Best Reusable Grocery Bags To Buy That Are Worth The Money

It wasn’t until last year during the midst of Covid19 that I was approached with opting for paper bags to fill with my groceries. My choices were paper or paying 10 cents for a plastic bag. Now it’s only paper or reusable.

 I can admit I’m a slow player when it comes to being environmentally friendly. When there are no choices I still feel better making the right one. Many states were on board before dear Connecticut jumped for the goal. 

Today at least eight states banned single-use plastic bags, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. As of now, I’m more conscious of how using reusable bags really benefits. 

reusable grocery bags: two women in the kitchen unloading their reusable grocery bags filled with food

My List of Reusable Grocery Bags

First, let’s all say, those single-use bags really did not always hold up. And using two or three large reusable grocery bags versus 10 plastic ones really made fewer car trips. Trust me, your arms will thank you later.  

If you still have that question hovering over your forehead, yes you are helping save the environment. Using more reusable grocery bags will help save on pollution, and is better for the environment. Just remember to bring it with you and use it enough to make an impact.

After using reusable grocery bags for a while I really started getting into finding the right one. One might ask how do you find one that suits you. It’s all in your needs, what you buy, how you live, and maybe even where you live.

So are you ready to live on the greener side of things? Keep reading below on my tips to find the right reusable grocery bag. 

Most Convenient Reusable Grocery bags

Lotus Trolley Bags

The Lotus Trolley Bags are one of the best sets of reusable bags you can find. When you’re ready to have the easiest shopping experience grab a set of them. Scan your groceries during checkout without even taking anything out of your bags.

The Lotus Trolley bags are structured to hang over the side of your grocery cart. We can even call them the best cart-ready grocery bags. Lotus Trolley Bags are a set of four roomy totes.  Have you ever tried to squeeze a frozen pizza box into a shopping bag? I have failed! 

Lotus Trolley Bags Reusable Grocery Cart B

The roomy part is big enough to fit a frozen pizza box. I would just buy them for that reason lol. Each one is durable enough to hold at least 50 lbs of your food. There is one bag for each type of grocery, even an insulated one for cheese, milk, and meat. 

BagPodz Reusable Grocery Bags 

The BagPodz are best for easy storage. There are many times I wish I can easily pullout a reusable bag out of my purse for last-minute shopping. BagPodz is one bag you can take with you as it has a little pouch you can clip to your bag.

 Each bag or pouch can fit 5 or 10 reusable grocery bags. And each bag has the strength to hold 50 lbs! The next time you want to be prepared for a trip grab a set of BagPodz Reusable Grocery bags. You can stow them in your purse, backpack, or pantry. 

reusable grocery bags: a set of three tan canvas bags with fruit in them

Organic Reusable Grocery Bags

Earthwise Cotton Canvas Shopping Tote – Walmart

Another favorite Cotton Canvas bag is the Earthwise Cotton Canvas shopping tote from Walmart. The Earthwise Reusable grocery bag is both versatile and durable. Even though they are large and structured they are still lightweight. And sometimes you just want a plain tote bag.

Grab a few and easily fold and store them when you’re not using them. Each canvas bag is 20 inches wide and 16 inches tall and also has straps sewn all the way down. They are large enough to run plenty of errands with fewer bags to carry home. The front and back straps are perfect for extra strength.

Best Eco-Friendly Reusable Grocery bag

reusable grocery bags: words on a plastic bag stating this bag is made from 33% recycled material

Planet E Reusable Foldable Grocery Bags

Planet E Reusable grocery bags are definitely taking it a step up in being environmentally friendly. It’s made from non-woven PET which is a form of recycled plastic bottles. 

Besides being better for the environment it’s also sturdy because of the reinforced bottom. Store it away with the collapsible sides and lay it flat in your car or closet. When doing large trips the bags stay upright while you are packing away. 

