Secret tips to save money on your monthly bills

Secret tips to save money on your monthly bills

The routine every month is that you get paid, you budget, and then comes the paying the bills part. It’s hard to think that if you pay your bills every month that you can be wasting money. I mean, your being responsible right. The reality is that you could just be overpaying on your monthly bills. There might not be a big difference but at the end of the year and many years later that money can add up to a large sum. How do we get off the hamster wheel of overpaying? Let’s try to look for the savings.

The article you are about to read might have some familiar tips. Tips that are all too familiar but reluctant to try. Most of the reasons why we don’t try it because it takes effort. I want you to look at it this way, you have exerted alot of effort work, why not put it into savings. Don’t let your hard earn money go to waste, look for all the savings to get your pennies back!

Where’s all the money going?

Even though you are paying your monthly bills, you can still be tricked into additional fees, subscription changes, and unnecessary usage. You can be charged additional fees throughout the year without being acknowledged. In most company’s terms, it’s noted sometimes that they are not held accountable to tell you about these changes. Fees can range from a small $3.00 to about $20 and it’s easy to miss them spread out over time.

When you subscribe to a service, whether or not you signed something you are in a contract. What if there’s no contract in the terms? To put it simply, you signed up for the service, you agreed to terms. There could be times when your subscription lapses or a company changes there policies and this can cost you more than expected. I’m sure you would agree that you should be notified, this may not happen. Most renewal contracts will reinstate automatically. If you’re not up to date on all your bills you can easily miss this.

Can I really be wasting money by usage?

Unnecessary usage can come into many forms. In utilities, electricity rates of usage can fluctuate with the times of the seasons. What would happen if you limit your usage and change your supplier? You can save some money. Let’s get off our subject of utilities. What about our phone data or internet usage? Services that are always changeable in price by usage can vary and need to be monitored. If you don’t pay attention, it can be wasted and I mean more money out of your pocket.

Starting this off by saying I too have missed this, because life can be busy. Yet we work really hard to save and there seems to be no wiggle room at times. I’m tired of being blind to losing the change out of my pocket. There are many ways we can cut back and start saving our money on bills. Now that I’ve done my rant of how we can miss the sure signs of overpaying our bills, let me give you some tips.

Secret tips to save money on your monthly bills

Tip #1


You came into this relationship with a great outlook on your services. At this point, you have been loyal. Don’t you think there is some award in that? Threatening to leave might not get you some savings but negotiation will. Every year make it a point to see if there are promotions or savings you can apply towards your account. If that doesn’t take on with your sales rep ask to speak to the retention department. Most representatives are prepped for always getting the sale but not able to offer the discount, speak to someone that can.

Tip #2

The Bigger Companies give lower costs

You might think that you are getting a lower rate because the business is local and you like the relationship. When all of the “Good Mornings” and “How do you do?” subsides it really comes down to the market. Bigger companies with higher market flooding can give lower costs versus “Mom and Pop” companies. If you looking for a cheaper rate go big. The large companies have the funds and availability to give you lower rates. In addition to that, they have more customer service and promotions.

Tip # 3

You don’t have to go Big at Home

When it comes to the internet buy what you need, not what you want. You might think you need more megabytes to service your home internet but trust me you not feeding service to your neighbor. Get smart about it and pick what works for you. Also, you can save an average of $10 a month off of your monthly bill by buying your own modem. You can get a selection of modems from Amazon or even Staples (my favorite).

Tip # 4

If you’re part of Club, your in the Club

Are you part of a National Organization or in the Military? Even if you’re a teacher there’s a lot of discounts out there for age or job title. Check with the service provider to see if there are any special discounts that can be applied to your current membership. At an older age being an AARP member can earn its perks too with a lot of discounts to tons of vendors. Don’t let a good discount go to waste and check with any third party vendor that you signed up for and see if there are any connections with the companies you are billed with.

Tip # 5

Dare to switch and save

Cell phone plans are always ever-changing. Just when you know it there’s another pre-paid cell company out that you never heard of. Every year there is always a new promotion to take advantage of. When there’s a lot of sharks in the pool they are reaching for any bait they can see. There are a lot of cell phone companies and they are all competitive with one another. Don’t be surprised if you threaten to switch you won’t get offered a better deal. Switching carriers ironically is always the quickest and fastest way to save money on your cell phone bill.

That sums up the secrets for now and there’s more from where that comes from. If you think of saving money from your Bill’s more like a mathematical puzzle this might be more fun for you. In a twisted way, I can see how I can use this technique to push myself more. When there are obstacles and challenges see what drives you to look past hill and more towards a gradual climb.

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