How to Plan your Shopping trips

Now that you’ve downloaded some of the Apps, its time to add another step to our plans. (List of Apps click here!) Some people coupon first but we are setting up for success! Redeeming the rebates are last  because  your going to want to try to pay as less as you can at purchase.  The manufacturers  and online coupons will help lower the prices.

In this post I’m going to walk you through planning your trips and believe me… you will save a lot of time.  Getting some of your money back and shopping for less can be overwhelming but I’m your co-pilot. So here we go….

But first, Make a list

Making a list is the first step, you don’t want to spiral down into a shopping frenzy and buy a buncha stuff with no purpose. If it’s not a necessity then it should either be free or cheap. 

There are a number of lists I make and they are on going. Your not always going to remember everything at that time, so make it easily accessible.  I recommend a listing app to install on your phone, since most people use their phones throughout  the  day.  Think about it…when do you not have your phone? 

Try this!..

Here are a list of note taking Apps:

Next, lists to compile:

  • Inventory (once you have build a stash you can keep track of replenishment) 
  • A “Need to Buy NOW!” Necessities, stuff you need to restock immediately 
  • Wish list , future gifts ideas, stuff you had your eye on but won’t buy until it’s a great deal
  • Bottom Price, good way to keep track of bottom deal prices you see on regular items you normally  purchase.  You can also list this by category as well , and seasonal items ,brand names are not necessary.
  • Food list , grocery  items you need 
  • Miscellaneous items are lists for what I call “others”  for example: hair products, and cleaning supplies
  • Deals for the week, organized by store, the date of the sales end date, items to buy, price, coupons to use, out of pocket expense and the rebate available  for example: CVS/ 12-18/ (2) Eucerin lotions/ 2 for$ 7/ 4 off 1 SScpn/ $3.00 OOP

Don’t  make things  complicated just a shopping list at first is  fine, but long prep makes quick store visits.  And I don’t know If you can agree but I have spending hours in a store, ughh! Trying to come up with deal matches and keeping  it all your brain are challenging, so dump ideas out. 

Second Step…

Use your list to match up for the deals for the week. Starting with list number 1, “Need to Buy NOW” the go through  the others.  Secondly add the deals to your “Deals for the Week ” arranged by store. Try to look for deals that are closest to at least 50% orginal purchase price. I normally  use an app called Flipp to scroll through  flyers and deals. It will even highlight  deals by percentage and create a list by clicking on the item. 

Now let’s check for coupons and rebates. I check for physical coupons, online coupons and  last I match rebates.  If one items is able to be redeemed with a manufacturer coupon and a rebate then we  are stacking! Manufacturer’s coupons can be found in the local newspaper or on an online platform  like “ Some coupons can be printed from the company’s  or brand’s website.  Then based on the stores your shopping in they could have there own store coupons.  I won’t go into to much details on couponing now because in the beginning we are just prepping.  So after all the match ups we need to add up our OOP (out-of-pocket) for each store. Do not minus the rebate money back, write or make note of what your actually going to spend in the store. Ok let’s  go shopping…

Finally,  we are off

So now you should at least be somewhat prepared to not overspend.  No matter what percentage  you have saved at least you spend less money.  Remember you are just learning, and keeping  an ongoing  list will give your mind  peace. I find with my prep lists I hardly ever spend more than 30 minute per shopping trip. If I’m in a store for longer than that its usually  to get prices on items I have rebates on not in the flyer. 

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