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In the beginning, I didn’t know much about morning routines. I just knew I had to wake up early somehow. And me as a morning person, let’s just say the covers are walking with me to the bathroom blindly. So yes, I used to have trouble waking up early in the morning, as most recommended at 5 a.m. (snooze)

My dreams would be filled with the longest list man can ever imagine creating. I would wake up early and then feel overwhelmed about this long list of to do. It seemed like the morning was cut short since I would wake up later than the alarm clock. After a while, I started to give up waking up early altogether.

My solution, stay up and working at night. As my nights grew longer so did my need for sleep. Then the next day I would feel even more tired. Time will and always be my driven test to conquer.

Then I realized it wasn’t more time I needed it was how it was using my time. My new routine involved looking for more strategies to have energy in the morning. I would then have transferred that energy to my largest task to the smallest.

As soon as woke up I would exercise to gain more energy. Then it was figuring out the plan. After I’ve built up all of this energy how was I going to manage the rest of my morning?

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I wanted to share tips worked for me in the morning so that way you can figure out what will work for you. Even if you’re not a morning person like I was in the beginning, you can still find ways to master your mornings. Working as a night person has its benefit as you are still running on the day’s energy. When you wake up in the A.M. there is still the inevitable, “What’s my plan?”

First things first, What is a morning routine?

A Morning Routine is something you do every single day kind of like a schedule. The point of this is to maximize your day bright and early. Over time you will get used to this schedule and your ability to wake up will be less of a struggle. Your body will conform to the routine so its best to be consistent. Soon you will recognize that you’ll become tired earlier at night. And your energy level will increase in the morning. Below I listed what I do every morning step by step:


Ok, so I know that waking up is kind of assumed in all of this but I still think it’s super important to include this as the first step as often it can be the hardest.

This is obviously the first step so but it can be the hardest. I personally wake up at 4 am, this could be super early for most people. You can definitely do a later time if it’s too early. Try to wake up early enough to have about 3 hours alone for yourself, this is very crucial. That alone time needs to be no distractions.

My alarm is set for 3:50 am, I don’t hit snooze but sometimes it literally takes me 10 minutes to get out of bed. Even if its a couple of minutes staring at the ceiling blinking a few times, waking up my eyes. Then there is the roll, the stuffing of my feet in the slippers and the drag to the bathroom. You get the point, we all just need a few minutes.

I don’t necessarily need to pop up out of bed like I’m having a nightmare. It’s my time (even though it’s super early). I’m taking my time pleasantly I would say. If you tempted to close your eyes again instead of slowly getting up, guess what? All you got is those ten minutes. Short enough not to make you fall back to sleep. And when its up, the action happens.

My snooze is usually 5 minutes apart, so that’s two snoozes for me. Some will argue that snoozes are paralyzing you but in the beginning, stages its hard. I don’t want you to beat yourself up in the beginning, its all a process. At least you will still get up on time if you set it 10 minutes before. When you are consistent, you will naturally not have the need for a snooze.

A trick to help you not hit snooze is having your alarm clock or phone somewhere far, out of reach. Think of yourself getting up, do you still want to go back to bed? Getting that wind of cold air has already sparked energy into your skin.


Wait, are you about to grab your phone? Just put it down, for now, no one probably even thinks your up at this time. As soon as you get up to make your bed unless someone else is still in there, lol Open the blinds or curtains, let some sunshine hit you with some Vitamin D of happiness.

Once your bed is made, your most likely not going want to mess it up. Ohh, look at the fancy pillow line up. If you are going to toss yourself back in there, just so you know you going to have to do it again lol.


Then comes the washing of my face. Get all the crusties out Doing this first thing will instantly wake you up. Use a face wash with a refreshing smell like fruit-based or has a cooling feeling on the face.

I’m currently using St. Ives Hydrating Daily cleanser in Watermelon. Got the matching body wash, smells delicious!!. I’ve also used Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, it has a refreshing scent that wakes you up.


Ok, there’s two parts to this one. I’m pretty sure you already know I’m going to say water but I need my caffeine too. One day I won’t need it, but in my current routine, coffee needs to happen! So before I go into the bathroom to wash my face, I set up my K-cup machine to start.

After I’m done washing my face I do drink a glass of water first. I like to cut up slices of lemon and put like two in the glass. Most of the time I have like a Ziploc full of pre-sliced wedges, so I just toss them in. I drink at a minimum of 8oz of water. I always have a full thermos in the fridge so it’s nice and cold for me. When it’s gone I fill it up, place it back in the fridge for later. Then I grab my piping hot coffee for the next step 🙂


If I did the planning the night before I could usually skip the second part. Journaling I do every morning just to get the stuff out of my mind. In my planner, there’s about 7 or 8 line space just to write a paragraph for each day. I don’t plan on thinking about what to write. What’s the purpose of that, lol I just write down whatever comes to mind.

