Manifesting Techniques to attract the things you want

When I started working on manifestation, I got to really know more about the law of attraction. How what we attract, whether it be experiences or situations we put out those same frequencies. It’s something that still puzzles me today but over time what I’ve learned is that we have to put more positive energy out there. If we want better results in our life then we have to get rid of the negative energy.

This relates to manifestation as we focus on creating results we only dream about.  You can manifest wealth, love, and anything else you want. It’s how you shift your focus and with practice, your confidence will grow. Try to keep an open mind and block disbeliefs and hesitations. After all the work, at least you will feel more at peace. And that is what your body and mind desire ultimately.

Manifesting Basics

girl sitting her office chair in front of her desk. The desk is right next to her manifesting vision board.

Make a Vision Board

Anything you can see that can remind you of what energies and dreams you want to experience. One of the many ways we can visually manifest is by creating a vision board, or a dream board.  Start by manifesting what your experiences should look like, put visuals of positivity.

Think of vision boards like scrapbooks, having a collage of pictures and quotes. All visuals pointing to what you want in life. Being that we are more in a technical savvy age, you can use your devices as well. Vision boards can be on your computer, like desktop wallpaper, or on your phone If you’re doing an actual board, get creative with materials.

Print out pictures, cut out magazine photos. After you’ve created your board, reflect on the feeling you get when it’s all put together.  Reflect on those images frequently when you feel poor energy coming across your mind. 

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Manifest Daily in a Journal

Set your intentions by manifesting in a journal. You can easily do this for at least five minutes a day.  Writing has a way of stamping good words in our minds even when we can’t be consistent. It’s hard not to reflect upon what you’re writing about during this process.

This is especially true by handwriting instead of typing everything. Pouring out thoughts on paper can clear all the negativity and then writing positive thoughts and intentions can reverse that. I recommend writing reflections or intentions frequently.

You can do this daily, weekly, or monthly. Before writing a new passage that reflects on the previous one, use this as a tool to guide you in the right direction. 

By now it is evident you won’t be putting the pen down any sooner. It’s just that writing has a way of really resonating with your thoughts. Doing more writing will really help with the law of attraction, as most energy is produced by thought.

woman sitting by the ledge of her window. She is writing in a journal what she wishes to manifest.

Scripting leads to Manifesting

Scripting is another way to write your dreams in existence. It slowly will evolve your thoughts as if you wished it’s already happening. You have to write your life as if you already had what you want to manifest. This is one of the most powerful manifesting techniques.

If you long to own a home of your own, describe the home. How it looks like, what counter you place your coffee on. Do you want to manifest the love of your life? Describe how it’s like living with that person. What your evenings are like? How it feels waking up with that person. 

Write 10 Monthly Affirmations

Affirmations are beliefs of what you tell yourself slowly it will reprogram the subconscious.  You can create your own beliefs that relate to the dreams you want to accomplish. I would start with writing 10 Affirmations for the month.

Start with I am…and end with a positive belief. For example, I am…wealthy, I am worthy of receiving…., I am and then you fill in the blanks. Another way is by action words in the present tense. Anything that full fills believe that you are and have achieved this goal.

Let your beliefs stir inside your mind, as you read them aloud to yourself. If you are not big on speaking them aloud, try meditating on your affirmations.  Allow your affirmations to empower you to achieve your highest dreams.  Repeat them daily as you will see how naturally things are attracted to you.

Make a Focus wheel

During manifesting it’s natural for your mind to still come up with doubts. I like to think of it as a way for your mind’s instinct to protect you.  A simple technique to try that works on negative thoughts is a Focus Wheel. The Focus wheel helps shift your thoughts into positive ones. 

Start by drawing a small circle on a piece of paper or poster board. In the center of the circle write down your wish or dream. Then finally write down positive thoughts related to the dream around the circle.  When every a negative thought crosses your mind write something around the circle and visualize it. Use this as a ritual for manifesting anytime. 

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Write a letter from your Future Self

Writing a letter from your future self is a great manifestation technique. It supports the law of attraction as you are speaking as if it is already done. You will need to really sit down and write while reflecting upon what you really want. 

Write as if you were a year from now or five years from now. Whatever you desire, just close your eyes and imagine yourself as you achieve your dreams. Where are you? What year is it? Did you move out of state? Out of the country? Put yourself actively in your dream and write.

Dear self….you will fill in the rest.  Fold the letter and put it in an envelope. Now on the front of the envelope write the date of that letter for the future. If you need a good kick in the butt, I do support reading it early. It’s better however to wait that final day when you’ve come to manifest your dream.

Change your Environment

Sometimes you have to change things around you that can be stalling the process. Meet your dreams halfway by putting effort into changing your environment.  The environment can be things or even people. Being around like-minded individuals can accelerate manifestation.

After a while, you will start to notice positive changes. You can be surprised how much your environment has an effect on you.  If you’re around those with a ton of negative energy all of that can be transferred to you.  Spending time and speaking with people on the same wavelength can only increase the wave. 

You know that saying that if you’re around someone long enough you will start to act like them and vice versa.  Find at least 3-5 people with the right energy for you. I would call this my Soul Circle.  Engage with those people whom your dreams relate to, either present or future self. 

Act the Part

Acting and portraying what you want to attract is a great way to manifest your dreams. Think of your future self, and imagine that you’ve fulfilled your dream.

  • How would your attitude change?
  • Does your appearance change?
  • How is your morning routine?
  • What about your night routine?
  • How do you go about your day? 

The idea is if you want to attract that point in the future then start to act the part. For example, If you want to find success in business, start looking at courses or working with like-minded individuals.

It’s a little scary putting yourself out there, especially since our future self can be more accomplished. The accomplishment might need you to pull out some confidence now.  Taking risks doesn’t always feel comfortable but they are worth it.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Nothing brightens up a bad day than thinking about all the things around you in gratitude. Being in that state of mind brings happiness. Surely the type of energy you want to surround yourself in.  If you want to increase your abundance start to appreciate what you already own. 

How it affects us in manifestation, is that we are going to inherit more.  If I started thinking about what I’m lacking the universe focuses more on that energy.  Increasing gratitude can start with journaling, writing down at least three things every day that you are thankful for.

Starting a gratitude journal will make you more aware of the blessings around you. Begin with a nightly practice before you wind down to bed. Make this a practice ritual as a part of your manifestation.

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