amazon
  • Add ads to your site ( ex. Google AdSense)
  • Create EBooks/ Courses
  • Write sponsored content on your Blog
  • Sell your services on your Blog
  • Add a membership service on your Blog
  • Selling a physical product or Digital Products

When you want to start making money as a blogger, you want to apply your marketing efforts along with your posts. Make sure the majority of your post contain marketed material and relates to your niche. You can have one blog post with affiliate links, a snippet of a sponsor, and a call to action to a course or email subscriptions.

Figure out what you want to accomplish for the month, new subscribers? More purchases for your course? And create your funnel method to cater to that goal. Create as many funnels as you like, there are so many options.

Here is an example of a Sales Funnel

  • Creating a Pinterest pin to spark interest
  • Offering an opt-in freebie to get them as an email subscriber
  • Introduction in a welcome Email sequence with a follow-up email marketed with a sales opt-in
  • Offer limited time on the opt-in, a discounted price
  • Follow up on email or response after the purchase to get feedback

My Blog Post Checklist (Before I hit Publish)

There are some things you want to do before you finalize your post. A great tip to start with is installing an SEO plugin. Installing Yoast SEO plugin (which is free) checks off a lot of errors for excellent optimization. Before I hit publish, there are some other things to consider. Going over this checklist will surely make your blog post is perfect, attracting readers and keeping their attention.

  • Post Title that includes researched Key Words
  • Change your Permalink To Include two or more Key Words
  • Make sure your post is properly indexed ( H2/H3 and so on)
  • Deep Link To Prior Posts
  • Add a Call to Action in your post
  • Images are On-Brand
  • Add ‘Alt Text’ To Images with targeted Keywords
  • The post is SEO-Optimized
  • Edit your Meta Description to capture your audience and Include Keywords
  • Proofread For Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation
  • Pretend you are the reader, and you found your post helpful

My Blog Post Checklist (After I hit Publish)

Your daily to-dos might look different than mine, but this is what I do daily after writing my blog posts. Even though I’ve already written some great content, there is still stuff to do. Remember, you have an audience now, and you’re trying to grow your site. After you have written the post, go back after a week with fresh eyes for tweaking. Plus, you may have written more related posts to deep link.

  • Pin your post to Pinterest
  • Share Post To Tailwind Tribes + Group Boards
  • Schedule to Post To Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram
  • Track your Analytics on the Post
  • Respond to Comments
  • Go back after a week for additional adjustments if needed

So what can you do now?

After reading all of this valuable information, I know you probably want to pin this for later. And I don’t blame you, and there is just so much you can come back to and learn.

Remember, this is what I do personally to help me grow my blog. Your life and schedule might be different and some things you want to change around. I had an obstacle and then I overcame it with a solution. The best thing about it is that it works best for me.

If you’re new at blogging, the truth is, its a lot of hard work! The drive and determination needed to be there at all times. Once you notice its starting to fade, so will your audience, also so will your work.

When you are feeling stuck the best thing to do is remember your “Why”. Why am I doing this? My why is what keeps me going every day. And its what makes me wake up early to turn on my computer in the pitch-black hours.

My passion for blogging is to help people all over the world, down to the single mom, working day to day, making ends meet. I started blogging in 2018, and I never quit! So Good luck on your blogging adventure! All the opportunities will come, all in its due time.

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