15 Things to stop buying for saving money

15 Things to Stop buying for Saving Money, or let’s say Save even more!

I know there’s got to be one point in life that had you say, “I need to put some money aside.”  It could have been after an emergency or a life change. Not to put all reasons into a stressor, it could be just to save for a goal you had your heart set on for so long.  For me personally, it’s been soooo very long.

Two main things can help speed up the process: Cutting back or Earning more. If you’re like me, earning more may seem like a future task. Cutting back is definitely something you can do now! Almost immediately to save. 

So what’s the holdup? I would say cutting back is like ripping off multiple bandaids. It hurts to do it, but it needs to come off. Secondly, if you second guess yourself, you probably wouldn’t do it. 

Next you’re probably asking, but How? And if you’re staring at your budget where? 

Cutting back for Saving Money

Many of the cutting back tips are things you can do at home while you’re sitting on the couch wondering why you still have the platinum packaged cable subscription.

Wow! A whopping $300 or how much money should you really invest in your wardrobe.  Where exactly do we need to go? Well nowadays, that we need $100 shoes or a $50 shirt. 

I think I hear some people in the back say, well…a $50 shirt is not too bad. When you factor that you have to squeeze in all your clothing purchases to about 3-5% of your monthly income, it’s time to be realistic. 

Oh, REALISTIC, I’ve always hated the word, but after I’ve received a text alert on my negative balanced account. Realistic is what I needed. Getting paid was like a magic trick. Now you see it, and now you don’t. Not ever seeing anything build up in my savings is not happening to us again. 

Start with a budget

Before you begin cutting back, make sure you already completed your budget. Learn how to budget to see how much you need to save and where most of your money is going. After you’ve created a budget, start with practicing how to live more frugally. Both of these habits will have you more dedicated to cutting back.

Wait, I’ve just started Saving Money! After realizing that the leftover money needed to go somewhere instead of buying a new CD, this was me. Yes, that was over a decade ago, hint CD. Before we head into our list, visit some of these articles below on saving money.

Saving money is important

Best saving money tips

So you’ve already started budgeting, living more frugal, saving money, and now we meet again. As I’ve mentioned before, there are really only two solutions, and it sounds simple but still hard to do.

  • Cutting back on expenses
  • Increasing your income aka Making more money

Well, I’ve been working on both, still to this day. I don’t think there’s a paycheck that I thought of like, “Hey, I don’t need any more than this.”  

I’m sure we can all use more these days, a little increase in our income. Some quick ideas, and many I’ve tried, are doing surveys, cash apps just in your spare time. 

Sometimes you have to get creative when you’re trying to earn extra money. Trust me, I’ve glanced at a Lyft driver ad a few times and thought about it.  

There was one day, I looked through my closet and thought about if it was Poshmark sellable. 

It’s ok to think outside the box, outside of what you normally do to make your goals happen. As you think of these things, you can try to cut back as well. 

Eating Out

So fast, quick, and delicious, well it has to be because I’m paying for it. Not eating out is one of the first tips I would try to save more money. An easy $20-30 here and there can add up to a couple of hundred dollars every few months.

Throw that on a yearly scale, a scary over $1000, but My Emergency Fund. Yes, I just ate it all…lol  Can I not treat myself, well let’s say for one year, you don’t eat out…just one year.

You commit to cooking every day or pre-making your meals ahead of time. Stick to your grocery budget. After the year is up, you can eat out but don’t go crazy. Always look for coupons and set aside a budget for this category. 

Manicures and pedicures

Ladies, ladies and some gentlemen, I know how you feel. I’m looking at my nails, thinking of how badly I want to get them done. When you go, you know your spending close to 40 if not 50.

Let’s hold on just a little longer and get creative. I’m sure you already know how to search for every DIY on YouTube. Try searching for some nail tips. Recently  I bought a nail kit on Amazon for $20.

And I gotta say it looked pretty decent. I’m sure the second time; I will do much better. All it takes is some practice and maybe a bestie to do the other hand. 

Cable TV

Everywhere you look, there’s an ad saying, “Cut the cord!” That’s because we now have so many more options to stream tv. Just think of all the channels you are subscribing to now, and you probably watch like 5 of them, really.

I’m all about Hallmark at Christmas time, Disney still to this day…what can I say? I’m all Disney at heart. I gotta have the local channels, and yes, like a ton of middle-aged women, I need some Bravo “Housewives” and HGTV. 

I love decorating, but it’s less work watching other people do it first, lol. Anytime you sign up for a cable tv package, you’re committing yourself to a contract. Did you hear no-contract?

I repeat, anytime you sign up for a cable tv package, you commit yourself to a contract. All subscriptions have terms and agreements, you might not have physically signed anything, but you accepted the terms somehow, at least by setting it up in your home. 

