How to prepare your Budget and stay consistent

Prepping yourself for a budgeting strategy is more than grabbing a piece of paper and writing down your expenses. Budgeting can become more than just a tool that we can use it as a future forecast.

The result of prepping your budget gives is like a wealth checkup, a personal reflection of your money habits. As compared to in the past, it’s best to think of your money in relation to a business model, there a lot of key parts.

Preparing your budgets begins with picking out a strategy. I’m quick to say that I’ve tried a bunch of different budgets. The one that is right for you is a budget that you can be consistent with.

If your income varies pick one that is more disciplined like a percentage-based budget. Are you on a low or limited income? Best to try an enveloped budgeting method. There are other articles discussing the creation of a budget strategy.

New to budgeting? Or need few reminders? Try reading some of the picked articles below to get you on track.

Budgeting 101

Pick a day for Budgeting ( and stick to it!)

When trying to implement new habits, it’s best new patterns are easy to repeat. Picking the same day will build consistency by feeling like its a routine.

Most people like to budget the month ahead kind of in a “set it and forget it” tactic. Others in a different manner would choose to budget closer to payday and sometimes on payday.

Now that you got your budgeting strategy picked out, the frequency of actual budgeting might be already outlined for you. Enveloped budgeting method is great for payday budgeters since its an immediate division of your income once it’s received.

The day you choose might be a time in which both you and your partner agreed upon. Whatever day you choose the main thing is to stick to it.

Did you know I share my Budgeting Strategy every month? Join our social media communities for videos, and worksheets for Budgeting. We can save money together!!

Go through a review and reflection process

Lessons are often better through learned experiences. This can all be related to how often I mention this quote, but it’s so the truth. And I’m a stubborn person so I got a lot of lessons.

The best thing I during and after my budgeting month is to go through a total review process. One month I was noticing that I stopped at a store on my way home almost every day.

I believe my original theory behind it was that I would spend less by doing this. My thoughts were that “If I just stopped daily I would get what I needed for today and not waste more”.

Then especially during my review was that I spent an average more of $50 extra a week than I normally would spend on one large shopping haul. During my review looking at my past spending, I saw where I was on or off track.

Give yourself grace for some of my mistakes because it will always be a process. Feedback generally I would be making a list of what I can do next budgeting month.

I love the emptying of burdens on pen and paper. There’s something therapeutic of transferring that stress to another media. Revisiting all of these thoughts will make yourself appreciate the hard work you had to go through. Click To Tweet

Journaling is a good way to de-stress

Are we ready to prep for our monthly budget? I know I am, and as a group, we do this monthly on Facebook and all my social channels. Why should you have to budget alone? Sometimes it’s just great to know someone is figuring it all out as well.

I hope you were able to gain more confidence in starting a budget and most importantly again.. Sticking to it!

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