Halloween Party Ideas in 2021: For all Ages

Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t wait to see everyone dressed in costumes and loading up with tons of candy. It’s fun to see how much imagination goes into making this day really spooky. Halloween should still be a little scary and fun to celebrate with friends and or family.  You can get really creative if you’re throwing a Halloween party.  If you want to save alot of money you will have to be good at DIYing. Besides saving money on decor, it’s good to also have a ton of fun activities for Halloween.  If you are ready to explore some spooky ideas but keep reading below. 

Halloween Party Invitations

You are ready to host a fun and super scary Halloween Party, where do you begin? As with every party, we start with the invitations. After you’ve thought about the theme or at least what people to invite it’s time to share. Start by choosing some festive Halloween invites, your can design your own or let your kids help you create some. Depending on the crowd that’s coming your invites can be kid-friendly or super scary.  If you prefer to buy them, there are some really cool invites on Etsy. Purchase and print your own digital copies. 

Check out these Goulish Invites 

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credit: Amazon

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Scary & Fun Halloween Party Themes

Themed parties are especially fun for Halloween parties just be sure to pick something everyone will like.  Depending on the type of guests you can appropriate the theme to that group. Of course, if there are more children than being more age-friendly. You can do a theme that requires certain costumes, or is based on a movie and or decorations and food. 

Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Witches and Warlocks 

Dress as a witch or warlock costume for this theme party. There are a ton of witches and wizards movies you can reference. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so I can have some fun with this idea. Use some magical decor, like floating broomsticks, black cauldrons. 

Glow in the Dark Party

Turn all the lights off and have some illuminated fun. Remember what it was like going into a session of laser tag with all the glow-in-the-dark rooms. If you need some inspiration, think of that when picking out items for the party. Start with getting glow-in-the-dark decorations, stationery, lanterns and etc. 

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Murder Mystery Dinner party is a fun idea, it kind of reminds me of playing clue. There’s alot of printables out there like on Etsy to really stick with the theme. Your guests can find out who the killer is while having a great dinner. This party idea is more intimate, with few guests, most likely adults but still a good Halloween idea.

Dia de los Muertos Party

Switch up the dark and spook for a more color party decor.  Celebrating this holiday is traditionally known as honoring those you loved that has passed. Add some color skulls, bright florals, and lit candles all around.

Zombie Prom

Invite your guests to come to your zombie prom. Encourage them to come dressed as a zombie so everyone is in theme.  Add in a disco ball, some old teenage prom songs, and creepy-aged decor. Have your thriller moment and enjoy the fun. 

halloween decor for a party

Halloween Decorations

Decorating your home for Halloween is just as fun as throwing a party. Use alot of traditional Halloween elements such as Pumpkins, Spider webs, bats, and Skeletons. Alot of the party supplies you can get at Dollar Tree. Get more bang for your buck by picking up a few things and DIYing some pieces at home. When you begin decoring consider adding some Halloween decor on the outside and interior of your home. The Halloween yard decorations are just the entry to the party.  

Budget-Friendly Halloween House Tips

Covered Furniture

Cover your living room with old white sheets draping off of all the tables and chairs. If you have some laying around in storage this will save you money on decor. You can even throw over some cobwebs to really sell it. Add in some candlesticks and you are all done.

DIY Spooky Decor Ideas

Create some blood dripping decor with sealing wax sticks.  Place some red hot glue sticks or sealing wax sticks to apply on glasses or candle holders. You can pick up inexpensive glasses at Dollar Tree. Turn the glass, or cup upside down. Allow the glue gun to warm up on medium heat. When ready slowly run the glue gun about the edge of the glass. This line goes around at the bottom rim. The glue should start to run down smoothly if not turn up the heat setting. Fill in any gaps, let it dry completely before turning it right side up. 

Spidery Table Scapes

Get the spookiness of Halloween with some extra webbing. Use the black gauze as a table runner for all the party recipes. If you can’t find any gauze look for black webbing at a dollar store.  At Dollar tree there is alot of Halloween decor to chose from, they are usually out right after back-to-school season. Add some plastics spider or bat rings to attach to the webbing for extra creepiness. 

Spiders in your cups!

Talking about plastic Spiders you can do some Spidery Ice Cubes. Stick a few of them in the ice tray. Freeze them and popped the ice cubes into your party drinks. Hopefully, you get to drink what’s in the cup before they start to float around. lol 

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Spooky Music

Get into the spooky party atmosphere with a Halloween party playlist. There hasn’t been one Halloween party that Thriller did not play. And it’s one of many necessary songs and my favorite lol.  Mix it up with some thundering and lighting sounds, wolf howling, and other sounds.  There’s alot of horror movies out there that we know which movie it is by the soundtrack. And finally, not everything needs to be Halloween-related, through on some favorite party songs. All that matters is that you are having a great time.

halloween themed food and treats

Fun Foods for Halloween Parties

Make some creepy-inspired dishes as appetizers for your guests. There’s alot of ideas for Halloween party food on Pinterest.  Depending on your guest you might not want to make them too gross. Check out a few ideas below from other bloggers and websites. Oh..and don’t forget the candy!

Halloween Party Game Ideas

A party is more fun with games. You can set up some Halloween party games that way everyone is not just standing around. I would also suggest with every Halloween party to include the Halloween Costume Contest. You can have a table set up with jars or buckets labeled with for example “Scariest Costume”. Put strips of paper and pen on the table. Before everyone leaves announce the winner!

  • A Mummy Race: Divide your guests into teams each person has to pick a partner.  Give each team a roll of toilet paper to wrap the other person. The first one to finish their roll wins!
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Hide skeleton bones throughout the yard and home and the person that collects the fakest bones wins! Another idea is to make a list of odd items to find only with riddles and clues. Whoever gets all the pieces wins!
  • Halloween Musical Chairs: Play a Halloween playlist for Muscial chairs. You pretty much know how it goes. The music goes off, and you have to find a seat. Each time a seat is removed until the last chair. Winner gets to the chair first.
  • Halloween Movie Trivia: Try doing some Trivia questions but based on Halloween movies. Use flashcards for the questions, give everyone a sheet of paper to fill out the answers, time each question. The winner would come up with the most amount of correct answers.
  • Donuts on a String: Have fun with a little easting contest. This time try stringing up a few donuts all equally spaced out. Then each contestant is then blindfold with their hands behind their back. The race win belongs to who finishes the donuts first.
  • Eyeball Beer Pong:Mostly everyone knows the rules of beer pong, this twist for Halloween makes it slightly different. Instead of the traditional pong ball use some fake eyeballs instead. If you can’t find anything that floats the same, just get creative and draw some on the pong balls. When an “eye” lands in a cup, the cup is removed and it’s time to drink! If both players hit cups? Then they get to shoot again.

That is it for all the ideas on how to make this Halloween Party in 2021 the best one yet. I hope that everyone gets to enjoy this Holiday safely. Always put in mind the number of people and how are you making it safe. Safety is a priority but remember to enjoy it and have fun. 

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