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“If you are looking for Money Tips and advice, here you have it”

You’ve probably heard it all, save 10%, put a hundred dollars away every month… I don’t have a master’s degree in Finance, I just know what work’s for me. I assume if your reading this your still idling on this topic “Saving Money” and let’s be honest “Making Money”. I have my own Budgeting Metric system that has worked after I got tired of crunching the numbers.

We have a Formula…

  • 30% Fixed Expenses
  • 30% Variable Expenses
  • 25% Housing Expenses
  • 15% Savings/ Sinking Funds

The percentage can be adjusted by only 5% depending on what is deepening your pockets or what you are saving for. I’m going to mention this as a disclaimer, ONLY, ONLY change the percentage 5% at a time on a monthly basis, but make sure you are ALWAYS at 100%. Your money is always changing but it’s not good to make drastic changes, 5% is reasonable enough for a big change.

Latest Tips on Saving Money

Having no money, and I mean no money at all can be a very long means to no end. I can remember when I was so broke, I couldn’t even afford the necessities. When I had financial struggles that was the only thing on my mind, all day. I would get so depressed and down not because I didn’t have money but because I was never prepared for what happens next. Do you know what happened next? READ MORE…

There are many ways to try to save, but its so difficult to do especially with limited income. How can we manage what we have already and try to save more. The one thing I want you to think of is the habits you have that are prevent you from this. Ive created a long extensive list of bad habits you should change right now. READ MORE…

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