How to shop at CVS to save the most money

Why do you need to shop at CVS?…

I have to admit CVS was one of my first jobs in high school, and ever since then, I’ve been exposed to their savings capability. They have definitely changed throughout the years, but now there are even more ways to save money. Couponing there does take practice and can be a little confusing at first, but once you get its hang, you will score cheap if not free stuff. Unless you shop there regularly, it’s good to know how everything works and what you need to do before you shop in the store. The more you shop, the more you earn, so yes, you would need to start by spending money. All of the tips below will help you start and end a good shopping experience at CVS. Pretty soon, you are going to be just as excited to shop there every week as me.  

Signing up to Save

Grab an ExtraCard Card

In order to enjoy all of what CVS has to offer you have to sign up for the ExtraCare card

Every time you shop, have the cashier scan, and you will earn 2 % back on your purchases.

Extrabucks on advertised purchases that give you bucks back and special coupons offered at the bottom of your receipt. $5 in Extra Bucks for every 10 prescriptions that you have filled. 

Download the App

The CVS app makes it easy for me to load coupons and extra bucks. On the app, you can view and preview the weekly ad for the following week. Once you link your card to you can scan the barcode versus having your card at the register. Many other features include scheduling appointments at MinuteClinic, getting a prescription filled, shopping online, and uploading photos to be picked up at their photo center. 

Sign up to receive Emails

When you sign up to receive email alerts, you will receive special coupons sent to your inbox. After clicking on the coupon, you can have it sent to be loaded on your card. I tend to receive an email generally before the next weekly ad starts. Check your inbox and see what specials are sent to you.

Become a CVS Advisor Member

If you don’t mind filling out surveys? Offering your feedback and opinion can earn you some extra bucks. You will be invited to participate in one of their surveys a few times a year. It’s an easy way to get more savings when you shop.

Join the ExtraCare Beauty Club

Sign up for the ExtraCare beauty club to earn $3 ECBs every time you spend $30 on qualifying beauty purchases. You get a 10% off beauty shopping pass when you first sign up. Special member-only features are special birthday offers and coupons for beauty items. They are normally delivered to your inbox, open to see the surprises. 

Join CarePass for extra Savings

Sign up for CarePass and save 20% off CVS branded products. Trust me; there are alot of CVS brand items from food to over the counter medicine. You will also get a $10 Extra buck reward every month. Join in-store or online to enjoy the perks of the membership. CarePass is a paid membership, so you have to join with a form of payment. It costs you $5 every month or $48 for the year. The payments are automatically withdrawn out of your accounts. Additional benefits include Free delivery on care pass eligible items and prescription delivery. 

Join CarePass and save 20% off CVS brand products and get a $10 reward every month.

Tips to help you Save Money while you Shop

*Always check out the Store Coupon Policy before you start because it could have been updated

CVS Coupon Policy

Print Out In-Store Coupons

You can print out coupons by going to to print. Some of these coupons may not be on the app to load, so it’s good to check it out anyway. There are a ton of manufacturer coupons as CVS coupons to print before you head to the store. 

Print out your coupons from the CVS Coupon Center

CVS has a coupon center kiosk, generally located near the register to print out coupons. It looks like a tall red box with a small screen. I like to scan my card before and after I shop. While I’m shopping, if I need a price on a clearance item, I head to the kiosk to get a price. Some items are not in the add that might be included in an extra buck promotion; scan it at the kiosk to check to see if it’s included.  Sometimes in the weekly ad, there’s a surprise coupon or extra bucks that you can only receive from the kiosk. The machine will spit out coupons for you to use. 

Check out the Weekly ad to Plan out your shopping Strategically

CVS weekly ads can be found on their app or, of course, in the store. I like to review it on the ad because they will also regenerate next week’s adjust before the week is over. This is a good way to plan out the following week in advance for your coupons. 

Stack Coupons at CVS

CVS accepts all forms of coupons, manufacturers, in-app coupons, printed coupons from your receipt or coupon kiosk. The general rule is to pair one CVS coupon and a manufacturers coupon on the same item. If an item is on promotion for Buy 1 Get 1 free, you can pair it with a (BOGO = Buy 1 Get 1 coupon) and get two free items. The second option is that you can use two separate coupons, one for each item.

Save more money with Rebate Apps

Rebate apps like Ibotta or Fetch Rewards can help you save even more money. Ibotta earns dollars, and Fetch Rewards you redeem points. For Ibotta, you can scan the app items while you are shopping in the store to see if they match. On both apps, you have to scan your receipt to claim the credit for the purchase. When you scan your receipt, they give you cashback after you reach your threshold. Please send it to your Paypal or Venmo or opt for a Giftcard.

Extra CVS Couponing Tips

CVS coupons can’t be applied to sale or clearance items, but you can use manufacturer’s coupons. 

CVS doesn’t pay overage from coupons, so use your coupons and extrabucks wisely. If you have extrabuck for $5, but your item is $2, you will lose the $3. 

Even if your purchase is free you will still pay the sales tax on the items.

You can present your coupons in any order, it doesn’t make a difference on the total.

ECBs Tips and Advice

Extra bucks help pay for your Purchases

Every week CVS releases their weekly ad; you will see the extrabucks next to the items that give bucks back. If you were to buy it, extrabucks would be printed on your recent or sent to your card to load.  You can use extrabucks to pay on future purchases to reduce your out of pockets. Buy items that are offered free after Extrabucks to grab items for free. 

If you do multiple transactions, you can roll your extrabucks from the first one to pay less out of pocket. Extrabucks can be redeemed the same day as they are printed. Create a strategic plan when thinking of rolling your extrabucks; see which items you should buy first and then the next, and next. 


 There are restrictions on what you can use extrabucks on, so just take note of that will before you buy. 

Limits on Extrabucks are on showing for each promotion. View them on the add-in small print or the sale tags in the store. It would say Limit 2 or Limit 1, so check while you are making your shopping plan.

Extrabucks definitely have an expiration date just like the coupons, usually within a month. 

Load the extrabucks to your card in case you lose the receipt.

If an Extrabuck promo item is out of stock, lock in the price with a raincheck.

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