Best Money-Saving Tips for Online shopping

Save more money shopping online made easy!

12 Tips you can use as a Guide for Online Shopping

Who isn’t online shopping nowadays? Even before the pandemic, there was a constant increase in online sales. The attractiveness of online shopping is the convenience. You can easily order something at 3 am or right before bed in your PJs. No need to get ready, start your car, and drive to the store. As the holidays approach us, so will the increase in shoppers. Most of us are still trying to avoid the crowds by trying out online shopping. So how do you know if you’re getting the best deals? And most importantly, how do I save even more money?

The guide is a good checklist for anyone making online purchases. If you’re on a tight budget this season you will be able to save money with all my tricks below. Starting with where to begin when you first start shopping ending with getting cashback.

Making sure you’re getting the best deal

#1 Do some research

A little Googling never hurts anybody. In fact, all of the major search engines have a shopping section to comparison shop. Try outputting the item you wish to buy in Google shopping Yahoo shopping to find the best deal. In Google, I like to filter by lowest to highest price. This is a good tool to use rather than sifting through websites.

#2 Avoiding Dynamic Pricing

What is Dynamic Pricing? It’s when prices go up based on demand. Retailers like Amazon know this, so they capitalize on the market by increasing their prices. Did you know searching for an item repeatedly is adding to the demand? Well, as the internet is a concern. Try a search for Airline tickets, and now you will see constant ads on tickets. Before you buy, try clearing your cookies and cache, so you are getting a good price.

#3 Shop when the time is Right

Most people like to take advantage of grabbing great deals on Black Friday and around Christmas. This time of the year is good for electronics, cookware, and winter clothing. Did you know that retailers will also run a sale on other holidays specific to their brand or product? Think of, for example, National lipstick day and score with cosmetic companies! There are tons of days that are named for a celebration that you might not have heard of. Trust me; companies make it their business to know.

Check out a Calendar list of Holidays on these websites:

“TimeandDate” Funny Weird and Random Holidays

“HolidayInsights” More Holidays

The second part of this tip is to shop on a Monday or Tuesday. If you buy on a Friday or Saturday, it is probably most likely because you got paid and have more time to shop. Retailers know this and capitalize on your shopping on these days. Looking for a less competitive price, shop on a less frequently shopped day.

#4 Plan ahead Create a list

Why do most online stores have a wish list? They know that you might buy at least 2 or 3 of the items on your list. And what makes it easier for me is that is altogether and I don’t have to spend hours scrolling for it again. Don’t be surprised if you get an email advising you something on your wish list is on sale. You can also create alerts like on Target from when the price drops from something on your wishlist.

Getting all the discounts

#5 Join the club

Members get perks, which includes discounts, freebies, and coupons. If there’s an email subscription or loyalty program, sign up to grab an offer. Most retailers have new customers offers, like save 20% off your first purchase. This is when having multiple email addresses come in handy. You can always unsubscribe when the time is right.

#6 Accessing coupon sites

Coupon sites are one of the most visited sites for me. Even if I have gotten a good deal on the price, there may be some coupon codes I can add to my cart. My favorite codes are for free shipping; I’m always on a hunt to lessen my overall amount after the fin as l total. The best sites to check out are Retailmenot,, and Groupon.

#7 Install a chrome extension

Applying for a discount at checkout could be as easy as installing a plugin on chrome. There a two I would really recommend, Honey and Priceblink. Just install and shop as you normally, the extension will generate coupon codes automatically.

#8 Fill your cart then abandon it

I still get abandoned cart emails after I’ve left the site. Most of them prompts a discount to have you fully commit to the purchase. By placing items a week ahead, you can empty it and still have time to score the comeback deal. When you return, there are other similar deal items brought to your attention most of the time. Stores don’t want to offer anything that you don’t find interesting. The tracking of what was in your cart comes in handy.

#9 Shop Clearance or Warehouse

There is clearance instore and also online. Don’t forget to check out what is already on sale. Larger retailers like Amazon have a Warehouse section where they discount returned items for less. Most of these things have small defects or just as small as an open box.

#10 Buy discounted gift cards

Why not double save by buying a discounted gift card first then using that to purchase the item online. You can process this whole transaction in one shopping day by getting the e-gift card codes and applying them at checkout. Ever wonder what people do with their unwanted gift cards? They sell them on Giftcard Granny, Raise, or Cardpool. After Christmas, more people are getting rid of gift cards they’ve gotten as a gift. So Newyears is perfect timing for scoring extra savings.

#11 Free shipping

Go for the shipping option. Most stores have free shipping thresholds and will offer you a 2 for… or buy one get this for… to help you reach the threshold. You can always add some inexpensive filler options to reach the amount. Try picking small things that you need around the home; it could be just as simple as paper towels. Lol

#12 Signing up for Cashback

Did you think the savings ended at free shipping? My last and final tip is getting some money back. So this comes after you actually buy it, but they’re still one thing to do before. You must shop through the cashback site, so it recognizes you’re purchase. Generally, they will give you back a percentage of your purchase. Preview some offers on like Rakuten or Ibotta. Another favorite of mine is Paribus, which will give a cashback when the price drops. Gotta love all those savings.

Now that I’ve given you all my tips, I hoped you could feel more confident in your online shopping experience. And by the word confidence, I mean a money-saving ninja at the checkout! Remember, when you’re shopping online, you have the internet at your disposal,l and comparison shopping is the first thing to do. Clear your search history, so you don’t get a higher price versus if you just started researching. Always look for discounts and coupons. Strive for the free shipping option and get cash back by shopping through a cashback site. When you start to brag to your friends, don’t forget to share this guide. Why soon you will share the cheer all around and not just on Christmas.

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