The Type of Blog Post I Write to Boost my Traffic

The Type of Blog Post I Write to Boost my Traffic

When I first started blogging I can admit after a month of writing I was stuck on creating ideas for other types of posts. Sometimes the feeling of keeping up with your blog and readers’ attention can feel overwhelming.

So I’ve asked myself: What other types of posts can I create.?  Better yet, the ones that help you build traffic.

You can compare this feeling to writer’s block but mostly to me it just feels like I’m stumped on ideas. After doing some research and based on my experience there are a variety of posts you can write to grow with your audience. I’ve created my go-to list of different types of blog posts to write about.  If you ever get stuck you can always come back to this article for brainstorming ideas. Each type of post listed below, also will have an additional tip on generating more traftfic. Even if you’ve been writing for a while it’s always good to mix things up.

Additional Blogging Tips

Where do the ideas come from?

Your ideas should come from your readers, or shall we say the type of reader you want to attract. I’m pretty sure your thinking…I want everyone to read my blog! Sure I was there before, like who wouldn’t suddenly hop on Google and see my website right there? The readers that will stay on your blog and return are the best ones. Don’t be discouraged, I’m sure there will be a mini island of your fans eventually. At this point, we want to step up our game and attract them with our excellent blog posts.

Get in a brainstorm session

Ideas can come from anywhere, just sometimes at random, like while you ponder on a quote on Instagram. The biggest tip for a writer is to always have something with you to take notes. One of my biggest generating ideas sessions comes from listening to podcasts similar to my niche. Its not necessary taking notes but my mind starts to spin as I’m sucked into the world of my people! Once a month its always good to have creative ideas session, write down all the ideas you won’t forget them.

In the back of your mind always keep your Avatar in mind. Your Avatar is your ideal reader, the person you are writing this for. In my planner I have my Avatar broken down, like even his or her name, what her hobbies are, her career, is she a parent? Creating your Avatar is crucial in blog writing, this keeps you focused on the audience you are attracting.

Can you research some ideas?

Yes, and yes…I love to do some research when I want to write something that is trending. Trending posts attract fast but don’t maintain for a while. Always keep in mind to still stay in your niche or write something your ideal reader would be searching for. Just writing trending topics doesn’t give a purpose for your blog. Why blog without a purpose. The purpose is your WHY…Why do you want to blog about this topic, what is your goal for your readers…and then why, why, and more why’s. Keep asking yourself why to get to the root of it, you will be surprised to know what your focus is.

Use of search engines…

Most of the platforms I do research on is, da da da daaaa! Google and Pinterest. Google being one of the top search engines help me see what is trending and or a list of related topics. Just type in a question, and see a ton of articles written on that topic. They highly recommended will be at the top and related articles at the bottom.

Pinterest is my second favorite as mostly alot of bloggers use it, so dare I say, I can see my competitors and bloggers I admire. You can use keyword topics in the search and it will generate related pins and keywords at the top. Clicking some of the generated keywords will narrow the search. If you have a Pinterest business account, they have now developed Pinterest trends for keyword searches. Pinterest also became my go-to for trends because it releases top trends article for the year in advance.

Now that I’ve probably got your mind spinning, do you want to know what type of blog posts to write about? Let’s look at our list below

#1 Product Reviews or Product Comparison

A product review post is a great way to promote some of your favorite products. The products should still be coordinated with your audience, also this is another way for your audience to know what you like. Anytime you can offer more insight into yourself, your audience can feel more connected to you. Product comparison is just as great because you can help solve problems based on your experience. Everyone will appreciate your opinion especially your readers.

Building Traffic Tip

A tip for increasing traffic with this kind of post is to pick trending or controversial items that are in your niche. If you notice a new book that is similar in your market, do a book review! Are you a food blogger? There might be a poplar kitchen appliance that your audience is thinking of using. What are some easy and quick recipes that can come out of using this appliance? Along with listing products, you can then add affiliate links for profit potential.

#2 How to Articles or Tutorials

How to Articles or Blog posts are a favorite of mine to write. Writing these types of posts gives a solution to many of my reader’s questions, in best you are planning it out for them. Anything that you can write to give information and save everyone time is prime gold in writing. Think of most of the informational books, people buy them because they have a problem or need help in this area. Instead of reading a 300-page book on getting out of debt they can read your 1500 word article. Tutorials are great because you actually teaching someone how to accomplish something. everything is broken down step by step. You can add charts or infographics, step it up with video training. the more information the better.

Building Traffic Tip

Everyone loves for someone to solve their problem for them. How many times have you searched on YouTube how to do something you didn’t know how to do? The best thing you can do is beware of what your audience might be struggling with today. Do some research and see what are some of the trending search topics on common issues? You can always keep in mind of certain holidays and seasons of the year. One particular holiday that people spend a lot of time online is Christmas! What solutions can you conjure up to solve your audience’s problems? Especially issues that they are experiencing now.

