30 Self Care Day Ideas you can do at Home

Self Care has become more than necessary these days. I didn’t even know this was something I should schedule my time out for, I just thought eventually I’ll get to it. And when the time came I had other things to do. My self-care goal had been crush to nothing but a maybe.

I thought maybe I can do self-care, it sounded so horrible that I put a “maybe” near the words “Self Care”. I mean I’m literally giving my own “self” a pass for self-care. Not anymore, Self first before everything else. Oh, sounds like a motto, nice…love when I get to toss that in, ha!

I created the no-excuse list of self-care day ideas you can do at home. Number one excuse killer, at home! Yes! you don’t have to go anywhere. And you can make a day out of it, a whole day of self-care.

Ever had a bad day?

I’ve had, and when I get a headache just from someone asking me a question, ooh it gets worse, for them too. Bad days are another reminder of why you just need one day to yourself to just relax. We are not magic makers, sometimes things just don’t happen as planned. And that’s when you say, “You know what, it’s my turn” Take time to scroll through the list below and pick some things out to try today. Trust me, you’ll like it, lol

  • Take a long hour nap
  • Do Yoga for 15 minutes
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Drink some water infused with your favorite fruit
  • Drink some herbal tea
  • Massage your arms and legs with your favorite fragrant lotion
  • Try a face Mask
  • Take a bath with a bath bomb and essential oils
  • Give yourself a pedicure
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Say “no” (I won’t tell you who to tell it too, but you choose)
  • Eat some of your favorite desserts
  • Dress up like your going to the academy awards (just for the heck of it)
  • Binge-watch your favorite TV show (even if it’s decades-old)
  • Take your vitamins
  • Light some candles
  • Read a fiction book (go on someone’s adventure)
  • Diffuse some essential oils
  • Write everything in your brain down in a journal (fill up a page)
  • Reconnect with your spirituality (have a prayer session)
  • Unplug and deactivate notifications for two hours
  • Have a deep conversation with your children (reconnect)
  • Open all the windows, let in the fresh air, listen to nature’s music
  • Burn some sage in your home
  • Sing your heart out of a song (even if you can’t sing)
  • Make yourself a Birthday card for next year (positive words only)
  • Let go of the past and forgive yourself today
  • Join one community or 5 Facebook groups according to your interests
  • Write an autobiography (doesn’t have to be published, just tell your story)
  • Make yourself your favorite take out at home

So now that we are all relaxed, how’s the rest of the week looking? huh, huh (me shoving your shoulder with mine) Pretty obtainable?, Pretty goal crushing? It’s important to know that you need some time for yourself that way you can take care of others. Self-care also promote awareness and we don’t know what going on with our minds and bodies unless we take the time to listen. I hope you really do a few things on the list above and rule number one, well there are no rules…just enjoy it!

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