How to shop at DollarGeneral to save the most money

So I have to admit I didn’t even know what a DollarGeneral was until they started popping up all around my city. I mean, I’ve heard of Family dollar, but I guess it’s sort of the same. It’s a place to shop to find most of everything you need, from food to beauty supplies. Do you want to know the part about it? It’s so inexpensive to start with, but believe it or not, they accept coupons. The first time shopping there, I was amazed, and not to mention couponing is a breeze. What gets me going back there every weekend? Their infamous 5 off 25 dollar coupons, which prints out on your receipt when you purchase anything in the store. Before we get too excited, I forgot that you might be new, just like I was. In that case, let me give you the rundown of how to save money at DollarGeneral.

*Always review the store’s couponing policy before you shop

DollarGeneral’s coupon policy

DollarGeneral Couponing Tips

Get the DollarGeneral app on your Phone

Download the DollarGeneral app and make a free account. Once you have done this, you can start adding coupons to save in-store. To cash in the savings, type in your phone number for the cashier totals her purchase. Load the coupons before checkout, so you don’t miss a deal. I have this big fear if I load it while shopping; it doesn’t go through for some reason. So anytime I shop, I click them before I enter the store. I know it’s weird, but I can be extra sometimes. There are DG digital coupons and manufacturers coupons on the app. 

DollarGeneral has a cart calculator feature call DG GO! That allows you to scan your items and check out all on your phone. All the digital coupons you clicked are automatically applied to your order so you can see your savings before you buy them. Woo hoo! Gotta love it!

Don’t forget your “$5 off a $25 purchase”!

It prints out on your receipt to use every Saturday. If you lose your receipt, don’t worry because it’s in the app too! You can only use it for that one day, so run to the store on Saturday if you can.

DollarGeneral will allow you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Make sure the check the fine print on the DollarGeneral store coupon for exclusions. There are also limits for shoppers to 5 identical coupons per household per day. 

If your coupon is worth more than the item, you will get the credit from DollarGeneral. Scream if you are happy about it! When alot of retailers adjust it, DollarGeneral will apply the difference to your transaction. 

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