Save time as a new Blogger by Batch working projects

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a ton of projects? There was a time when I felt like I had too much to do and less time to do it. You’ve heard the sayings we all have the same time in the day 24/7. And if others can do it you can do it too.

As a blogger, there is a ton of work to do. There are those people out there that have never tried it thinking “oh your just writing paragraphs and that’s it” Us bloggers now through the trenches are shaking our heads and saying “This is a lot of work!”

You may already have been blogging for some time, but still not creating a lot of traffic or is barely getting your posts out there. What can drain you is all of the tedious tasks there is to do to keep up with your blog.

Stop multitasking, its a productivity killer

I’m advising you to stop what you are doing now! And focus on one large task once a day and once that is complete then you can move on to others. If you haven’t got the idea from the title of this article, we are talking about batch working.

Even though I had a list of things to do, it didn’t seem like I was getting progress. By the time I started to focus on writing again, all the small tasks sucking up my energy. Eventually, I wasn’t doing enough of the most important task, writing. I was consumed with social media tasks, researching topics, and create a ton more small projects.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…

How are people managing large workloads and getting them done reasonable times? One suggestion that was me to me was batch working. And it wasn’t until I saw a YouTube video about being productive and batch working your projects to get the work done. Then I thought to myself should try this method.

As I started this new way of focusing on one task at a time. Pretty soon it became even more obvious that batch working has to be a great way to maximize my time and then, in turn, create more revenue. Being overwhelmed with a lot of work to do canned be stressful. You don’t have to do everything at once to be more productive. Being smarter with your time basically means dissecting it to work towards your benefits.

Batch working is selecting periods of time in the day to work on one topic. By putting similar topics together you can maximize your time and cross the things off your list. This technique is to helps produce large amounts of work in one task versus just going from one topic to another.

What reality was like for me…

It was hard for me to do a task without switching to another task. This happens usually when one of my tasks is related to another then I would lose focus on the original task I tried to do. If you work on one task for a period of time it’s easier to put more effort into that task. Working back and forth you’re not giving it all of your attention.

Why you shouldn’t multi-task

The truth about multitasking is that it makes larger things take longer to do. This is when the project seems like it takes forever because you’re dedicating smaller bits of time for each thing to do verses using most of your efforts on that one thing.

You’re most likely able to make more errors during multitasking than doing one task for a period Of time. That being said You might think it must be smarter just to do one thing at a time. Which is true if they’re all related. Batch working can save you from scrambling to get all the things done by the due date.

By doing one topic and in a large time block you can schedule those in advance. This will keep you up-to-date and on task. If you have to crank out a lot of content like me on a weekly basis this is perfect for you.

Being a blogger sometimes can be overwhelming. By doing all similar items together, I’m able to streamline my content and any future campaigns. I’m able to schedule out my content for weeks in advance.

Scheduling my work in Advance keeps me consistent. My readers are always looking to see if I posted any new content and this keeps them reading and staying on my site longer. The more content I make the more eyes I get on my articles which increases my audience. Before when I would be multitasking I used to have a ton of 1/2 projects.

Save time as a new Blogger by Batch working projects

My Batch-working Process

When you start batch working begin by dedicating certain days of the week for certain tasks. Start by making a long list of the things you have to get done by the end of the week. If you’re like me this list is really long. After creating this list, look for the similarities. In blogging it could be by platform, or by the due date.

Highlight all similar tasks by the same color. For example: Taking photos stills for my blog, having a photoshoot for social media and editing photos would be together. They are all related to photography. This means there would be one day out of the week I would be dedicated to taking photos and completing all the underlining tasks. Putting related tasks together help streamline the work, all the dots are connected. You will be crossing off a lot by doing it this way.

Next, try to zero in and choose the root task that has to get done no matter what. This task as one may be the longest, but it contributes most to your business. As a blogger that one big task that helps me produce work for other tasks is simple, writing a blog post.

