What to buy in March?

The Best Deals to buy-in March

Winter is soon coming to an end, and before you know, Spring is just a Peony away from making it to my home. There’s a reason why Spring products have been tricking in since January, because of the business. By this time, you already want to say bye-bye to cold weather and hello mid 60 degrees. Every about Spring is fresh, pretty, and inviting. Don’t fall into the trap just yet. In March, most Spring apparel or products are full price and way too expensive. The first day of Spring is March 20th, and most retailers know if they put out products early that there are a lot of impulse buyers out there. Smart spending is the way to go. There are a lot of things you should buy or skip entirely in March.

If you are looking for things to buy and not buy keeping reading below

What to Buy this Month

Valentine’s day Products

Every deal hunter knows that the holiday that just ended would have closeout deals. If you’re lucky to find any clearance Valentine’s Day products left, it’s a steal. I would try clearance hunting at a grocery store or large stores like Walmart or Target. Mainly because of more extensive inventory, there might be some candy left.

More pricer chocolate like Godiva or Lindt might have access to products left from V-day. Check to see if there’s a sale for premium chocolates. They are on the shelf all year round, but extra inventory equals Sale!

Previous Month’s Deals

St. Patricks day

The next holiday to catch on last-minute deals is St. Patrick’s day. Grocers will have discounts on corn beef, cabbage, and potatoes. We make this every year on St. Patrick’s day, and there is always a sale on these items. There might not be a large selection of St. Patricks day celebration decor or party supplies, but the food is where the deals are.

Winter Sports Gear

There might be some Winter apparel lingering around for last-minute sales, but usually, the stores will pack them away to return next year.  You might have a larger selection of winter products leftover in stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods.  If you into winter sports, March is the best month to look out for these deals. Winter sports like skiing or snowboarding apparel and equipment would be discounts up to 50% off at this point.   Retailers are trying to get these cleared out for more warm weather activity products.

Floor sample Mattresses

During the Springtime, the new models begin to arrive, grab the old one for a bargain. If you are not picky about the mattress model, walk around and shop on the sales floor. The best discounts are the floor samples that have been displayed and tested.

Air Conditioners

Just like mattresses during the springtime, that is when the old models go on sale.  Last year models will be sold at this time for the new ones to roll out. I live in a four-season state when the winters are frigid and the summers are unbearable. Getting a good deal on an air conditioner if you’re ok with last year’s models, March would be the best time to start looking.

Crafting Products

Be on the lookout for craft sales and events because March is also National Craft Month.  Stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn fabrics usually have deals.  Michaels offers craft workshops, classes, and craft projects.

Lots of Food Deals

March one of my favorite months to shop for food deals. When I’m looking for a sale or coupons, I know there will be huge sales. March is also known as Frozen Food month, along with some pretty fun food-targeted celebrated days.

National Holidays in March:

use the flipp app for grocery budget

If your a couponer, with March being the Frozen Food month, the weekly clippings will have tons of frozen food-related coupons. March would be a great time to stock up on some staples like frozen vegetables and fruit. If you have kiddies at home, frozen snacks or lunches are quick solutions.  I’ve been eating Hot Pockets and Pizza bagels since a teenager, they might not be the healthiest, but they make great quick snacks for lunch.  I like to scroll on the manufacturer’s website or social media page to see any coupons on their celebrated holiday.

More Snackable Holidays:

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Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

If you want to save money on produce buying, in-season fruits and vegetables are the easiest way to eat healthy on a budget.  In March, look for the vegetables in season: artichokes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, parsnips, radishes, rutabagas, and turnips.   Fruits in season in March are Apples, banana, grapefruit, kiwi, kumquats, lemon, lime, oranges, pear, persimmon strawberries.

Spring Cleaning Products

March 20th  is the first day of spring; everyone will want to do some Spring Cleaning.   There will be tons of cleaning products coupons in the local newspaper just waiting for you to grab these deals. Proctor and Gamble (P &G) are known to have coupons for Tide, Swiffer, and Mr. Clean products.  You can clip from the newspaper or go to coupons.com for digital or printable coupons.  Groceries stores and manufacturers will have more sales and promotions.  So if you’re into organizing and cleaning, don’t forget to check out your flyers.  If you can’t get a discount on one product, go for a promotion that allows you to grab multiple items to save.  For example, buy four get the 5th free, buy 1 get one 50% off.

What not to Buy, Skip if you can

Now that I’ve loaded you with actually a pretty long list of stuff to buy.  This section is for what I would recommend skipping in March.  To summarize this part, it’s most likely that you will be paying full price now, either because of the season, the timing of demand, or product availability.

Electronics – TV, Computers, Cell phones

Christmas has been long gone, and the final sale electronic sale of the season, the Super Bowl, has passed.   I wouldn’t be hoping for any deals on these items unless they sell for Tax Season, like most cell phone companies.  Most times, for TVs in particular, retailers know you are getting an increase in income for tax season. Even at full price, they are aware they will still make a ton of sales.  Skipping buying electronics until back to school season or Christmas in July, one of my faves would be best.  Amazon is known to have Prime day in July, so if you’re looking for a big deal, hold out a little while longer.


You might get coupons for cleaning products, but the machines we used to clean with are all rolling out new and pretty.  Spring Cleaning season starts in March with new Vacuum models.  Most of them are still regular prices so be prepared to pay retail if you need a new one this month.

Spring Clothing

I know what you are thinking; let’s stay away from anything Spring at this point.  March 20th being the first day of spring, new inventory has been hitting the shelves since January. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the newness; spring apparel is so pretty and exciting, I’m anxious just to put away my sweaters.  Just wait until you get closer to easter, and then you will start to see the sales.  The coral, pinks, and yellows are calling my name, but I know I’ll pay the price for it now.  You might be able to catch spring apparel deals during the spring break season, if not Easter and Mother’s day.

Every month I share this list of deals and what would be a waste of your money. You can always catch a new list at the beginning of each month. In case you don’t want to miss anything, join my email list and keep in the loop of things. 

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