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Prenatal and Birthing Classes

Prenatal classes are useful for new parents, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. These classes are packed with information to cope with delivery and help with breastfeeding. If you decide to not take medicine for pain at delivery, The Lamaze technique is used as an alternative. The method of delivery takes a lot of strength and a certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator (LCCE) would be teaching you these methods.

Other benefits for taking Birthing Classes

  • Labor comforting skills
  • Latching the baby properly during breastfeeding
  • Breast care during lactation and breastfeeding
  • Emergency signs and recognizing medical situations
  • CPR, First Aid Care and what to do if your baby is choking

The classes can come at a pretty penny when you’re tight on money. Some can run you $50-$100 a class. Frugal considerations would be taking online classes or watching videos online (even via YouTube). Doing your research and watching videos online is free. If you want to take a class just be selective on what teaching you want to learn. Choose to target areas you are mostly concerned about and ask a lot of questions.

Daycare and Childcare Costs

Childcare is one the largest expense and can make you question yourself “Why should I even work?” Luckily there are programs that your state or town might offer for relief on this expense. There are government programs you can apply for if you are on low income. Programs like HeadStart or Early HeadStart are government-funded. In my first experience with needing child care, I was recommended to call 211 (an info line by UnitedWay). The 211 info line has a directory of needs for family and childcare. There was a list of registered childcare givers and facilities accredited by the state I resided in.

Did you know you can save on daycare expenses from your employer? They are called “Dependent care flexible spending accounts” where you can put pre-tax income into this account. You can use this for qualifying costs like daycare, or and child care licensed provider. This account, unlike HSA, doesn’t roll over to the next year, so make sure you use it. After working for my employer for several years I didn’t know this was available to me, but it was. I regretfully didn’t take advantage of this because your paying somewhat out of your own pocket regardless.

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