Fall Bucket Ideas 2020

The air has a chill, and leaves are starting to turn; it feels like Autumn is arriving! It’s one of my favorite seasons, of course, because I live in New England. So we get it all four seasons—the smells, the colors, the food, and the good old pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Fall has officially begun, and new adventures await. It’s good to take over this season by overwhelming yourself with so much to do that you can’t get it all done…lol Not really, well at least a small list, call it your Fall Bucket list—fun activities for the family and the must-do list for yourself. There are many listed below that you can add to your own list.

Autumn Outdoor Adventures

Take a Scenic Route drive

The changes are happening outside. Take a detour on a long drive, preferably where there’s alot of Trees. It’s ok to be off the grid for 10 minutes. Embrace the visual pleasantry of the colors of Fall. How amazing beautiful they are this time of year.

Go on a Nice Hike

Get to see more of the amazing ways nature changes the time of year. Fall is all about nature, so do something free as taking a hike is a nice experience. Grab a sweater, a nice thermal cup, and take it all the wilderness.

Go visit a corn maze

The corn maze Adventure is fun for the whole family. I’m sure you can probably Marco Polo your way out of there if you get lost lol. If it’s just a group of friends, try challenging each other to find your way out with no help.

Rake a pile of leaves and Jump in them

After you let your leaves sprinkled their way all over the outside of your lawn, it’s time for work and fun. I remember this always started as a chore when I was younger, but then my uncle would let us jump in the piles of leaves. The joys of a child’s life can sometimes mean when we would make a mess of things. Take some pictures of these times for great memories.

Go to a fall festival

One of the most exciting festivities in fall is Oktoberfest. It’s derived from a festival held annually in Germany. In the US, there’s a parade of activities, beer, and food. Not to mention again, all the different varieties of beer. That’s a call to invite, alot of beer. I’m sure you probably more fun going with your friends.

More Fall Outdoor Activities

Go apple picking
Have a Bonfire with some S’mores
Visit a Winery
Go on a Hayride
Visit a Museum
Watch an Autumn Parade
Go to a Halloween party
Vist a pumpkin patch
Visit a Farmer’s Market
Do a nature scavenger hunt
Watch or Attend a Football Game
Go to a drive in movie and bundle up
Go through a Haunted house (not a real one lol)

Fall Vibes To-dos Indoors

Treat yourself with Fall Inspired Drink

Get fancy with the whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and extra cinnamon. My Fall favorites flavors: Pumpkin Spice, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Apple Cinnamon

Don’t forget to add Apple Cider to your next grocery list. A true must-have drink for fall.

Bake a Pie

Making pies is why I love Thanksgiving, besides Turkey. There are so many pies you can make for Fall Season that will make your home smell amazing. Man, just thinking about it makes my stomach growls.

Let’s see; there’s Apple pie, Blueberry pie, sweet potato, pecan pie…a nice warm Pumpkin pie. Top it with Vanilla ice cream, and don’t forget to share. I have to remind myself to make double of everything for that very reason.

Watch an Autumn themed film

So let me think of a fall movie, Halloween movies…definitely thrillers, mysteries, and hocus pocus. What about those terrifying movies that you watch with one light on? Around this time of year, I start watching all of the Halloween marathon movies. Football movies are also inspiring; just screams fall. My favorite Remember the Titans. Any movies you can think of putting on you must watch list?

Decorate your home for Autumn

As a mom, you know that some of us live for this. There is a reason why every store needs a Home section because I’ll sneak my way through there before I get to the register. The second to the favorite season to decorate for is Fall. What’s number one? Do you gotta ask..haha, Christmas! But back to Fall. I love changing my accent decor to warmer colors and applying faux leaf foliage around my kitchen. Every I come home, it feels so cozy and inviting.

Decorate the outside of your home for Fall

My welcome mat changes, and so does the item hanging outside my door. Get creative and DIY your own Autumn wreath. There are tons of inspiring Fall DIYing on Pinterest. Go exploring. Add some pumpkin by the stairs, and the falling leaves will do the rest of the work.

More Fall must dos Indoors

Make your own caramel apples
Make homemade applesauce
Paint or Carve a pumkin
Roast some pumpkin seeds
Knit a sweater or a scarf
Enjoy your favorite Halloween candy
Plant bulbs for Spring flowering
Host Friendsgiving dinner
Host a game night with a couple of families
Make some crafts with the Fallen leaves
Cook some warm chili or hot stew
Have a chilli cook off between friends
Light some fall candles

Now that I’ve filled up your schedule, I guess I might not hear from you in a while. 😊 Make it towards the end of the year with family and friends. Enjoy the fall season before you can bear the taste of Pumpkin anymore.

Save this list plus many more for later

Fall Bucket List Printable

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