Best Meal Planning strategy that will help you save money

Meal planning has been trending for like the past two years and if you live a crazy life like mine this might be an option for you .

I usually plan my meals two to three days in advance. I’m all about left overs but 7 days worth a meals is a lot of left overs. If you can make 7 days worth of meals in a snap, claps for you !!! My time is always limited even the time I have to plan my meals. I will tell you how I manage the time to prep my meals and a breakdown of my planning.


    The supplies you need

      What days and Meals are Prepped

      Meal planning strategies made simple

      Why should you Meal Prep

      Well as I’ve said, its not for us all and in fact It wasn’t for me at first. The day I decided to prep is when I got home from a long day of work and realized my work wasn’t finished yet. Dinner TIME!!! Ugh why?! I’m super tired and after all is said and done, not enough time for myself, I call it my “peace time”. Then what pushed me towards actually scheduling my meals is saving money. I’m a couponer, so I shop to save as much as I can. The last thing I want to do is buy something I don’t need or can’t give to someone else. In this case I would always shop at the grocery store according to my meals. I didn’t start storing my meals till after I realized that I could utilized my time more.

      We all know saving money takes time regardless and large growth is an investment. When you think of meal planning in the beginning I’m just being honest with you: “It takes a while !!!” When you get a couple of practices in it will be much easier.

      In case you need more convincing?…Reason Number 2

      Healthier Lifestyle

      Can you just get anymore overwhelmed about how many diets and programs are out there! The fact of the matter is, we all need to be eating to help supplement what we need and to help us obtain a healthy body. The diet you might be on may be adding up points or low carb, possibly just even “no meat”. Whatever your decision making is for your diet there are general things our body needs.

      • Protein
      • Some carbs
      • Heathy fats
      • Vegetables
      • Water intake

      To put this simply planning out your meals helps you will stick to eating better and healthier. “Just Plan Meals that Benefit You”…and then that one day you’ll thank yourself for not taking the easy way out.

      What you need to get started, Yes let’s do it!

      Ok, obviously storage containers, first thing comes to mind…some Tupperware. You can buy base on price, which goes along with either being disposable (the cheaper one) or longevity (the more expensive one, hmmm decisions). I would also buy containers in different sizes or with compartments. You never know what size you really need until you have to put it away, so have variety. You also would need disposable utensils and ziplock bags. There are different kinds of food storage containers made out of all different types of materials. After a while you will invest time into figuring out the kinds you need.

      Prepping time, 1,2,..3

      The best days to prep for me are the weekends. I choose to prep Saturday afternoon for Saturday’s dinner, Sunday and Mondays. Shortly after Tuesday comes around, so there would be Tuesday’s dinner, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I don’t usually meal plan breakfast, only if I will have an early start otherwise I make time to cook break fresh in the morning. Lunch is the most important meal I like to plan because it really saves me money. At work before I meal planned, I would spend $6 to $10 dollars a day on take-out lunch. I have saved so much on planning lunch ahead of time. If I don’t have time to prep lunch I use extras from dinner the night before. No excuses, I have to pack my lunch. Dinner is mostly partially prepped unless I’m using a slow cooker recipe. I like to marinade the meat and store it raw in a ziplock refrigerated. Depending on the sides I would compile them into separate containers and then we would combine them during dinner time. Rather then 3 separate containers I use large containers for dinner meals. We as a family still use our plates and eat together at the same time. It only takes two seconds to reheat the sides, place the meat in the oven or cook over the stove. Add a glass of Wine and music and CHEF!

      I hope you can find the time to plan and prep, do it at your own pace. If you want to just do lunch, then just do lunch. Have fun with this, look up recipes, experience different cultural foods. Finish you goals, to live healthier, encourage yourself and fill your body with the nourishment it needs. Goals are best kept up with a plan in mind.

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