Writing has a lot of components like researching, editing, and marketing. The one task of just simply writing just needs to be done regardless. Small tasks like researching can be done on another day when I’m working on planning my month. If I’m researching trends and topics to write about, I can also apply that to all the platforms. I don’t necessary need to dedicate a whole day to research, it comes along throughout the day, as I get new ideas or by working on another task.

Always take notes, have something with at all times

I take notes everyday and keep the notes organized by subject. So if I come across ideas on photography, I tend to make note of it. The notepad is an ever-running resource list, also I would put links to the resources that I’m using. On my planning day, I would go back to my notes and pick out what ideas or topics I want to focus on for the month.

Last step, I would write down how long each tasks takes. Make sure you are very realistic about the time frames. If it takes you two hours to write posts, then you would need at least two days of just writing. Taking the two days of just writing will help you produce content for the whole month. Then you can work on something else for the following day. The tasks that take the large time out of my schedule is planning and writing, both help becomes successful in my progress. If I don’t have anything planned, I feel disorganized and if I don’t have written content, I can increase my audience.

What my week looks like

On Sundays, I plan out all of my future projects or make any necessary adjustments on my schedule projects. Every day of the week I also write for at least one to two hours, the rest of the time I do smaller tasks. Mondays, I work on mostly only writing materials. Tuesday’s small tasks are social media engagement and scheduling posts. Wednesday’s tasks, any graphics related projects I have to create or images that I have to download. Thursday’s after writing, I’m scheduling editing all of my posts and Graphics. Friday’s task list consist of all my digital artwork. The weekends I use for photos like self-photography and videos.

Imagine doing one thing for a long time. Would you feel more Focus? Batch working gives clarity and keeps the confusion at bay. This is a mental concentration with your brain since there’s only one thing to do. Even with doing one thing, its easy to get distracted. What can you do with distractions? Make note of it and keep it moving. Plenty of new ideas pop up while working on the one task to save time just write them down and my notes. They’re all valuable ideas so I don’t want you to lose them. When I’m working on my day of planning, I sort the notes and see which ones I would like to use.

How you can get started

Try to do the bigger task at the beginning of the week and the cleanup tasks towards the end of the week. On Mondays, we feel at our best and more energized so it’s good to put the test that takes a longer time to do it takes a lot of mental strength to accomplish.

There is always a feeling of disappointment you get when you can’t finish something or when you’re behind. Being consistent and on time will give you a great sense of relief and a sense of proudness.

When you normally get in the habit of writing, make note of the steps it takes to complete them. Write the steps and more like in a template so you can review them every time you’re completing the task. This takes the thinking out of it. I usually refer to my template every time I’m working on a particular topic.

Scheduling everything makes like easier

Create a schedule and stick to it this make sure that all of your projects are out and done on time. I make it a habit to plan things out every Sunday even if the month, I’m in is already planned. You don’t know if things are going to change or if you change your mind on something. When you plan things out every week there’s also a good chance you can prep the month ahead as well. I’m always overloaded with ideas, and some just can realistically get done in one month so I would spread them out. Most of my months are based on themes so that I don’t gear off topic and my message is clear.

So if I’m focusing on budgeting finances one month, but I thought of this idea about “cleaning in your home”, I can save it for another time when I’m focusing on decluttering or minimalist lifestyle ideas.

While you’re trying to get some work done, use a timing app to help you create a sense of urgency. I like to use Focus to-do app there is a free version but you can also pay to get a premium version it’s pretty inexpensive.

You can listen to music while you’re working, it’s the best way to build your energy up. Limit distractions in your home if you’re working on large projects. And don’t forget to take a break! Take some time off on a day where you have smaller tasks to do. It’s always good to schedule in time off for you to rest, relax and recuperate.

That sums up my batch working process, and you got a little preview in how I work on my blog weekly. Batch working is far best the greatest technique you can accompany to get the work done! And in a busy world, fast and one time. Let those feeling of wasted time slip away, as you progress grows in finishing tasks. No need to look at the time and wonder, “Will I ever catch up?” Now you can create tasks and work in bulk, sliding to the finish line. Alarm Rings! Time to get to work!

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