Instead of paying $100s of dollars for TV, opt for a streaming service. Just sign up for an internet package…this should be at least $100 or less, and subscribe to stream.

Here are some TV streaming options below

You can save 100 dollars a month by switching to a TV streaming service and still watch your favorite channels. By the end of the year, you would have saved at least $1,000. Shall we say, Vacation fund? We already got our emergency fund from not eating out. Look at all the money we are saving right now! 


We all heard about the $5 latte and how it can easily add up, but many of us are not ready to easily give up Starbucks.  Whatever your reasoning is, the truth is that it’s always cheaper to make at home.

Hey, I can’t make the fancy cream or drizzle caramel swirls.  Hand me a can of whipped cream and a bottle of Hershey’s syrup, and I’ll try to make a list close second. At the end of the day, you’re still saving money.

Still, craving coffee outside? I’m sure the main reason we do buy coffee is that it’s convenient and far outweighed the taste.

So I won’t be Nancy here in this tip and say go for a cheaper option like McDonald’s or limit the trips. I understand it as a treat for myself sometimes, so enjoy it. Then when you’ve zeroed in on your cash flow, cutback. 

Convenience Foods

Convenience foods are but one thing “Convenient.” Sure, you can pop it in the microwave or oven, and in 20 minutes, dinner is ready!  Buying frozen food is what I call quick and easy for a Mom like me. 

If I’m tired of having boiling water in my face every night, I try it frozen or pre-made.  Those Roast Chickens I’m on the hunt for them every time.  When I get to the checkout, I’m reminded of what costs me to save me an extra 10 minutes. 

There are those Moms that can chef it up and love to cook. I like to cook side note when I’m in the mood: wine glass and all on the side. Sometimes I dread it.  If I’m true to save, I have to save time and not buy frozen food. 

The solution meal planning! Yes, pre-made meals but at home! Planning my meals two weeks ahead of time, pre-making the meat, or boiling the noodles on a Sunday, so I’ll have it for later.  

Check out some of my Meal Planning Prep work


I’ve subscribed to a lot of things I didn’t need. A jewelry subscription that cost me $200, and I’ve only worn two sets of jewelry. Surprise that $20 really did add up.

At first, I loved it, but I forgot to drop off the return package that sat in my car and waiting in line at the post office during COVID. It was like H E double hockey sticks!  Then there was a monthly subscription I joined from a Facebook ad on coaching but I never found time to join the webinars. 

There’s nothing bad about subscribing, but only if you NEED it and will absolutely use it.  It will save you a ton of money to cut all the unnecessary subscriptions you don’t need.

Take the time to go through your monthly statements and highlight all the recurring subscriptions. Make a plan to cut back once a month as far as you can.  

Not sure where to cut? Use expense monitoring services like Trim or Truebill. I get Trim reminders all the time of my upcoming bills and where they say opportunities to save.

Trim and Truebill will negotiate your bills for you and only take their fee if you actually saved some money! A Win and a slam dunk towards my savings account. 

Try these Money Saving apps below

trim money saving app


truebill saving money app


Name Brands

It’s easy to buy name brands because they might look better, smell better, or get the job done! You recognize them, so they have earned your trust. Compare prices and now you at the point where you have to see how much it is really worth.

I will admit it, I still buy name brand products but and a big BUT only if they are on sale and I have a COUPON. When I coupon, most of the deals are on name brand products, so I’m saving money.

If you’re not couponing or looking for deals, you are paying retail honey, and yes, it adds up.  Don’t fret if you’re in a rush or don’t want to coupon; store brands are the same. You will catch me reading the ingredients from both name brand and store brand in stores all the time.

Oh, and if you catch me, say Hello! Lol, If you want to save money, go for the store brand. You will always see them side by side with each other. In the end, your savings are at least 20-30% in price if not in size. When shopping, always care about price and price, think about the use and the cost.

New Clothes

When I worked in retail, I would spend $100 on clothes, man it cost so much to stay “On Trend” Remember when jeggings were super popular? I had jeggings in every color. Oh, Oh, and Harem pants, an MC Hammer comeback but not so extreme.

They made it to my wardrobe, and now look at them sitting in my closet because one they are out of style and two the covid pounds got to me. All I can think about now is how much money I wasted.

When I first started to budget, clothes were the first thing I stopped buying to save money.  Now I’m all about the thrift! Actually, this past weekend I couldn’t for the life of me find jeans to fit me, and looking at the price tag every time the size went up just scared me.

Why does it cost so much money to be comfortable! So I went to the thrift store, and I got a couple of pairs of jeans and like 4 sweaters, what did I spend? 24 dollars altogether. Not even the cost of one T-Shirt at Kohls. Sorry, Kohls, you will still see me at Christmas time.

Ladies in gentlemen, if you haven’t thrift, you do not satisfy your wardrobe needs. Honestly, I’ve found brand new Fabletics with the price tag on never worn (which was like $75, by the way) yoga pants for $10.  Search for thrift stores in your area or shop thrift online like ThredUp.