It could be work stuff, things I’m happy about, family things, doesn’t matter. This is just a mental cleanse for me. Mental cleansing is important if you have a lot on your plate all day, it can alleviate stressors. I’ve just figured out the importance of mental health ever since I’ve started having more frequent migraines. Brain dumping on paper always helps.

Drinking coffee while doing this is very soothing for me. You can also try a nice herbal tea that is calming and relaxing. Taking a few sips while I’m pouring out everything I’m thinking about is mindless for me. And I enjoy it.


To continue our session on Mental cleansing, usually, right after journaling I will meditate for at least 10 minutes. First I put on meditation playlist on my Spotify, plug in some earphones and sit in Indian style wherever in my living room.

First I like to think about how thankful I am to my creator for giving me another day of life. Also, I like to think about everything else I’m grateful to have, my family, my place of living, friends, etc. Then I give myself some affirmations to build my self-esteem. Starting with the words “I am, or I will”

After I center my thinking and picture the day I would like to have from morning till night. All of these things I can do in 10 minutes. It helps to be grateful in the morning because time is evident and there’s a reason why you woke up another day.


If I did the planning the night before I could usually skip this part. I can’t start my day with some kind of outline. I would just write only 3 things I want to accomplish today, nothing more because I don’t want to overwhelm myself. If I have done those three things, I’m sure I can think of more. For each topic, I write done 5 additional steps kind of like a breakdown. This takes the thinking out of it and if I get distracted I can see where I left off. I will show an example below:

Organizing my Work Area

  1. Completely clear everything off my desk
  2. Separate everything in piles
  3. Throw away trash or shred important files
  4. Scan saved documents in a files
  5. Wipe down desk and items, put everything back

I would cross things off as I go and move on to the next step. I have an app I use called “Focus To-Do” where I can do the same and break down the task. You can download this app on google play or apple store.

This app uses “The Pomodoro Method” in helping you focus and get stuff done. If your having a tough time thinking of the breakdown just close your eyes and picture yourself doing it. What’s the first thing you do? After generalizing it, write it down.

Someone once told me to get the big things out of the way and the little stuff will come along. Click To Tweet


Next is my exercise session to build up my energy for a great start. The session usually lasts between 15-20 minutes. I like to start with yoga than some Blogilates. Watching yoga “Yoga with Kassandra” and “Blogilates” at home on Youtube is a treat. If I’m super exhausted I just do yoga to build up my heart rate and stretch my muscles. I can easily sign up for a membership but it’s easy for me to get a workout in quick then get ready for work. Trust me, watching videos at home you can still be motivated and burn a sweat. And the best thing about it, it’s Free!! After my exercise session is over I’m up to drinking my second helping of water. Oh refreshing


Can we all agree that it starts with a shower, but I guess that is a given right? lol Even if I’m home for the whole day I can’t just stay in my pajamas. When I’m dressed and ready to go I feel like I can conquer my day. To me, it’s like putting on my superhero costume.

Usually, my outfits are picked out the night before so I’m not scrambling in my closet forever. I’m pretty basic about what I wear and just choose a few trendy pieces. My entire wardrobe is interchangeable, so I save money on clothes.

Depending on what vibe I get from my outfit this goes along with my makeup. I always balance my makeup look with my clothes.

If I’m wearing a very eye catchy top, my makeup is more neutral and toned down. My hair is often worn down, and I add some dry shampoo for volume. Then I place some leave-in conditioner on my ends and flip them with a large barrel curling iron. When I want to try more creative ideas with my hair that’s usually for events, photoshoots or a special putting. It’s good to have one or two go-to hairstyles throughout the week to maintain a polished look.


My breakfast is usually quick meals. I must always have some protein in my breakfast because I will be burning that energy till lunch. And I hate to admit sometimes dinner. Adding eggs is a quick and easy way to add some protein to your breakfast. Sometimes I’ll even try granola with Greek yogurt, toss some fruit and a swirl of honey. Yummy To drink would be a glass of O.J. or my second helping of Coffee. Caffeine, Caffeine

How to get started

It’s best to think of what goals you have in mind before you start a routine. Do what is best for you, have as many times as you need to feel prepared. If you only need two hours, then only do it for that time.

Have a stressful job? Maybe your focus would be more on meditation and other techniques to relax you. Whatever your main reason is for waking up early, let that be your goal. Focus on making time for yourself and then you can be your best for others. My routine makes it easier for me to take control of my day and appreciate my life more.

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