Top things You can Earn Rewards from!

These all just some of the Categories you can get money back

  • Food (groceries, dining out, fast-food)
  • Bank Card Rewards (savings, debit or credit card)
  • Online shopping/ In-store shopping (electronic, clothing, miscellaneous items )
  • Car Fuel
  • Vacations and Hotel or BnB stay[spacer height="20px"]

Here are a few Phone Apps to try....

These are the apps that give rewards or cash back on purchases.  Most of them you can transfer to your Paypal acct or bank card.  Then there are some that accumulate in points you can cash out for gift cards.  No matter how you look at it win-win!!! Plus if you opt out for gift cards, use that savings to double stack on a deal with that retailer.  Save one with the gift card and two with the percentage back from purchasing through the application.

double stack = two rewards you can claim on one item or deal


Download these apps for Food/ Household and Miscellaneous items:

IBOTTA -Earn cash back on everyday purchase everytime you shop, in-store and online.  Add referral code: ewgemvl to earn a $10 BONUS

CHECKOUT51- Add grocery and household items to your list from their selected offers and earn cash back.  Click on this link ADD ME  if you want to join my team!!

COUPONS.COM-Add paperless grocery coupons to your grocery stores to save money and earn cash back on select items. Download the app version for a load to card options.

CHECKPOINTS-Scan items while shopping in the grocery store, earn points for items scans, watching a video or taking surveys.  Turn the points into gift cards for rewards!!!

DOSH-This app you have to loads savings automatically for restaurants, shopping, car fuel.  Earn your first $5.00 for linking your first card. ADD REFERRAL CODE: TRENEA1

GETUPSIDE-Fuel your card with the featured gas statio

ns on the app in your area and receive cash back for money savings off per gal/  YOU CAN USE THIS CODE: HMHUH

There are a ton of apps to add the ones shown above are just a few.  Before we get crazy with all the downloads, let's get organized.  Even though the first step to earning is simply just downloading the apps but we are more strategic than that.  Applications take up a ton of space and time especially if they are all over the place.

Organize before you began..

I prefer to download the apps that I use on the go on my phone, like CHECKPOINTS,  DOSH, and GETUPSIDE. Other apps that I still need to spend more time on I download it to another device.  I use a tablet separate for most of the apps and create folders to cluster them to like categories.  This may sound like a lot but trust me it saves a lot of time.  Plus how much scrolling do you really want to do when you're in a rush and just want to go home.

Keep track of your passwords by downloading a password keeping app or website like LASTPASS..., it remembers your passwords, and you will have a ton.  You think you all set if you use the same passwords, but these apps will have your banking info.  Using the same password over and over is less secure. If your old school just keep a written journal, just don't lose it!

Now that you set up with a few apps to try and is organized, let's begin shopping!!!


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