Best Baby Shopping Guide for your Budget

The due date is in place and now you feel more prepared than ever! Am I right? Maybe not huh? Who are we kidding! And if you’re like me you are already doing the numbers (Well, present me lol).

So I took the time to put together this list for all of those parents that need to save money. All the newborn items you need to purchase in one place. Yes!!! Let’s the internet scrolling cease and let’s get stuff done!

In my first year, I’ve spent tons of money. Walking into the store there was tons of baby items I thought I needed but ultimately really didn’t. And so many kinds of clothes and diaper sizes never worn. Oh man, what a waste! So included in this shopping guide I added my baby items checklist so you do waste money buying everything.

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I’ve added a checklist for everything your going to need for the little one. I couldn’t include everything on this article so I put everything on the list. Click on the button below for the download. The items mentioned in this article you can easily click the images and add them to your registry.

The Big Things

Budgeted Cost for The Big Things -> $1,000

We all know what the big things are, Furniture, Stroller, and Crib. Pretty much everything that’s going to take most of your budget. The most important thing is that they are all necessary so you need them. My crib was the most expensive thing I had to purchase.

For a while, my son slept in the bassinet but it was soon that we needed to put him in the crib. Make sure the crib you purchase is safe, don’t just go for a low price, in this case, quality matters. The strollers that are my favorite are the ones that can convert and that are easy to disassemble for travel.

Crib: An easily convertible crib will help you save money as the child grows. The crib highlighted in the post is a 4-IN-1 Crib. Which easily converts from crib to toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed with headboard. The price is reasonable and saves you money in the future.

Dresser : A great perk of having a dresser with a changing table is first, saving money on a changing table. This dress comes with a changing pad with an easy release buckle to secure straps. Large spacious drawers for tons of storage.

Bassinet : I looked at tons of bassinets and the most intriguing thing about this one was the easy-open side panel for the bedside. My son slept with me in bed for most nights then we would transfer him to the bassinet. This would help not to disturb your baby’s sleep and keep an eye on those little breaths. The cutest thing is seeing the little nostrils expand and the slight smile from dreaming.

Rocking chair There’s nothing like rocking your newborn to sleep at night. Staring into those folds of skin and small eyes, and hearing a sweet little yawn. This rocking chair comes in a variety of colors to go with your nursery design, fairly small and well priced.

Stroller My perfect idea of a stroller is something versatile and easy to close. This stroller has a car seat built-in, save ya some money! and easy to close. I absolutely hated my stroller for the one reason, it took forever to collapse.

The Little Things

Budgeted Cost for The Little Things -> $700

There is a bunch of things that will slowly creep into your cart. Trust me, in the beginning, you don’t need that much. As your baby grows so does you need to get different diapers sizes or even choice in formula. Grab the number items recommend in the list and pick stuff up as you go. Most of the time it’s these items that you get at the baby shower because they are all are less costly. Below is some easy to pick items that are on the list as well.

The Diaper bag number one accessory to have for traveling. It may be on the smaller list of things buts its an absolutely necessary one. The inside must be insulated to keep items warm or cold. Plenty of pockets for storage and easy to carry. I prefer a backpack to keep both of the arms free.

Clothing Hamper Sometimes you just need a place to toss all those clothes. In the beginning, there will be a ton of laundry! These cute little hampers are perfect to stick in the corner

Swaddles and Onesies: I know you probably couldn’t wait for the baby to play dress up, but after all that laundry maybe you will change your mind. Just to start to grab 7-8 onesies and swaddles. That’s pretty much all you need right now for clothing.

A Breast Pump: You’ll start with a latch on, and a couple of feedings then you’ll be begging for a breast pump. Breast engorgement is no laughing matter, in fact, it’s a painful matter. Breast pumps are useful to get more milk for your lovey little dove and have milk to store for later. Knowing your milk will still be there in your absence, it’s useful to pump.

All the Things in between

Budgeted Cost for All The Things in between -> $500

Toys, some baby books and that teething rings that are most recommended. These are all the things in between, stuff you might need but glad you got it. And some things the baby will enjoy for playtime. Educating with sounds, colors and music is preached to but introduced as early as newborn age.

Hearing the mother’s or father’s voice is soothing but once it disappears, it can be a nightmare. I had ended purchasing classical music playing mobile for my son’s crib (fact: I love classical music myself) for a good night’s rest. Pretty soon you’ll find out all the little tricks to make it day to day.

An Exersaucer / Jumparoo: Keeping the baby entertained is all but an adventure at first. Sometimes us parents need a break and the little one needs to place with something engaging and to get those legs wiggling.

The Baby Carrier is a great way to carry your baby around. The baby will be most comfortable near your chest hearing your heartbeat as it once did in your womb. Giving your arms a break and being able to rock your baby for some extra soothing.

Once your baby is transitioned into a crib, sleeping in the nursery, you can add a Baby Monitor for simply monitoring! When I was a new mommy there was no video app as the new tech has today. Now you can grab these monitors at lower prices and watch your baby fall asleep on video.

I think I learned the hard way by not grabbing Diaper Rash Cream. My first diaper rash was soul-crushing as I have seen how painful it was for my little one. This needs to be on deck, along with diapers and wipes, get the cream.

Thinking about Registering?

Don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Baby Registry. I’m pretty sure you may have a store in mind but most people do purchase on amazon. Free delivery and great customer service are some of the best perks for shopping there.

Signing up for the registry you will receive a Welcome Box with a ton of goodies. When you reach $500 in your registry it comes with an added perk of 20% off diapers in baby’s first year. I mean who wouldn’t need free two day delivery on diapers? am I right? lol

Want some more reasons to go with Amazon?

Remember when I told you that you might have another store in mind? Well, Amazon lets you add any item from other sites for the convenience of your shoppers.

You can track items purchased on your list to see what things you personally need to purchase. Even better, the stuff left in your registry you can a 10% completion but of course Prime members receive 15% off.

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