Living your life its full potential: The BODY

Welcome to the second part series in living your life at its full potential. We talked about the Mind, how powerful it is in determining our day to day lifestyle. There is one more things that keeps us at a balance with our thoughts, we can refer to this as the body. Taking care of your body has been a long overdue challenge, we can all probably say at this point, it’s ever going. We can feel good one day and then the next lets just say…not so great. I will be honest with you, I’m not a fitness enthusiast or a health nutrition expert, I am only but well aware of what we need for our physical health.

When you start to get older the machine that runs you day to day starts to get all the clunks and clinks…noise and putts its way out struggling to run. Sounds like you need a tune up, right!! I would say I didn’t start to put my health first until it started to show me signs. Signs that it needed help, awful painful signs. When your younger it feels like all you need to do is stick a band-aid on it and keep running. As of now, we need to concern ourselves with our sleeping, eating, our energy levels, dental and skin care. Why is this list so long? And can you help me? Yes I CAN, lets start here.

Do a full Body Scan, Mentally

Take a moment to think about how you feel right now. Close you eyes place yourself in a comfortable position, either sitting in a chair or laying on your back. Once you are comfortable in a quiet place, start to inhale and exhale 5 large deep breaths. After this is done, start to breathe normally, notice you breathing pattern, count backwards from 3,2,1 on each breath. Start from the top of your head and do a full body scan to your feet. Take a moment to notice any aches or pains, see how your breath changes when you reach that point and recognize the signs your body is telling you. Is it a neck pain? Back Pain? Register this in your mind and come up with plan to pay more attention to these parts of your body. This breathing exercise you should do once a week, it help to connect your Mind to your Body, for they are connected together. Self-awareness is key for your health. Meditation as mentioned before in the Mind part of the series can help balance the two together. The deep breathing can relax tense parts of the body and induce oxygen to ease the painful areas.

Lets get the facts Straight, there is some things your body can’t live without

The Top Four things your BODY needs

  • Sleep and Rest
  • Food/ Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Hydration

Sleep is necessary

A lot of people may are argue that there is not real facts that long hours of sleep is necessary for the body to thrive but that depends on what you need. Everyone lives a different lifestyle and have different health needs. I’m not saying you have to sleep for a set amount of hours. I’m advising you to figure out how many hours you need to feel well rested the next day and that how many hours you need. Doctors recommend 7-8 hours for an Adult and 9 for adolescents. If your like me, at night is when I get a lot of my work done and I’m definitely not a Morning Person!! So 7 hours are just about right for me, any more than that I’m literally staring at the ceiling. If I sleep less than that, I’m definitely slow as a turtle the next day. Do a couple of sleep trials and see how much hours you need to feel …stress on the word WELL RESTED!! Not just ok, but rest as though you feel great when you wake up. Set a 30 min timer before you go to bed to get whatever you need done so you can sleep on a schedule. Your body will naturally be on the same schedule, so lights off, electronics gone, and eyes closed.

Sleep can benefits you by giving you more energy to conquer the challenges of tomorrow. If your a troubled sleeper and still can’t get todays troubles out of your mind, try sleep mediation. You can also put on soothing music, or read a book under dim light to power down your body. There is no need to dwell on todays troubles, tomorrow is another day. You mind will feel refresh and you might be able to come up with better ideas to deal with it when you are well-rested.

Tomorrow is a new day, but First, SLEEP

FOOD fuels the body that works for you everyday

We need to eat to replenish our body and of course for nutrients and calories to burn. We all have an idea of the “bad” food vs. the “good” food, there are tons of diets out there telling you what to eat. Always remember what your body needs are, the basics: Carbs, Protein and Fats. Depending on your current health situation you might need more or less than of each but the fact is these are support blocks to sustain good health.

Carbs are used as an energy source for your body, so its important to get a good source of fibre. Healthier options are Oats, Beans and certain Fruits. High energy helps promote better productivity and increase in your metabolism. Good carbs help you stay fuller longer and are low in saturated fat. Bad Carbs like Pasta, Sweets and Processed foods, make you feel hungry sooner, lack in nutrients and are high in sodium.

Protein helps build and maintain good muscle and tissue cells. The muscle and cell tissue in your entire body, including skin , hair, nails, bones, organs and yes your hormones. There are many food items that you can find Protein options. You already know you can receive supplements from Meats: Chicken, Steak and etc but they are in Beans, and Eggs also. If you need help increasing the protein in your diet you can always eat a Protein Bar or drink a shake.

In children’s diet protein is essential for growth development and strength in immunity. At each age it is important to get the right amount of Protein, eating to much will add to weight, it is important to have a balance diet.

Exercise maintains the Body

Even if you think you don’t need it, exercise is necessary. This could be a struggling goal for some, but there are many ways to exercise your body. At least a minimum of 10-20 mins a day of consistent working out (cardio) or muscle strengthening. A session could be a small as a walk in the park, a couple of brisk walks up the stairs. Exercise helps promote energy, reduces stress and improves mental health. Weight loss is not the important goal for exercise, regardless there are a lot of health benefits. There are benefits in strengthening your heart and lung muscles, helps fights off disease and sickness. Exercising can boost your productivity at work and motivates you.

Hydration helps the body

I saved the best for last, hydration. Hydration is number one, WATER is key for every function in your body. Water can help with fatigue, blood circulation and volume. It is recommended to drink at least 8, 8 ounces of water a days. To start I would drink at least a glass when you wake up, between meals and before bed. Loss of hydration can increase bad mood swings, headaches and loss of elasticity in your skin. You might feel dizziness at sometimes and confusion. The quickest and most simplest way to see if you need more water is the color of your urine. The darker of your urine the more water you need. Along with just drinking plain water you can find hydration in certain foods like fruit, vegetables, teas and soups.

So there your have it, all the keys to being at your full potential, in this series: The Body. We have gone over previously The Mind and I hope you start to make changes. It is very important to treat our body like a temple, literally. You only have one body and you have to take care of it. All of these things are connected together to bring happiness in your life. When you have more energy you make time to do the things you want to do.

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