The Best Planners for Men that want to be Organized

When it comes to planning even guys like to be organized. Getting your tasks written down on something better than a loose-leaf paper might just increase your productivity.

An average person can waste up to twice a day worrying about how to start the day or what to do first. Developing a daily and a weekly schedule are great ways of keeping this in mind.

There are many different types of planners available today so let’s look at some of the best. Often men find it troublesome to have a planner but that’s far from the truth.

With many Planners to choose from like bullet journals, dated planners, and undated planners there are great options. I’m covering some of the best planners for men and some of their features.

Planning your day is very efficient and guys you must take advantage of it every day.

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But Wait? Can Men have Planners?

Using a planner is not just a “woman thing” but men can have Planners too. Most of the planners for men are simpler in design and neutral in color. It’s also known that just like your wallet having a leather cover suits guy style for its longevity.

More importantly, it’s always good to plan, for any man. If you want to achieve your goals and become more organized then getting a planner to jot everything down is the best step.

You might remember even your first agenda in school. It made it easy to see what was due and keep up with everything. Nowadays there are more designs and versions that are geared towards men’s style.

Best Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planners for Men

Kodexlode 2021 Weekly & Monthly Planner

This Planner comes with a simple and sleek design. There is a gold stamp and a faux leather cover with makes it feels more like a luxury. The weekly pages are fairly large boxes with enough room to write a paragraph. All the federal holidays are recognized just as fun reminders. There is a contact page, notes, and dates reference page. The elastic band makes it securable even if you have to add extra note pages.


Upstudio planners are more for people that like pages more than a bunch of text. It allows you plenty of space to make notes and truly take advantage of every inch. You have a goal page sheet and a two-month view for each monthly page. This is really good for planning out goals.

And if you always start your workflow on Monday this planner is perfect for you. The weeks in this planner start on Monday Monthly and weekly. You can bookmark your page with the ribbon bookmark to get you back to where you left off.

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Planner

This Planner is the perfect size as an A5 Planner to carry around. Lechttum1917 bullet planners have a durable hardcover for those accidental coffee spills lol. The grid-type planner is great for bullet journaling so if that is you welcome to your planner!

There is plenty of space for creativity and note-taking. The paper is thick enough to prevent bleed-through so mark it up. There is a blank table of contents at the beginning for easy organization. Included are stickers for labeling to make this an easy-to-do plan.

Legend Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

The Legend planner has become very popular as a great goal-setting planner. If you want to work on improving your work-life balance there are many ways you can set goals in this planner. Design your own way to increase productivity.

It has a day-to-day calendar and this one above is designed with a gold foil. There are a variety of colors to fit your own personal style. This planner comes updated which is perfect for not wasting a page.

Field Notes

The Field Notes planner is very guy-friendly as it is durable. There are wide blocks to take down all your notes and projects. This one has a 56-week planner, undated, and plenty of white space. They are pretty affordable and built to last.

What’s great about this planner is that it’s almost small enough to be like a pocket planner, grab it and pull it out when a good idea comes to mind.

Goal Crazy Undated Planner

The Goal crazy planner is designed with your goals in mind. The updated planner is great for extra flexibility and of course less wasting. This planner is another good goal-setting planner is helps you become more productive.

Every day it inspires you to set goals and review them. The leather cover is great as a manly design. Feel ready to accomplish great things as you will improve your mindset more every day. Use this planner if you really want to achieve those goals you had your thoughts set on.

Moleskine Weekly Planner

The Moleskine products are great for the minimalist. Another simple design is also functional. It has a traditional calendar grid and a weekly view. The days are featured on the left side and pages for notes you can write on the right side.

How do you choose a Planner?

Starting with your goal in mind ask yourself what are you planning? Do you need something more simple to allow more brainstorming or detailed and focus specifically?

The type of layout would be important based on how you like to receive and write. Most people find horizontal layouts easier because the boxes are larger and it’s similar to writing in a notebook. Vertical layouts are good for short notes, best for a straightforward approach.

The style and aesthetic might be important to you as well. A manly planner would have dark colors and be made with more raw materials.

It’s not to steer you away from something really colorful. I say whatever makes you want to use it more, even if it’s neon green…Go for it! You want something that reflects your personality!

Advantages of Using a Planner for Men

1. Achieve your Personal Goals

Achieving your personal goals could be about your health, finances, or self-care. Many reasons why a planner could be used is having to first write it down. Most studies state that if you write your goals down you are more likely to achieve them.

As you continue to write your goals and break down a plan, use your planner as a progress tracker. Then reflect on that progress sort of like a testimonial.

What worked? What didn’t work? This is a good way to get through all the hurdles.

2. Increase your Productivity

Strategically planing your day helps you manage your time. If you plan your day each morning you can have maximized the output.

Think of all the time wasted just figuring out what you have to do for the day. I can easily waste time just not knowing what tasks were important than the others.

The best thing you can do in a planner to maximize time is by putting all your priority tasks when you have the most energy. Small things that take less than 2-5 minutes can be grouped together when you are least productive.

3. Improve your Work/ Life Balance

Imagine having a better work-life balance. Most of us multi-taskers only dream of accomplishing this one goal. Planning makes it easier.

It helps us separate and identify the things we have to do in both areas. By labeling and prioritizing home and work-to-do’s, we can productively manage them.

This means remembering important dates like your anniversary and not forgetting a zoom call at work.


There are many planners for men that would simplify the day-to-day tasks. Even if organizing is not your strong suit it gets better with planning.

You are most likely to keep track of everything to get done. Planners allow you to record things easily with space in your hand.

With the ability to use the planner in daily life you can better use time management tools and enjoy better stress reduction!

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