The Must-have Lists you should have in your planner

There are those like me who love to plan. Then there are moments when you purchased a brand new planner you’re excited about and can’t figure how to fill the pages. I might just one of those weirdo that love the smell of Staples stores, it’s like a jammed pack smell of fresh stationary. Oh, heaven, let the weirdness cease lol

Buying these planners really makes my day. Consider me truly addicted to planner supplies. So can you imagine my frustration when I always come up with a whole bowl of nothing! And by bowl I mean ideas I’m dedicating this post to Michael’s stores, as one of your number one customers you might miss me for a while. Here’s is to filling all of those blank pages. So I came up with a list of must-have lists for any planner.

Goals to be Accomplished

Whenever I start to plan it has to positive. The best thing to plan for is your list of goals. Starting the New Year right everybody has a list the new beginning fire dies down. Put them down on paper can ignite them again. Just having that reminder monthly will push you not to give up.

Daily & Weekly Tasks

The amount of stuff we have to do on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Putting them on another medium can alleviate all of the stress. I can even start my week without having a task list because I’m a busy mom. Keeping up with the household, work my websites, and all the stuff I care not to overwhelm you with. Try to even get creative by doing a color-coded system. Even put some coordinating stickers for fun.

Money, Money, Money

This is the one thing that always has to be planned for me, my budget expense. The income minus expenses you can always track in your planner, by creating a balance sheet. Create future savings goals in your planner by having a savings tracker as well. Put dates in your planner when bills are due to not miss a payment.

All of the Housework

As a busy mom, another way to limit my task bearing insanity is also to write down all the housework I have to do. Creating a housework schedule routine helps keep the house in order, nice and clean. You can also jot down any necessary home repair, schedule maintenance dates, or warranty expiration dates. Most of my cleaning is done during the week and then I’m weekend free, so I have to be organized. Each day I pick a room to clean and tidy for 10 minutes before bed.

Meal plans in the making

Once you make a meal plan for the week I guarantee you’ll feel rested. It’s a pain to come up with dinner every night. Trust me I know! Pretty soon your creative streak will run out and spaghetti will a made multiple times. Save yourself money at the grocery store and a headache by making a list.

The Food list

Along with making a list for your meals don’t forget the grocery list. Everyone can tell you that making a shopping list before you go saves you money. Why not keep the running list in your planner? Things might slip your mind after you grabbed something out of the fridge. I always keep a list running so I don’t buy anything I don’t need.

Health and Wellness Tracker

Are you on a wellness journey right now and want to see your progress? Documenting this in your planner is great way track your health without putting a lot of effort into it. You can track some of the things like water intake, a weight loss tracker, and your plan for exercise for the month. Write upcoming gym dates to stay consistent and even a food diary of you are on a strict diet.

Gratitude list

Times are hard and sometimes we need to examine what we already have. Making a gratitude list can humble you and put your reality into perspective. A Gratitude list is a great list to have in your planner. Make it a point to write at least 3 things you’re thankful for. When you’re having a bad day you call always look at these as reminders why it’s all worth it.

Books to Read, Movies to See

This reading list idea may be more fun that most but why not? Reading is a great thing to keep up with. We ll need the mental break to get lost in the zone of a book. Find something that really sparks your interest or try to read something totally out of your norm. And Movies yes! I’m a total movie buff and sometimes forget there was something I wanted to watch. Even if it’s an old movie I want to reminisce about.

That sums up the lists that we should have in our planner. I hope that you have gotten inspiration and out of planner funk. Don’t feel stalled into complete things just get more creative and dump some ideas. Most of us would call this brain dumping. Brain dumping on some blank pages is also something to add to your planner. I’m surprised every time I go back and visit my thoughts it helps me create new ones.

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