What to buy and to (Skip) in May?

How does the saying go? April showers bring May’s flowers. Yes, there are flowers everywhere, finally a reason to take a stroll in the park for no reason at all. When it comes to shopping in May, the shelves are loaded with brightly colored things. Things range from a really cute top to a teal-colored cake display tray I’ve been having my eyes on. The lights just lit up inside of me and suddenly I want my entire wardrobe and home to be Spring! Before you open your wallet for this season just read below the things to buy and not to buy in May. 

Read about other deals and steals during these Month’s below

What to buy in May

Major Furniture and Appliances

Memorial Day sales bring in great deals on Furniture and appliances particularly Refrigerators. This is the best time for markdowns on indoor furniture, patio furniture, appliances, and mattresses. The prices on last year’s models are discounted to roll our newer ones. Always check the circulars for any Memorial Day coupons or deals at department stores. Memorial day is on the 31rst but look for the deals to start at least the Thursday before on 5/27/2021.


Mattresses, Furniture, and appliances seem to always have a 3-day Weekend sale on all of the historical American holidays. You can check out Macy’s, Sleepy’s, Mattressdepot. If you shop online like the majority of us, check out Overstock, Wayfair

Cookware and Home Goods

May is the perfect time to score on some home goods and cookware. Did you ever notice that certain spark to redecorate around this time of year? All of the Spring Decor is calling my name! My favorite stores to shop in during this time is HomeGoods (TJMaxx), Michaels. It’s the small things that can give character and liven up your space.  Cookware, small kitchen appliances, and dishware sales will start to pop up much closer to Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Grab great discounts from Crockpots to Blenders.  Check out Bed Bath and Beyond, even Kohl’s and JCPenny for Mother’s day deals. 

Spring Apparel

Last month or so, you may have started to see Spring clothes trickle in. In Fashion, everything is always put out ahead of time. Even though we are already in Spring Season, Summer apparel is hitting the shelves. If you are looking for clothing sales, Spring apparel is what you should be buying now. Spring Fashion will soon hit the clearance rack to make more space for warmer weather clothing. Check out stores like Kohls, Old Navy, and American Eagle Outfitters.


Mother’s Day is another good holiday to shop for Jewelry sales. After Mother’s Day, Jewelry prices may be reduced in price. Grab some last-minute deals after the weekend is over. Think about it this way, we have had a deal on Jewelry since Valentine’s day, so check your flyers. Zales, Macy’s, and JCPenny would have jewelry deals for Mother’s Day. 

Athletic Apparel

Summer athletic apparel is hitting the stores to rid the winter workout attire. There will be plenty of sales on men’s, women’s, and kid’s sneakers too since new releases are coming out. If you still want to grab sales on winter workout clothes, like long sleeves and pants, check out Dick’s Sporting Goods and Academy Sports & Outdoors

May 4th is “Star Wars” Day

On this day you can see sales on merchandise from your favorite character, Dark or Lightside if you prefer. It was named Star Wars day because May the 4th sounds like May the force be with you. Lol, You will be feeling the presence of the force when seeing all the discounts that come out of these products every year. You can expect sales on video games, apparel at Lego, Target, and Amazon, they were known to present some deals in the past.

National Observance Holidays for Good deals in May

Every month has a weird quirky holiday for food observance. May has a few of those so mark your calendar. If you’re a foodie and a deal-seekers be on the lookout for these days. 

  • Cinco de Mayo – May 5th
  • National Hoagie Day – May 5th
  • National Beverage Day – May 6th
  • National Coconut Cream Pie Day – May 8th
  • National Have a Coke Day – May 8th
  • National Shrimp Day – May 10th
  • National Apple Pie Day – May 13th
  • National Buttermilk Biscuity Day – May 14th
  • National Chocolate Chip Day – May 15th
  • National Wine Day – May 25th
  • National Hamburger Day – May 28th

What not to buy or (Skip) in May

Home electronics

New cell phone, No, Laptops…Nah. Not yet, grabbing any type of entertainment electronic is going to cost you. The best time to buy these is Back to School season, and of course the infamous Black Friday.  I’ve found the best deals for these seasons are at retailers like Walmart, Target, and the best online retailer Amazon.  If you can hold out wait for it…wait for it. Christmas is right after.  Remember these usually run a chunk of change so, I cross my fingers for a good deal. Saving 100’s dollars is worth the wait for a few months. And yes, staring at a cracked phone screen 


Wait one second, I know your so eager to get first dibs on a swimsuit that makes your tummy flat and your boobs stay upright but not just yet. Swimwear is just out there as eye candy in May, and with all eye candy comes to a pretty price tag. May is just a month too early for some savings.  Some retailers do carry swimsuits all year round, well because who doesn’t like to vacation when it’s cold? Just stay clear of spending 100 on something you will only wear once.  The best time to buy for the best deal is the back-to-school season. Ouch…I just bit my knuckle, ok ok just bargain shop online look for a new customer sign-up coupon code. Only if you need to buy one this year. Luckily I got some repeats from last year. 

Summer apparel

Summer apparel is just like Swimwear in that is just still too early to jump to the purchase. You could grab some decent savings on the holidays like Memorial Day sales.  Typically towards the end of the summer is when the store tries to clear out the summer apparel. The best time to be on the hunt for discounts is when the back-to-school season starts like in August.  Fall is the number one fashion season of the year, so you will see a rush to get tank tops and denim shorts off the shelves. If you looking for a double-dip in savings look for summer clearance during tax-free shopping days. Check your dates for your state to see when Tax-Free week begins. 

Grills and outdoor furniture

Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are some prime time days for grilling. I’m eager to look at the grill deals and I don’t even have grass in my backyard. If you hold up until labor day you will definitely be able to snag deals for the next season. Look for any sales at Home Depot or Lowes, but I doubt it wouldn’t stretch that far until after July 4th. 

You don’t want to overspend on something you want if you can get a good deal on it. Most of the time it’s always worth the wait if you just buy when it’s on sale. Every Month we post what to buy and what not to buy, so our readers can save more money.  More savings equals more opportunities to fulfill our financial goals. 

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