What to buy and to (Skip) in September?

September ignites the smell of Fall in the air. Just after the summer ends the first official Autumn day is Sept 22nd. The start of the school season is just beginning and just when you think your pockets are getting a break. There’s is still hope and that’s shopping smarter.  Hot summer days are running low, and the sight of pumpkin and apple cider is reaching the stores.  Don’t just grab the pumpkin latte just yet, there are a few deals you might want to catch before the season begins. Below I will be listing what to buy and what to skip this month of September. Go to the store before the leaves turn and remember to check this list out first.


What to Buy

End of Summer Outdoor Sales

Daylight is getting shorter and retailers are pushing out summer like it’s no tomorrow. Opposite season shopping is the ultimate way to save. Around September outdoor furniture and garden supplies are at their lowest.  Places to shop are like Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware. Take advantage of the grills that haven’t sold yet.  Replace your lawnmower for next year when the demand is low.  Just because barbeque season is coming to a close doesn’t mean your can’t plan for next year. 

Summer Apparel

Summer Apparel Sales

Clothes go along with the season and are still true with savings when the season is over.  The fall season is approaching with jackets, and long sleeve tops. Clearance summer apparel with being marked down at least 50% before they go in the back for next year.  Grab some summer staples if you don’t want to go crazy like basic tees, swimsuits, and shorts. 

School Supply discounts

Still running low on school supplies, this is when late has its priced advantage.  Even though students are already on the clock in class, supplies are at their lowest. I would even grab stuff you might need at home since most of us are making Home offices work out. Grab some office supplies before inventory is depleted.

Maternity Clothing

Believe it or not, September is said by sources to be the most popular birth month in America.

And as all smart forecasters know you will be anticipating seeing the same increase in deals.  September is a good time to pick up some Maternity Gear.  Knowing someone is expecting?? Perfect time to show someone you are there by getting what she needs versus what she wants.  Until you can find the perfect maternity pants trust me, every day is a struggle when your belly is past the point of no return. 

Staycation deals

Staycation Deals

Staycations have been becoming more popular and a trend to stick a little while longer.  Don’t think you have to travel far to get a rest and a relaxing experience. Book a stay at a closer Airbnb, for a short weekend. Mental relaxation is necessary with all the chaos that the pandemic is leaving on its trails.  The last days of summer are coming to an end. Hotels and resorts are now stepping up their game to practice sanitizing protocols.  If it’s better to pack a small bag and drive 30 minutes away for peace of mind, it’s worth it.  Look for hotel and Airbnb deals for one or two nights’ stay.

Plane Tickets

After being halfway convinced to stay in, you might still want to take a plane to somewhere more remote. Luckily Plane tickets are sold in preparations for the Holidays.  If you’re looking to fly out for Thanksgiving and Christmas scout your tickets in September.  The longer you wait the more expensive they will get.

Bicycle Deals

Around this time of year, newer bike models are released. So as any shopper knows when new things come out the older ones go on sale. Winter is near to if you want to take some more fall season bike rides check it out soon. Retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart are sure to push out their bicycles because of the winter season. 

Denim deals

Denim Deals

You might have already had your share of denim shopping with back to school. Why not grab yourself some good jeans because denim is still out for a good price.  Nowadays everyone is shopping online so be sure to check out Amazon for some good-priced denim.  Take advantage of the end of the season back-to-school deals even for your own. 


Apple is known to launch new iPhones sometime in September.  If you are an Apple lover this could be great in two ways. One, a newer and better version of Apple technology is sure to be released. Second, the older models will be available at a better price. Need an upgrade, be sure to be trolling on the internet to get the release date.  Even if you are happy to get an older model as a new phone it’s an average saving of at least $100.  Flyers I would be sure to check out is Best Buy and Target, they will soon offer their own deals.

Labor Day Sales

Labor day deals will start during the week leading up to Sept 7, like all National American holidays there will be great discounts on mattresses and appliances.  If you’ve waited to find the perfect mattress now is the time. Large purchases like mattresses and appliances are not made frequently but doing it smarter to save is the way to go.  You’ve been spending more time home than what you like too, it’s time for some changes. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a comfier way to sleep and an energy-efficient way to save on appliances. Along with mattresses why not shop for the whole home, furniture sales will be displayed as well. The savings won’t stop at the bedroom with big furniture outlet stores. 

Looking ahead to savings is not a waste of reward. If you can’t take advantage of what a Red, White, and Blue holiday can do for your home. Another upcoming holiday for saving on Mattresses and Appliances is Columbus Day. It’s just around the corner, October 12th.l

National and Celebrated Days 

Sept. 29th is National Coffee Day

Ready to treat yourself to something special as a cup of coffee? Everyone knows especially the retailers to capitalize on fun days like these, such as National Coffee Day. Don’t be surprises if you might not see a get one free deal from Dunkin Donuts of Starbucks. Follow your favorite coffee spots on Instagram and other social media outlets to get the deals. 

Other fun September Holidays

  • September 3rd – National Lazy Mom’s Day
  • September 5th – National Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 6th – Labor Day
  • September 7th – National Beer Lovers Day
  • September 13th – National Peanut Day
  • September 25th – National Cooking Day
  • September 26th – National Lobster Days
  • September 29th – National Starbucks Day

What to Skip


It’s smart to get Christmas done early but not smarter to buy Holiday sales in September. After Halloween is coming to a close, you will see an increase in Toys. If you can hold out, your money will not be a waste. Use this time as an opportunity to do some research especially if you have smaller children. Making a list and planning for what to buy is your best option.


If any of your shopping mishaps have taught you anything, one would only buy TVs at a particular time. Sept is not a good month to buy televisions.  Being so close to the fall season, it’s best to hold out a little longer for Black Friday.  This is when I say the gift is worth the wait, believe me, your pockets will thank you.  Just start putting your month aside for the next couple of months to score a big deal. 

Halloween Costumes and decor

Halloween Costumes & Decor

Soon you will start to see the trickle of Halloween costumes and decor in stores. September retailers push out tons of these items.  Resisting could be hard but the closer you get to Halloween to reap the savings the better. In all quite honestly the best time to get great deals on Halloween items is after Halloween.  If you want to win this way of buying, purchase after for next year.  Most of the time, I save the decor to reuse every year, so that just leaves the costumes!

Fall apparel 

Chilly nights might want you to lay eyes on some sweaters in stores, but not yet.  Fashion is always pushed out early for the season ahead. The fall season is my favorite season since I’m a New Englander. Fall fashion is along as my favorite clothing season. Don’t jump at the clothes just yet, when the tag is full-priced. Wait for Black Friday or colder months to come before your go for the cable knit. I good thing to do is swap out your closet for the fall season with what your currently own. There might still be some gems still in style you’ve forgotten about.

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