New year’s eve Celebration on a budget

New Year’s Eve Parties don’t have to be costly!

I’m pretty we are all getting used to being at home. Since we live our lives with Covid for the majority of 2019, we can expect to celebrate New year’s eve that way as well. Bringing in the New Year doesn’t have to be a drag. Making it into a New Year, a new start should be all about friends and family.

Even though we might not have to spend partying all night long till the ball drops, indoor celebrations are still costly. I want to share some tips for having a budget Friendly New year’s eve. You will get plenty of ideas to have your friends capturing every moment. Probably on Instagram, lol

Have a game night

new year's eve game night
Have a Fun Game Night for New Year’s Eve

Instead, all your guests sitting in the living room waiting for the food, have fun with some board games. I’ve always been super competitive, so games are surely my thing. There’s something about Monopoly that makes the intensity grow in the room. It’s all about strategy.

Love lots of shouting to bring up the vibe! Try charades or Pictionary, my favorite. How about Jenga? Do you want to tell your skill and patience? It also doesn’t hurt to bring out the old board games from my childhood memories. Sorry, and Connect4 was a big hit in my home.

The children can join in on the fun but don’t be surprised if you lose against a four-year-old. Alot of board games are on sale during the holidays, and you can grab a deal on store trying to get rid of their inventory. Once Christmas is over, stores are looking forward to next year’s products.

What makes winning games mire fun is prizes! Make 3 prize baskets for 10 or less each from the dollar store. Put some tissue paper inside a floating balloon and tie the outside with a ribbon. I’m sure you have some leftover wrapping stuff from Christmas.

Gift basket ideas for New Year eve parties

Here’s are some basket ideas:

The Baker basket

  • cooking utensils
  • cookie or brownies mix
  • cookie cutters
  • roller pin
  • baking mittens
  • kitchen towels
  • apron

The Work From home basket

  • 2021 mini calendar
  • a small notebook
  • magnet todo list
  • post its
  • colorful pens
  • earphones
  • hand wipes
  • drink tumbler

Glam girl basket

  • nail polish
  • nail polish remover
  • toe separates
  • lipstick or lip gloss
  • facemasks
  • hair ties
  • bathbomb

Grooming man basket

  • razors
  • shaving cream
  • hairbrush or Comb
  • hair pomade
  • nail trimmers
  • hair scissors
  • hand lotion
 New Year's Eve photo prop area
New Year’s eve photo prop area

Have a photo prop area

You can do some New Year’s Eve photo ops yourself and dedicate a wall for taking photos. Just floating balloons should do the trick. Which if the only place I go for the balloon is the dollar stores.

5 star-shaped balloons in metallic colors shall do the trick. If you’re very creative, I’m sure you can think of plenty of wall prop ideas. If you’re like me and need inspiration, here’s a link below from Spruce.

Spruce’s New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Ideas

Pick a theme for the Party

Anticipate the fun for your guest by picking a theme. You can do a color theme by telling your guests to wear red or whatever color. Try doing a PJs theme and let your guests part in comfort.

Do a flannel or stripe theme for prints. How about animal print for an all ladies’ party. Make sure your theme is announced on your invite and sent at least a week in advance.

Send a Graphic invite

Making your own graphics has become easy with software tools like Canva. You can easily pick out already made templates and text message them to your guests.

Do you want to upload photos? All of this can be done in Canva, which you can try as a free tool. Since you might be in a hurry for party time, I add a link for a Canva Template below, customize it for you needs. Download the images and send them.

Use some leftover Christmas Decor

Use some leftover Christmas Decor for New Year's eve celebration

Don’t store all the Christmas stuff away just yet. I’m sure you might have some glittery decor that will look glamorous at a party. How about some metallic tinsel that would make confetti cut into pieces.

Some of those ornaments might look nice in a bowl for a centerpiece. Light some Christmas candles to cozy up the mode at dinnertime.

Check the Dollar for Party Supplies

Anytime I’m having a party I grab almost everything at Dollartree. If you don’t have a dollar tree near you check you6local dollar store. They have New years eve party supplies each for a dollar.

Grab colorful paper plates, napkins and table cloths to fit your theme. And I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned the balloons. You can’t go wrong for a dollar!

Grab a New Year’s Eve Boxset

Box of 5 New Year's Eve Party Kit
Box of 5 New Year’s Eve Party Kit

In a hurry for supplies? I was shopping at Aldis every Sunday as usual and stumbled upon these party boxes. They also have them in Target as well. So grab a box for 10 or less and let the party begin.

Bring your own bottle (BYOB)

Bring your own bottle (BYOB)

Buying alot of drinks can really take alot from your budget. I’m all about the BYOB, and I’m sure your guest will big ring something anyway. Suppose you’re on the super cheap one box of wine and a bottle of champagne work for the toast. Tell your guests to bring what they like to drink, so everyone has something.

Why not make some punch?

Here is a quick alcohol punch recipe aka Jungle Juice

Let it store overnight for the flavor. The alcohol content should be about twenty percent, but you can easily add more juice if it’s too strong. Fruit flavors mixes will with alot of spirits so choose what you like.

make some New year's eve punch, below is the recipe

Mix together these Ingredients

  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Lemonade
  • Fruit punch
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Club Soda
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Fresh Oranges

Have a Potluck New Years eve Dinner Party

This is on the same line with the BYOB, but it’s bringing a dish. I would ask your guests to do both unless you’re really in a pinch. Think of this as a Potluck when everyone brings food to the table.

The best thing about potlucks is there’s alot of food and hardly any of your own dishes. Everyone brings their own dish home. Less dishwashing for me, I love it!

Have a Potluck New year's eve Dinner Party to save money on food.

Have a Virtual Party

I’m aware that some of us cant all celebrate in the same room. We have been doing alot more things virtual now, more than normal.
You can include your friends in a virtual party. Set up an invite like zoom or Google meet. Start the countdown together and raise a glass a toast to the new year.

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