Succeed at living life at your full potential

 If we are are to succeed at life we have to eliminate what things are upholding us from getting there.  The Mind is a powerful thing, and what I believe hinders us is stress and overwhelming situations.



Lets start now!

 When we are thinking about life at a 100%, that is Body , Mind and Spirit , yes the complete package. Now lets throw in work-life, mom life and a little personal time. Wow!, so much to cover, phew !!! Looking forward to a long post, ha ha, don’t worry we will add more content to this topic. Everything can get overwhelming and sometimes to have to just ask, what should I be doing now? Or help me get more energy to do the things I want to do!

I’m here, your buddy to the rescue. Do you I have it all figured out, no of course not! Experience is the wisest teacher! And I feel better than I did before, you can always hit pause and pick up where you left of off, just keep going. Around all this rush rush, we can let “busy life” consume us, we only have one life, and 24 hours in a day, both we cannot alter. Enjoy everyday and register it like a journal entry into your life, with your family, self-love and enjoyment.

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Mediation helps the mind breathe

I’m playing mind tricks on myself

Sounds crazy right, mind tricks but really from YOU! And your personality takes a lot of convincing sometimes. Most of those times you might need to play some tricks and do some little motivation to push you to the brink of better days. Remember when it felt like as a kid and not to have a care in the world. Now as an adult, we think about things and they pile up on the back burner.

The Bad Times

Let’s get serious for a moment, lets say you lose your job, you have financial problems, health issues, family issues. Even though you might be dealing with that external trouble, your mind has to sort through all that drama and make instant sense. You have to carry yourself on throughout the day and pick up the pieces the fall along.

If you can limit those mental stresses what would you do to wipe it all away? Now you have a great job you absolutely love, you are financially secure with lots of money in the bank and oh yeah you are healthy as a horse and your family is perfect. Breathe in and then exhale…you did it. The truth is this is not reality maybe it will happen someday. As of this moment you can’t fix everything , what can we do right now? How do we trick ourselves into thinking positive?  As simple I can explain it to you, this is what I would call the inevitable, it is fact, The Bad Things are going to Happen. And if you know that things happen almost unexpectedly the best we can do it not hurt ourselves in the process. Life has it’s  seasons, just so you know bad times will pass.  


Don’t let it sit in your mind, and register there, here what you can do in the mean time.

If something is troubling you what is the first thing you want to do? I don’t know about you but I get the urge to tell someone. A lot of us just have to get it off our chest, and that’s great but the best and more suitable opinion should come from you. I know its good to have someone to talk to, but don’t let it be your only way to solve problems. Tip number one! Don’t tell everybody your problems, one or two people that you seek mentoring from are ok but the whole work office, no no no. At the end of the day you are the one making the decisions, trust your gut! A good way I sort through all of the mind stresses is venting it out in a journal and re-reading what I wrote the night before. It mentally takes all of that mumble jumble out of your head and puts it somewhere.


Find an Open Space to Think

Second thing I like to do if I’m really stress is to find an open space to breathe and walk it out. You would be surprised but a long walk can be good therapy on a bad day. Exercise is another way you can transfer all of that bad energy to good energy. Heavy breathing can circulate and increase oxygen to your brain and open your senses. Speaking of good breathing, meditation is awesome. I use meditation for a number of things, when I cant sleep I take a few minutes and relax my body with my mind. When your surrounded by a lot of chaos, peace is the answer.

Third thing I mentally change my bad days is doing something good for someone else. I’m not saying just only for that reason but think about it, you can’t solve your issues right now, help someone else. Doing good can do a reversal and put the spin on bad days.


Spiritual Support

Fourth is only for those who can relate. I don’t know about you but I have to place my faith somewhere when I’m going through something really terrible and there is nothing I can do about it. I personally believe in GOD and our savior Jesus Christ. I do not judge others beliefs or religions, I just know faith needs to have a home. Who else is better to talk to then someone you know is always listening and not judging you. I have faith that I’m loved no matter what I do, that is what helps me make better decisions. If you can open your mind and picture that there is someone always behind you with open arms ready to catch you, that is the best security in the world.

So we covered, THE MIND, we have a lot of continued series on this site, and its all part of the circle. I want you to dig deep after reading this and really think about the importance of your life and put mental health at the top. Mental stress can lead to other health issues and as silly as it sounds we have control over it. The easiest thing to lose control it to let it run you off course. Tell yourself, yes I’m tired, I’m stressed I have a lot on my plate but here is what I can do about it and the rest the world will catch up to me.

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  1. Practising these four tips daily. I particularly like to go for long walks or even sit in nature and absorb energy. Thanks for sharing.

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