#3 Checklists Blog Post

I’ve always been obsessed with checklists! A checklist post is the easiest post to create and offers a quick solution. A lot of people use a checklist to make them have everything they need. The busyness of the world cant makes a checklist a quick way of not forgetting. The checklist you write might have things that your readers may have not thought of, and ordered in a way that puts them at ease. After writing so many long informational in-depth posts, this is a quick break and fast read. You can even add a link to one of the longer posts and create a checklist post for them to navigate to that’s related. As you can see they are quick to create and still solves a problem.

Building Traffic Tip

What are some frequent things that you would love to have a checklist for? Actually what problems would be easier broken down as a checklist for your readers? The checklist is simple and easy especially if you can print it or download it for later. You can drive traffic by mentioning this as an option. Create a pin on Pinterest with the checklist graphic and link it to your post. People love easy solutions and free resources.

#4 Case Studies Blog Post

The best part about a case study blog post is that gives an insight into the successes and failures of a particular topic. You can do a Case study of similar blogs in your niche, or a problem that your readers can relate too. Case Study blog posts are a great way to tell a good story. In the need of motivation for your readers, this is a perfect way to tell a success story. Build up the backstory, all the challenges, and then the turnaround point, end with lessons learned or tips to emulate.

Building Traffic Tip

Case studies can help you build traffic for attracting certain clients that would like to have your experience in your niche area. There could be a common issue that you know your audience is struggling with and just by telling a story of how someone else was able to address it, you can build hope. My suggestion is to ask your readers questions. You can do a question poll on social media or in an email sequence. After a while, you can see that most of them are similar and do research and build a story on that.

#5 Blog series post

I’ve recently written a blog post series on budgeting. When I decide to write a series, I would normally choose a topic I can really dive into. Topics that can be explained into multiple posts. Blog series can also be leveled, separated by teachings, or also development overtime. Try think of writing an article on Traveling Tips. You can start with Preparing for Travel, During the trip, either by plane bus or Car. Then finally the hotel stays saving tips or things to do at your arrival. Start with a broad topic and see how you can section it off. I’m a finance blogger so I can’t always summarize everything. If I wanted to write about building your credit, I can easily do a blog series on that topic.

Building Traffic tip

So how do you increase track with a blog series post? Well, this is too easy, one thing for sure you are giving tons of information. A blog post series could be up to 5 posts. Creating traffic by making several pins or social media posts linked back to several sections in the series. Going back to the Traveling Tips series as an example, I can link back to saving money on hotels. I can also link back to how to prepare for a trip. So many things you can link in a series post.

#6 Ultimate Guide Blog Post

An Ultimate guidepost is generally really long and is jammed packed with resources. Keep in mind you want to pick a topic that you can really dive into and give a ton of resources. One ultimate guidepost that you can write as a finance blogger like me is retirement, this is such a questionable topic and surely everyone would like to get more information. I can easily right a 4000 plus blog post on this and link up resources, reference authoritative websites, and add some infographics. Ultimate Guideposts has the prime word within its name “Ultimate”, meaning all questions answered and most likely a lot of value.

Building Traffic tip

Writing a post like this is where you challenge yourself. You don’t really need to look for trending ideas to write about but mainly a core topic in your niche that a lot of your audience should know but needs a guide to help them. Think of your avatar again, what are some of the main things that would come up during the years that he or she wished had someone explain it better. For Parents this could be saving for College, for finance enthusiast is could be investing money. Take out a notebook and really think of core topics and this will be an evergreen post that will have constant viewing.

#7 Personal Story/ Lessons learned Post

Personal storytelling I’ve haven’t really tried much, but this is prominent for personal blogs. Even though my posts are mostly informative, I try to add a story of how it relates to me. Storytelling and life lessons learned really make helps the reader get to know you. There’s a connection between you and your audience. Getting down to earth makes your writing seems more real, more trustworthy. Someone reading this post may of went through something similar or needs advice from someone that has experienced it. Who doesn’t like a good story? Just think you didn’t need to chime into a conversation to tell it, you have free reins jabber on.

Building Traffic tips

Seems pretty difficult to get traffic from personal posts but it’s a great potential article. The only thing you might want to switch it to discuss something more currently happening in your country today. Trendy personal posts will get you reads. Tell your readers how you feel in regards to what they are going through and how you can relate. Even if its something you have experienced in the past, this could be why you are writing today. The more open you are the more you readers can trust you and relate. There’s that thought that everyone needs a Friend, and I want my audience to be able to come to me with questions or help. The engagement will increase and ultimately help you make more valuable posts.

What are you going to write today?

Now that you have some variety, you can plan and work towards writing different posts. Sometimes all you need is some insight and then you can get back on the horse. Being a blogger takes time and consistency, which I have to remind myself every day. It’s not going to explode overnight but it’s going to grow. Grow your blog by not giving up and writing to address your audience’s needs. They might need some quick fixes, or more in-depth training, spread out the variety so they only need to come to you for these things. Think about it this way, you don’t want just a visitor, so catch your reader’s attention and offer the value to keep them there.

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