Buying Brand New

Did you think the thrift started in clothes? Well, what do you know? You can grab other things at thrift stores. I purchased electronics..tested before, of course, dishes, chairs.

I’m pretty lucky to have a large thrift store about 15 minutes away, but you can go online to buy it, even on  Craigslist or eBay. Anytime you are buying stuff for your home, especially a large purchase, see if you will save more buying used. 

Even when I’m on Amazon, I check out the outlet section for a discounted price on returned items or used.  I’ve learned that you may have to learn to hunt better when you are scavenging for deals.

A point to make here is sometimes you have to search and wait.  You never know when what you’re looking for turns up a week or so later for less. 

I’m sure there has been that one time you experienced when you bought something, and then it showed up less after you made the purchase.

We all wished we would have waited.  Keep searching and learn to be patient.

Clearance or Sales

I’m all about clearance, and I talk about buying items when they are on sale, not regular prices. The trick is that sometimes you might not need to buy these items. Yes, it’s attractive. It could even be shown in bold red letters to let you know to STOP and look.

Be total in control when deciding if this is a good decision or bad. Do I need this, or do I want this? A good practice to see how you are doing with making purchases is to label them this way.

Try keeping track of your expenses for one month. Oh yes, and write them down. Why? Because writing registers with your mind more than just looking at it.

One of the main things I had to do when I did something wrong was to write it down 100 times. Punishment, yes, but this was my mothers’ way of discipline, and boy did I hate it—front and back of the paper.

After you write down your expenses next to them, identify if it was a WANT or NEED. Next, you can weigh out your spending pattern. Now you can plan to question your limits.

Bottled Water

On a hot day, you’re running errands and need to buy bottled water. Sure, that’s fine, but a good reusable water bottle might do the trick next time.

I’m not here to judge if your town has a poor water supply and even if you need to make sure your intake is just free of chemicals. Bottled water is costly, especially when buying expensive brands. Still, try to opt for store brands.

Another option could be placing a water filter on your sink faucet or buying a filtered pitcher. Ever heard of Brita? They have many different attachments to add to the sink, reusable water bottles, and pitchers.

Paper Towels

I was a weekly Paper Towel buyer. At the beginning of Covid, I panicked in not having the option to toss away the germs. Buying a large pack of paper towels can cost you $10-$15. 

If you use them for pretty much everything like me, that’s $50 a much at the end of the year, almost $600. Well, those paper towels surely add up. At all loss to not buying them at this time of the year, I had to go with microfiber towels.

First, I was nervous about the clean up then the germs. Placing them in the washing machine with some antibacterial laundry soap made by Lysol, my confidence outweighed my concern. In the meantime, I saved a lot of money on buying paper towels. 

I am still buying a pack now because I prefer to clean the bathroom areas with them and then toss. The clothes are perfect for glass, mirrored surfaces.

I love using them on the kitchen counter because of all the water splashed from the sink, soaking up moisture is a benefit.

Before, it would take me a few sheets to do that. So balancing the cost, you should definitely invest in some microfiber cloths. 

Impulse items near the Checkout

Items near the checkout are dangerous in intent to get you to buy while you wait. It may be tempting but try your best to resist. Candy, snacks, drinks overpriced to add up to your purchase.

My motto is if it’s not on the list, I don’t buy it. Let’s admit one thing is that everything near the checkout, like magazines and snacks, we don’t really need. If it’s really becoming a usual thing, try opting for pick up, nowadays most stores have picked up or delivery services. 

Cleaning Supplies

When I got introduced to DIYing your own cleaning supplies, I was pretty late; now it’s a trending topic. Making your own essential oils, mixing them with vinegar and lemon. I can’t believe how many things you can make on your own.  Even though I’m saving money, my house is clean and smells amazing!

Gym Memberships

I’m all about healthy eating and exercising, but man, is it expensive. Anytime I tried a new diet,  switching up my whole eating routine coated me so much money.

Signing up for the gym was like a creeping expense. The first month is free, but you wonder why your bank account is low when you forget to go.  Starting home for free could be just that. 

Every morning at 5 is I search for a workout routine on YouTube. It could get pretty intense, sweat and everything.  The best part is that it’s free.

On alternate days I try a little yoga for 10 minutes or less and don’t have to leave my home—Namaste to my wallet. 

Well, now you’ve heard the things to stop buying to save money. I can honestly say there might be a few more things, but these are the main ones.

All that I’ve mentioned I wasted money on personally and now saving as I go. My final push was Covid, my wake up call. After everything closing most of them were not available.

Forced out of luck, I saw how much they all were absolutely not necessary. I recommend trying one thing once a month. Going to the extreme might not help. Getting a win along the way might motivate you to the next. 

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