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More people are working from home nowadays…

Working from home can be exciting but comes with its challenges. If you think it’s easy and you’re going to have all the time in the world to do other things, well, it’s not that simple. I’m guessing that’s what brought you to read this article. You could work from home due to Covid19 or starting your own business and need some advice. One thing I would like to start with is that all life changes take time. Your mindset, your energy needs to adapt to these changes. Soon everything will be second nature.

Getting ready for work even at home

Getting ready for work even at home

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that getting ready makes you feel ready. Think of working from home just like going to a regular 9 to 5. First, you get ready at home; then, you’re revived to start your workday. Then you start the drive, that fresh scenery of the outside world.

At home, it’s easy to press for a time before you have to turn on the computer—the thought about saving time by staying in your pj’s just crossed your mind. Stuck in your PJs with a blanket wrapped around you, now try finding the energy for work. If anything, you’re more prepared to go back to sleep. Wipe yesterday’s crust off and start a new fabulous day dressed and refreshed.

Set strict working hours

Create a work schedule. Depending on how much work you need to do and your lifestyle. Make sure that the time you allotted for work is realistic. There could be a possibility that you have to work split days. Early mornings or evenings might be necessary if you are working around another job. You could have children and have to create time periods for work. Set a strict time for work and let everyone know when it starts and ends. Telling everyone is important for fewer opportunities for interruptions.

Dedicate a Work Space

The workspace is equally as important and having strict hours. It’s the only way to separate your work from your home. It would help if you had a place where you can focus on the task at the end. Limiting your home distractions will help you from having your attention directed to somewhere else. Is being near the kitchen tempting you to grab snacks constantly? Or working in your livingroom driving you to turn on the TV? Find a place in your home, mines is my bedroom, and call it the office. When someone sees you working in there, they know that you’re busy. At the same time, when you physically are removed from the space, they know work has ended.

Keep your work space clutter free

Keep your work space clutter free

Now that you’re office area has been designated, it’s easy to let it get messy. I would say it is easier at home than in an office building because no one is holding you accountable. You don’t want to waste time looking for things or trying to keep a ton of paper off your desk. Spending 5 -10 minutes a day doing small things makes a great difference. In this post, I’ve written everything you need to keep your home office organized if you would like to read more, visit the article below.

Organizing your workspace to save you time and energy

Create a routine

Boosting your productivity at home also means developing a routine. A routine is a series of tasks that you do out of habit each day. Putting things in order is what really defines the routine. What comes first, then the next and the next. Putting the hardest task first is most important and very productive. Something that takes the most time or is very critical to the job. You had the most energy in the beginning and can focus more on the task at hand.

What is some routine you can try now? I am hoping you can come with your own version and write a list of your everyday todos. I wanted to give you some ideas of the many routines I try at home. There are many examples here:

Routines to maximize Productivity

Build a Business routine to make the most of your day

Maximize your morning routine to your benefit

Bedtime routine to have the best Morning

Aligning similar tasks together and working on one for a long period of time is called batch working. The batch working process is probably a more effective way to make use of your time. If your working from home it’s the best way to maximize the little time you have to focus. I dive into the method more in my article:

Save time as a new Blogger by Batch working projects

Plan on seizing the day

So we’ve discussed routines, which is more like a ritual and batch work. To think about how would they be created without lists. Now I know I’ve mentioned lists earlier, but I wanted to dive into this right quick. Make sure your list is organized into an order of importance. Depending on what you’re day will look like, I’m sure that you might want a plan. The plan for the day should always have room for sudden changes. So in my notebook, it’s generally listed as “Get it done,” meaning today, “Save for later,” which I will review and schedule it for a date. I also have a “Ideas,” “emails,” and a “Follow up” section. In the “Get it done” area, you can number the task starting with the number one as first.

Remember time off is necessary

Remember time off is neccessary

Everyone needs a break! If you’re working from home. You need to schedule a time for breaks like lunch and at least two days off. It’s easy to think that you’re still present at home if you’re home, but you’re not. You’re totally focusing on your work, which is fine, but you need a break. You deserve it. Imagine how much more you can contribute to getting things done when you’ve had a winding down period. Overworking yourself will only cause exhaustion. I know too well of exhaustion, and it’s tough to gain your energy back. Do you know the obvious cure? Well, alot of rest. So the choice is to plan your rest now, or your body will force you to rest and throw you completely off balance. When you finally get to rest on your day off, don’t even think about work. Turn your notifications off, spend some time away from your phone.

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