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How to not blow your Back-to-School shopping budget

Let the Back-to-School shopping commence!


It’s Back to School season Moms and Dads! Time to spend some money! Doesn’t sound like something you want to do, huh? I’m usually prepared for this ahead of time, but let’s be honest its a busy season with work life as well. I’ve conquered my routine, by making the most of my time, balancing out the priorities. I’ve found peace with this and even wrote about it, see below.

You probably came across this post out of the curiosity, How can I balance my work life and family time? Hello out there, Supermoms and Super-dads!! This is possible, you can manage both unpredictable worlds. I’m a full-time working Mom and I’m always trying to find ways to make sure I keep my sanity and have balance. I believe it more than an effort of meditation, to put it simply…you have to make smart choices. Read More

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We plan, so we care!

Budget, budget, budget a horrible and dreaded word but it needs to be done. Back to school shopping can run you up like an electric bill, therefore, you need to make a budget for this. I’m going to go as far as making individual amounts for each category, like $100 for stationery, $200 for clothing and so on. Walking into those stores without an idea in your mind of your limits can literally without a doubt make you over-spend.

When we wait to spend, is it that we will save more money? Of course, you will! Shopping needs to be done in cycles, that’s why stores optimize their deals each season. Have you ever notice that one week there is a sale on Bedding and the next Appliances? Even retailers are smart enough not to throw all of there deals out there, and that’s why you shouldn’t plan just one trip.

Picking the right time to shop

Cycles can be identified if you pay attention, mainly to Holidays and Seasonal times. In back to school season, which actually starts in late June and runs through August, the best things to buy are stationery supplies, book bags, storage tools, bedroom items, and end of summer deals.
Just a few other things to consider…air conditioners, Christmas deals, planners or calendars. The list just goes on and on, and so definitely take advantage. A good budget-saving habit is to write down seasonal sales on your calendar for the year. You can stay up to date can shop when prices are at their lowest.

Let’s not forget one more day, in particular, I mean WEEK…Tax-free week. This can feel like a holiday because the store hours might change, parking lots are full and you are bombarded with coupon codes in your inbox. Not all states participate in this but click here for a list of the states that do and the dates. According to what items are applicable for tax-free you have to check out this site and read what items are included. On this day I save my biggest price item purchase because savings are around $20-$50 worth of tax. Take advantage of this week by applying to email subscriptions to the brands or companies you will most likely shop and get some coupons.

Ok, that is a wrap (clapping my hands) and I think I just saved you tons of money. I joke all the time but I know that you will benefit from this read. I’m glad you have taken the time to read this and I hope that your Back to School trip will be well planned.

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