Bedtime routine to have the best Morning

Routines don’t always begin early in the morning. There are alot of little things you do at night to wake up and be your best self. By doing a routine at night you can narrow your focus in the morning to do difficult tasks.

Bedtime routine to have the best Morning

Tasks that take alot of energy mentally and physically in the morning. Let your morning become more productive by preparing the night before. So do you want to know some of the things you can do today before you crawl into bed?

Let go of all of the To-Do’s

Many people like myself have a million gagillion things to do all day, it seems like by the end of the day we can’t let it go. I good practice to do is set a time when all of these things need to end. Tell yourself by this time FILL IN THE BLANK I going to stop doing all of the tasks. If you don’t practice this method you will run your mind crazy of all the stuff to do and overlap it into the time you should be spending winding down. Tomorrow is a new day! And you will have more energy in the morning to pick up where you left off. Still can’t forget about it huh? A great tip is to make a new list for tomorrow. Some of us major listers need control over everything, so by making a new list you still feel like that all is not forgotten.

Let go of all of the To-Do's at night

Not into making lists?

Brain dumping is my favorite way to release the stress of my day to day life. Just try it for one night, take out a notebook, and release your busy mind. Don’t worry about making it organized or having a system, just write about what is currently pending in your thoughts. Play some music in the background for some stimulating and just let it all out. I can guarantee by not having a busy mind while you sleep you can sleep so much better.

Clear your Mind, Clear your space

Can you honestly sleep in a bed full of clutter? Well, sometimes I can if I’m just that exhausted, and then it’s really me just passing out. I’ve had definitely passed out on a bed full of folded laundry, on those past days when I was working two jobs. Overnight I was still uncomfortable and when I woke up, surely a mess to clean. Getting rid of the cycle of wake up and clean was the hardest thing to do. Imagine waking up and your house is somewhat nearly as decent and you can just start your day.

Tidying up your home and space where you sleep will make the world of a difference to your life. Earlier we discussed clearing your mind, now this time it’s your space. When I first started tidying up at night it seemed like a chore. I didn’t want to do it. All I wanted to do was sleep. I started thinking what would motivate me and get the job done quicker, setting a timer.

Timers help increase Productivity

When I set a timer that’s when I felt like I wasn’t using my whole night just 10 minutes. You can set any time you want, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. By using a timer I was able to tidy up alot in a short amount of time. Once the alarm goes off, times up! I was amazed at how much a can accomplish in 10 minutes. My space was cleaner and I felt at peace.

Get rid of distractions

What is the number one thing that can keep you awake? In the morning you feel like you were ripped out off a good night’s rest. Cellphones sending you notifications have you squinty-eyed but surely not so important. The TV still on and you run into another series on Netflix. Darn those previews! Keep the distractions at bay by leaving your phone in another room. Turn off notifications or to not disturb mode on your phone. Set a timer for the TV to be off and unwind with a good book instead. Reading is a better option to get you more relaxed. Begin this process an hour before bed and you won’t be tempted, lol

Get rid of distractions by reading

Get ready for tomorrow

Wait a minute! Just before you turn your nightstand lamp off there’s just one more thing to do. Time to get ready for tomorrow. Doing a couple of things to do before the next day begins. Some of the things listed below will start you off on the right foot.

Putting you outfits together for the next day

Imagine waking up the next day and your clothes are already laid out to be worn. Getting your clothes together the day before saves alot off mental energy in the morning. As a mom we tend to do this little trick for our kids. Why shouldn’t we save time for ourselves?

A good tips is to put outfits together for the week while doing laundry. Did you ever notice that you tend to wear the same pieces anyways? You know the ones! The clothes that make you look good and feel good! That s why they always need to be washed. If its hung I put the whole outfit together on one hanger. For my son, I have a shelf in his closet with folded outfits together. He can easily take a pile and get dress while I sleep in. I’m hardly ever trying to find matching socks.

Prep your morning routine

In the mornings I start with a glass of water maybe with a lemon. So I have my tumbler filled with water awaiting me in the ice-cold fridge. Later in the morning, I have my coffee. I don’t have the luxury of a coffee timer, unlike others. Some machines will auto-start your coffee on a set time if prepped before. If you’re like me then a coffee pot filled with water and a K-cup inserted is just fine. Take it a step further by filling a cup with creamer in the fridge or sitting right under your machine.

Read about what I do in the Mornings

Maximize your morning routine to your benefit

The cosmetic ladies…

We all have our everyday makeup looks versus our night looks. You know the typical day look that you would wear in the office. A little mascara, lipstick, blush, neutral tones and colors. Just like my clothes, I tend to revert to the same things. So I keep a small cosmetic bag in my bathroom of my go to makeup. Then it goes in my bag to travel for work.

For quick and easy hairstyles with less harm. I normally place my hair in a loose bun on the top of my hair. If you want to search hairstyles that use can do overnight Pinterest and YouTube are great for that. Find something you can easily dismantle in the morning to save time getting ready.

For quick and easy hairstyles with less harm

Give yourself the Royal Treatment at Night

A Night Skin Care Routine fit for a Queen

Think happy thoughts

I believe there is some truth that dreams can be manipulated in some way. Going to sleep with uncomfortable thoughts can live you in a unrested state. You dreams tend to magnify your thoughts good or bad from your subscious. If you have a bad day, your feel even worse. Start with a good feeling begin with a good day.

Before you go to sleep close your eyes and visualize yourself doing what you want. You can even dream of your goals of what you want to become. Think of a place you always wanted to travel to or scenery that brings you peace. Imagine how that would make you feel. And then feel it as it is already happening. Well, that wraps things up. I’m going to bed, sweet dreams, my friends.

Bedtime routine to have the best Morning

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