How to add nature into your apartment for self healing

Just because you have a smaller space for outdoors at home doesn’t mean you can’t bring nature inside. This could be particularly interesting for renters when you can’t have your own outdoor garden.  Adding the outside in is just not for interior design. Plants inside bring in alot of life to any space. There is evidence to suggest that nature can lower your stress level and boost your health and attitude. I want to share how you can add more of nature to your apartment.

You want to bring more nature into your home, think about opening your blinds more. 

The first step to getting the outdoors in is simply leaving your windows open. The sounds of birds chirping, watching them fly by is so relaxing.  If you are not as lucky as I am with the bird views, add a bird feeder just outside your window. You will be sure to see them after you add one. My routine usually starts with opening my windows and blinds every morning. The natural lighting is an energy booster, you can instantly feel more awake. I would choose curtains that allow more light but still gives you privacy. Of course, lighter material window treatments can do that.  

three succulent plants

Use the Best Plants that are easy to Maintain

If you’re looking for less maintains when picking out plants try adding some Succulents. Succulents require less water than others and are almost hard to kill. They can add some greenery to any room including your office. There are other plants that will need a little more work than the succulent but are still easy to maintain. Some are rabbits ears, ribbon plants, cast iron plants, and golden pathos. You will have a full-on garden look without too much work. 

Try your skills at browning some herbs

You can grow fresh herbs easily at home. Think of how great it would be to save money and make really great food at the same time. Since they are still considered to be plants they can add to your greenery decor. Might I add that some give an aromatic benefit? Easy choices of herbs to make are basil, dill, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and mint. 

fresh cut white roses

Use fresh cut flowers to add color

Fresh flowers that are cut don’t last as long as potted plants but they do add some color to any space. Put them in your kitchen to add colors throughout the season. Have a nice bouquet on the dining table for special family night meals. A small vase with cut roses can make any bathroom feel like a luxury. Otherwise, if you plan on keeping other plants in your bathroom make sure they do good with humidity. 

Use different sized plants for empty spaces

Tall plants can fill in empty corners and hanging plants can cover some wall space. When hanging wall plants, choose frame art that complements the greenery well. It’s ok to have some real and some fake, a lot of faux plants are so realistic. Plus less maintenance on your part. The only thing you would have to do is dust them every now and then. 


As you can see there are many ways you can add the outdoors right into your living space. I would encourage you to make this into a fun experiment. Add different-sized plants in each room. Notice how different the air feels, how more relaxed the day is, just sitting watching them grow.  Grab some cut flowers to brighten up the kitchen, and living areas. Bring some more happiness to your home with color. Nature has always had a way to give us peace, a sort of mental healing.  Allow the light in, open the windows hear nature, see nature.

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