Unfortunately, they are not machine washable so you would have to spot clean. Otherwise, this is a shoo-in for doing multiple errands. Make shopping easier with fewer bags with the Planet E reusable bags

Creative Green Life

Creative Green Life is another good pick for large boxy bags. There is plenty of space in these box-sized reusable bags. In fact, one bag equals 10 standard-size bags. The best part about using Creative Green life bags is that they won’t collapse at your pack or tip over in the trunk as you drive.

Best Design Reusable Grocery Bags

BAGGU Large Reusable Shopping Bag

BAGGU Large Reusable shopping bags are beginning to be a cult favorite amount many. This standard reusable grocery bag is known for having the best handle design and comes in a large variety.  

Do you want a reusable shopping bag that doesn’t slide off your shoulders? I know I do! The extra-long handles make it great for traveling. So those walks to your car when the parking is just too far away makes it worth it. Hold the weight of pasta jars and canned goods knowing they can hold up to 30 lbs without ripping.

 Travel easy as the BAGGU Nylon bag comes in a small pouch to pull out when you need it. There are plenty of bold patterns and bright colors to show your personality. There’s no losing sight of finding these bags with a puppy pattern!

BAGGU Large Reusable Shopping Bag

The BAGGU Tote

The BAGGU brand had to make my list one more time. Do I have a favorite here? Hmm lol.  This time it’s the BAGGU Canvas Tote that is also sturdy and durable. I have to throw this one in the mix because first, it’s machine washable. 

We all sometimes forget that we should wash and sanitize. It’s always the last thing on my mind but so obvious. I mean really? Just thinking about it, we transport food in it soooo we should wash it right? 

Well now back to the subject. BAGGU Tote also has a secure closing which makes it easy to pack on long trips.

Baggu Duck bag Black canvas Tote for Home or Office

Affordable Reusable Grocery bag

Gogooda Reusable Grocery Bags

Gogooda Reusable Grocery Bags are the best Budget Friendly. It comes in six different bags, each a different color.

 Even though most reusable grocery bags are not that really expensive, these give you more bang for your buck. Besides quantity and variety, they are also machine washable. Do you feel the savings? That comes with longevity. Cha-Ching! 

They also hold 50 lbs each and fit easily into a pouch to toss in your bag. This is why I consider the Gogooda Reusable bags the most convenient.

Save More Money by using Reusable bags for all kinds of Errands

Reusable bags are not just for groceries.

Have you ever thought about the many uses you can turn those bags into? First thought an easy-to-travel gym bag. Imagine pulling a canvas tote out of your purse at the last minute when you want to grab leggings, a T-Shirt, and a pair of sneakers. 

How about a nice blanket storage bag at the end of your couch stuff with blankets and a peak of your favorite book. And my last idea, a super cute gift bag. One he or she is sure to think of you when you know its gift that is sure to be used. Those are the best gifts. 

reusable grocery bags: a women wearing a polka dot grey and white sweater holding a tan canvas bag on her shoulder

Qualities to look for in a Reusable Grocery bag

What qualities should you consider when choosing a reusable grocery bag? Well, when you’ve already dabbled in the plastic ones from the local store you might want to get really specific.

 And by the way, most of my usuals are from the grocery store and these qualities are what make most of them a keeper.

Is it washable, or easy to clean? What is the capacity? Can it hold a lot? Is it durable? Most importantly what is the material?  

  1. Washable: Groceries can be messy and you might prefer washing versus just spot cleaning. It might take a few spill containers to convince you but there are many benefits to reusable bags being washable. The most important thing to remember is to follow the care instructions on the bag. 
  1. Capacity: When I’m buying any resuable bags I check for how much it can hold. Weight is particularly important if you do many errands and have to carry a lot of bags.  The capacity is great if you want to use less bags that can hold more weight. Most average bags can only hold up to 20 lbs so also look for this in the features.  Overloading a bunch of small bags will only wear those bags faster causing you to buy more.
  1. Material: This part if not at first might be just as important. Many reusable grocery bags are made of nylon. Once you have made a better choice in using a reusable bag you might decide to try other materials. 210T Polyester bags are the most durable for heavy loads. Canvas bags wear better over time and are the easiest to wash. Plus a plain canvas bags can changed to any design you like. Get creative and put your own touch on it.

