Mind Techniques to get in the right headspace before work

Going into work can be unpredictable. One day can be a good day another complete chaos. What matters most is the decisions and choices that we make throughout the day. The best way to make decisions is to be in a good headspace.

What is the right headspace?

It’s allowing your mind freedom to think and reflect. This can be quite challenging as you have to really detox your thoughts. And you have to be disciplined in practicing these Methods at a moment’s notice. There’s a ton of information out there which can be overwhelming plus what’s going around you.

Being in a good head space can potentially increase your productivity. This will help your goal of working fewer hours by maximizing the time that you have. This can be increasingly good for your workplace. I believe being in a good headspace no matter where you are it’s a step to mental Wellness.

Rest on Purpose

Imagine if you just took ten minutes to yourself before you head into work. Even if you were to sit in the car and listen to music. You can stand outside and really stare at the trees. Just stopping the act of rushing from one thing to another is resting on purpose.

You are owning your time. A moment of peace for yourself, it belongs to you, uninterrupted. What other times can you rest? Besides your usual lunch break I recommend 5 to 10 breaks spaced out during your shift. The same goes if you work from home. Your mind needs these breaks even to process information. Take a long walk just to let your mind wander.

When you’re done you’ll be able to process problems more quickly than you ever thought. Why not take a nap? A good 10-minute nap will do you justice just a moment to close your eyes and not think of anything at all. Just be careful not to take too long of a nap you just want a refresher not to get feeling tired.

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Meditate 10 minutes a Day

Meditating is another way to really clear your mind. You notice when you first start meditating got a lot of images and thoughts come rushing to the surface. And during that process, you soon would be able to decipher them. Even if you like to replace those thoughts to even better ones or find a deeper meaning.

Meditating is a good way for us to get in tune with ourselves including our bodies. Finally being aware of our breath and our heartbeat. During a busy workday you never really get to connect with yourself. Meditation helps you connect in that way.

Sometimes I wouldn’t even notice I was developing a pain in my neck or my shoulders unless I was meditating. I would be so busy and ignore all of the symptoms until I had a moment to myself. Use the stress reduction tool on a daily basis and you will notice the changes. 

Write or say some Affirmations

Turn those negative apprehensions into positive ones. Start at the source, you! You are the source, let the confidence radiate through you.  Begin with using the words I am and end with positive present affirmations. Even if you start off not sounding so confident repeatedly stating the same information over and over will change your tone.

Soon you will notice the change that builds inside you. Your tone will sound different, your posture more up right. This is a great way to start the day even if you know something less positive lies ahead. Let your goals be reaffirmed during this process. Confidence, happiness and joy are highly contagious. This will work really well for me in the past.


So those are three things you can do every day before you head into work. You will notice that you have a more positive outlook. You will have more control of thoughts even with bad moments. It’s easy to switch gears when you have practice a routine like this on a daily basis.

Being in the right headspace is very important mostly for yourself. Always allow yourself breaks throughout the day. Meditate often to distress and bring your awareness to yourself. Assert your confidence by adding affirmations at the start of the day.

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