Master your Negotiation skills to lower your Bills

Do you want to get your monthly bills lowered by speaking to someone over the phone? Getting your bill lowered can be as easy as a conversation. It’s not as nerve-wracking as it seems. I would never call about my bills because I didn’t want to be disappointed with the outcome. All the tips I’m sharing with you today are things I’ve learned to do overtime. When it comes to negotiation you can use these tactics to help you save some money.

Friends have better conversations

You can have a better conversation with someone you like. Think about it? If you start that conversation in a bad way the representative has only one thing in mind “How fast can I end this call?” An assertive but friendly conversation is going to get you what you want. Do forget: “How are you today”? It seems silly but getting off the right foot works.

Make sure you bring your major points to the forefront then back off a little. You don’t want to sound pushy, listen to what the other person has to say. If you’re confused, ask questions? Don’t do the “but, why?”, you’ll just keep getting the same answer and it sounds very annoying. Be creative in how you approach the response but still carry on the purpose.

For example:

Consumer: “I wanted to know if you had any promotions that will still keep the same service but a lower rate?”

Representative: “We don’t have any offers available right now?”

Consumer: “Do you know if there’s a better service offer similar to the one I have?”

Master your Negotiation skills to lower your Bills on the phone

Offer more than what you want then lower it

Think of it as like a bidding war, start with the high numbers then bring your price down to come to common ground. In the workings of negotiation, you work with the representative to find common ground. Don’t be afraid to reach out for more, a bigger discount, an incentive added to your current promo. It’s ok to go back and forth, you’ll be surprised if another offer comes out you haven’t thought of. Keep in mind the other person on the phone already know’s the answer. They’ll probably have to tell the other 100 people the same thing on the phone already. Put an offer out there but have a back-up in its place. Work with the representative by laying out some options and meet in the middle.

For example:

Consumer: “I’ve had interrupted internet service for the past week. I believe that I could save more money by discontinuing this service” “Also I’m going to need to receive full credit for this month’s billing cycle”

Representative: “We can adjust next month’s billing cycle because you still in this month’s cycle. Adjustments will be applied according to the days that you were without service. Discontinuing the service will take you out of the current promotion”

Consumer: ” I will accept the adjustments for next month’s bill” “Can you give me an updated billing statement for that cycle and or a reference number?” “And I would like to know if there are other promotions with better internet options” If having an upgrade in service will solve the interruptions, I prefer to stay as a customer”

Representative: “There are other promotions with more internet options, let’s see if there are other packages that are similar to what you are looking for”

SKC Tip: “Anytime you make any changes to your account, always ask for a reference number or document noting the changes”

Talk to a Rep with more authority

The first person you speak to in customer service might not have the means to make any changes. After all of your initial negotiation skills have ceased there’s no problem with asking to speak to someone else. Don’t take it personally that the first representative can’t help you because they might have limits. Even if there is no supervisor available you can start fresh by calling again to speak to someone that is more willing to help. Threatening to cancel service should be your last option but it is a proposition to go with when all is lost.

Master your Negotiation skills to lower your Bills on the phone

A Closed mouth doesn’t Get Fed

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking “That’s it?” Well yes, just three simple tips. Most of what is keeping you from getting it resolved is not picking up the phone. That fear of asking for what you want may be deprived of so many things. Fear of rejection, fear of not getting what you want, and Lastly, possibly just Fear of speaking to someone on the phone. For me personally, I don’t like to disappoint anyone, I’m what you call a “People Pleaser” By always having the nerve to make sure everything turns out well, I forget that I’m on my side.

During the call not having my interest in mind definitely takes a turn. For all the fears here I’m telling you that if you don’t ask for what you want, don’t expect to get anything in return. There’s that saying “that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”. lol It’s so true in many ways, you want something don’t be afraid to ask for it. You have the courage to put your negotiation skills to the test. Open up on of those pesky bills that you have been procrastinating to call and get some savings.

Okay, Okay so you really don’t want to use the Phone, there are options

Just when you thought to talk with customer service was end all be all. There are other options that you can try. Trust me, sometimes you just don’t have the time to call. And why do it if someone can do it for you?  There are apps well known to help you negotiate for lower rates on some of your bills. One of the apps called Trim or Asktrim works a lot like a budgeting software or financial app.

There are apps well known to help you negotiate for lower rates on some of your bills. One of the apps called Trim or Asktrim works a lot like a budgeting software or financial app.

Another perk in addition to financial counseling there’s bill negotiation. The objective is to find ways to save money to help you reach your financial goals. One of those ways also suggests cutting some subscriptions. There are premium services with “Trim” that includes a savings account, debt services, and more financial counseling. “Trim” can negotiate services with mainly your cable provider internet or phone company.

How does this all work?

In my personal opinion, this is where most of our money gets wasted and not easily monitored. There are a ton of fees, and promotional services lapsing the amount seems to always change. “Trim” will actually contact the bill holder on your behalf and if money is saved you will be notified. The services are not free, you will be charged for that a couple of days later.  Ultimately even though “Trim” is best to be used as paid service the goal is to save more money over the course of the year.  If you can afford to try this app I would do so if not wait until it’s not impacting your current expenses. Basic service is free, premium service is $10 a month, the premium has more perks, and saving opportunities.

Truebill is known for having a great success rate on lowering a lot of cable phone and internet bills. Alike Trim, Truebill will charge you if it's successful in lowering your bill.

The second app I want to talk about is very similar to the Trim‘s service is Truebill, along with financial coaching there’s bill negotiation as well. Truebill is known for having a great success rate on lowering a lot of cable phone and internet bills. Alike Trim, Truebill will charge you if it’s successful in lowering your bill. Truebill allows you to pick service plans to range from $3 to $12 a month. If you are on a tight budget this is good because you have more options to choose from.

Truebill also offers the service of sending letters to Banks in order to request refunds on an overdraft or late fees for the connected accounts. So now that you have some other options I hope that you feel even more confident. At this point, the mastering skill of bill negotiation seems more actionable.  You have the tips and tricks and also a sure way of getting someone to do it for you.

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