Organizing your workspace to save you time and energy

Organizing Tips and Tricks to make your workspace more Productive

Have you ever lost yourself in a work project because you couldn’t find the things you need? When you need it? Having a disorganized space, especially in a work space is a big time cost. Managing time has been a major focus point for me this year, as I grow older the value of it increases. When I have a organized, functional space I’m able to spend more time on other things I rather be doing, like family-time.

I’ve written another post on time management if this is something you struggle with check out the link below

You probably came across this post out of the curiosity, How can I balance my work life and family time? Hello out there, Supermoms and Super-dads!! This is possible, you can manage both unpredictable worlds. I’m a full-time working Mom and I’m always trying to find ways to make sure I keep my sanity and have balance. I believe it more than an effort of meditation, to put it simply…you have to make smart choices. READ MORE

What are the main key points?

According to this article, I’ve read from “The Huffington Post” (you can click to read here) the main key points to make your office space more organized are
. Purging your office
. Creating a System easy to Maintain
. Designating a work zone area
. Organizing the accessories for your office setup

Let’s get to the messy part!

I can describe clutter as a sinking hole, a deep dark hole of paper mess. My day off begins as cleaning and clearing it all over again. There should be a way to gain control of this, making it easy so it’s almost just self-organized. And with the snap of my fingers…waa laa it’s gone. If only this was true. In my experience, everything you do connects with one another. Sooner or later you will start doing helpful things unintentionally

Focusing in a chaotic workspace is mentally clear as foggy car windshield on a rainy day. Click To Tweet

Pick up as you go along…

Depending on your everyday tasks connect the “de-cluttering” part of the completion of that task. A great example is if you are leaving work for the day, a good habit is to place an item back in its place as you leave. Connecting habits together will all soon feel like a routine. See what you can combine together, maybe before you take out the trash, you shred some documents as well and add it to your toss.

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Choose a small task to do each day

I bet with a lot of time spent in one area, it can get messy and overwhelming. Rather than choosing one day to clear your workspace, divide you’re it into small more manageable tasks. After you made smaller tasks match it up with a day out of the week.
You can follow this example below, place it in order of sequence so the last day everything is clean and clear.

  1. Sort paperwork into the following: save, store, file, and toss
  2. Toss or shred documents. Rid of unnecessary items that have no purpose.
  3. Organize folders, notebooks, and office supplies based on the frequency of use.
  4. wipe and clean all dust and debris

Get to work!

So if you want to have an organized workspace try my tips above. Having everything clean throughout the week will improve your workflow and increase productivity. You will start to notice your work will be done and your mind can be clear to more motivated.

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