How to wash your Reusable Grocery bag

Most reusable bags you can wash, especially canvas or cotton reusable grocery bags.  Many bags made of recycled plastic, nylon or pro can be washed in the gentle cycle or hand washed.  I would be more concerned about drying, too much heat can wear a bag out easily.  And it’s recommended to air dry to keep the strength and shape of the bag.  

reusable grocery bags: a yellow sponge with soapy water

Are Reusable Grocery bags machine Washable?

Let’s be honest, like me, most people don’t ever wash their grocery bags. I guess it seems odd since it doesn’t make sense to wash the plastic ones. The point is that these are reusable.

 And just as soon as you might need to visit a store you would need to use them again. Secondly, those bags are the most frequently touched items in your home. I’ve shopped at least five times this week and had to use my reusable bags.   

Third, when buying certain things like meats and produce there is a possibility of cross-contamination. This happens when raw meats mix with other items. The result can be the worst stomach pain imaginable.  

To prevent this from happening label your bags to know which one to use. And try your best not to leave the bags in your car where the heat increases bacteria.

While you continue to read about finding the right reusable bag don’t forget to look at my tips for saving on groceries. Read my articles on how to maximize your savings at the grocery store and preserve your food for longer!

How to wash reusable and recyclable grocery bags

Start with good cleaning practices. Think of washing your bags as often as you do your kitchen towels. Make it a habit to wash and or disinfect. Do this every time after you have used your reusable grocery bags.

Begin with removing the bottom insert of the bag before throwing it in the washing machine. Next, clean the inserts with a disinfecting spray cleaner. Allow the bags to air dry once you take them out of the washer.

Cleaning Reusable Grocery Canvas Bags

Wash your canvas reusable bags in hot water. Turn each bag inside out before you begin the wash. You can even wash them by hand by soaking them in a tub of hot soapy water and scrubbing the nooks and crannies.

If your canvas bag is made of cotton the dryer can cause it to shrink. So either put the dryer on low or better allow it to air dry.

Cleaning Plastic Reusable Bags

Plastic reusable bags like the ones you find at the grocery store are made of a type of plastic resin. Some bags are made of composite man-made fibers like polypropylene and recycled PET. 

These reusable grocery bags are the best hand washed or used on the gentle cycle in the washer. Make sure you wash with warm water either way.  Another way you can clean the bag is to disinfect it with a Lysol or an antibacterial wipe.  

Also, air-dry the polypropylene bags as they will melt in the dryer. Don’t use any kind of chlorine bleach even with a wipe because they will weaken the fiber. 

Cleaning Nylon Reusable Bags

Nylon reusable bags are one of the most popular and come in many design varieties. If you have a nylon reusable grocery bag only wash it on the gentle cycle or by hand in warm water. 

Add soap to the water and make sure you get all the nooks and crannies. These bags would need to be air-dried as well because like the plastic it will melt.

Cleaning Insulated Reusable Bags

You might be familiar with cleaning insulated bags if you ever had to bring a lunch bag to work.  These shopping bags will need to be cleaned frequently as they usually hold the food we try to keep warm or cool. 

The best way to clean these bags is just to spray and wipe them down with disinfectant solutions. Since they are made with thin silver foil liners I don’t recommend putting these in the dryer either. Air dry will be the best option. I usually turn my insulated bags inside out and hang them to dry.

I hope you found some really good options to ponder about. And got some really good tips on finding the right reusable grocery bag for you. It could be something sturdy and stylish.

Sometimes it might seem like extra work to deal with the upkeep of these bags but ultimately they are better for the environment.  Remember like everything else we need to continue to disinfect the reusable bags.  

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