How to create the ultimate movie night at home

Create the ultimate movie night at home instead of piling the car to the theater.  Movie night or movie weekends are the most fun at home. You can turn it into a huge family-time event with small appetizers, tasty popcorn, and mounds of pillows.

Since Covid has been keeping us home, it’s good to be creative and think outside the box. In my home, we tend to do more movie nights when it gets chiller like in the fall season.

At the beginning of October, we have a  Halloween movie marathon. This can be a whole week or weekend for us. I always make my buffalo chicken dip, then chips and salsa, popcorn, and my favorite dollar store candy.  If you need a few tips on how to make it a fun movie night keep reading below. 

Have a Themed Movie Night

What you can do to make movie night even more awesome is make it part of a theme. You can do a theme by the type of movie, the holiday, or films that go into series. Try out an 80’s theme night, with older 80’s movies.

Make it so that you eat only snacks that were around during that time, or dress in decade-related clothes for the movie. What about superhero films with superhero subs? I love themed movie nights as you can tell. I would even try to travel theme, 10 of the best travel movies, or classic movie night.  

Pair up some PJs for Themed Nights

How much fun would it be for everyone to be in the same PJs?  A family matching PJs make for an awesome photo, “Family Movie Night” lol  When the movie ends, everyone can just roll into bed. Less work for you Mom or Dad  Check out some of these Family sets below, I think you will have alot of fun being creative on movie night.

Harry Potter Howarts PJs

credit: Amazon

Holiday Mickey Mouse PJs

credit: Amazon

Skeleton Themed PJs

credit: Amazon

Make great Popcorn

One of my greatest motivators for going to the movie is movie popcorn. There’s nothing like that cheap movie theater butter stripped all over the huge large-size bag of popcorn. What can be even better is having that same popcorn at home. Plenty of popcorn plus huge savings equals a fun movie night. Get movie theater popcorn at home with no effort by getting a popcorn maker. It takes less time and the kernels cook perfectly.

Or you can grab some movie theater buttered popcorn. I grabbed a huge box of Jolly Time movie theater extra butter popcorn, let’s just say I was thrilled. If you prefer to just microwave their popcorn I recommend that one in particular because it tastes just the same. You can also try some popcorn seasonings they have a ton of to choose from at the grocery store.

Awesome Popcorn Products on Amazon:

West Bend Hot Oil Theater Style Popcorn Popper Machine

credit: Amazon

Extra Movie Themed Goodies

Get Cozy

Getting cozy and snuggly is something you can’t do in the theater. You can get really comfortable at home with some blankets and pillows. Warm-up near a fire with some Pjs on a cold night. If you want to dish the couch to watch the movie. Lay some throws and pillows on the floor for ultra coziness.

Grab Budget-Friendly Snacks at the Dollar Store

Stock up on some dollar store snacks and candy. Grab some sweets to go with your buttery popcorn. You can grab a bunch for less at Dollar Tree or Dollar General. There are also theater size boxes at CVS. To be quite honest I’ve always grabbed candy before I went to the theater. I know it’s wrong but I saved a ton of money. If you allowing your children to have snacks before bedtime, a good idea is some granola bars or some cut fruit.  

Watch it on a Bigger Screen 

Movie night means picking the best screen in the house. You can have the best movie experience just by the quality of the picture and sound. It doesn’t have to be this super large TV, but good graphics make a difference.  If you haven’t invested in a good 4K tv you should. Now theirs 8K out there so if you want to look into that you could but 4K is just fine.

TVs that have Apps TV’s like Roku or Android apps are 4K and pretty inexpensive. The apps make it easy to stream movies and shows without using another electronic device.  You can find some really good options at Walmart online or in-store. Don’t be afraid to try an older 4K model for a better price. Try buying them around Black Friday or Football season, for super discounted prices. 

Movies on the Projector Screen

Watching a movie on the projector screen is a good experience. It reminds me of being in the theater for sure. You can experience a movie on a larger scale, inside or outside the home. All you need is a flat surface, and preferably white.  Most projectors can get a large as 14 feet, at both ends. You just need a big movie space, and for it to be dark enough. 

Best Apps for Streaming Movies

Netflix :

  • Extensive library of TV shows
  • Variety of movies and Netflix Originals
  • Selection is Updated Frequently
  • Monthly Average Price $8.99-$17.99


  • Best family friend TV shows and Movies
  • Starwars , Marvel, and Disney classics
  • Monthly Average Price $7.99-$79.99


  • Recently Aired TV content like from FX
  • Hulu originals TV shows & Movies
  • Monthly Average Price $5.99-$11.99

HBO Max:

  • HBO orignal movies, Series, Comedy shows and documentaries
  • Newly-released Warner Bros Movies
  • Cartoon Network TV shows
  • Monthly Average Price $14.99

Amazon Prime Video:

  • Part of Amazon Prime Perks -Free 2-day shipping, Amazon Music / Free Kindle book every month
  • Amazon Originals TV and Movies
  • Monthly Average Price $12.99
Other Movie Night Essentials
Urban Accents MOVIE NIGHT Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

credit: Amazon


If you’re thinking of how to have a family fun weekend make it a movie night. Don’t forget the number one snack popcorn and of course, you can add in other treats. Make it a movie-themed night or just huddle on the floor with cozy blankets. Most importantly have fun and spend valued family time.

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