Summer Bucket List for 2021

I’m super excited to make my Summer Bucket list! One of the reasons I love the months from June to July is that Summer is the best time to have alot of fun. I live on the upper East Coast, so Summer is when we spend most of our time outdoors. Just being able to have longer daylight time makes me grateful.  Many things to look forward to this Summer are BBQs outdoors, Sundresses, and beach days.   I know we are all sick of this long staycation, thanks to Covid19. After many have been Vaccinated, everyone is looking forward to everything going back to normal.  Places are opening up, and we all deserve a crazy and fun-filled Summer!  

My Summer 2021 Bucket list is over 100 plus things to do this summer. If you need ideas to help, you never ask yourself, “What am I doing today?” pick something off the list.  I hope you enjoy crossing things off and taking tons of photos making memories!

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Frugal Stuff to Do in the Summer

Frugal Stuff to Do in Summer

Since I’m all about budgeting and living frugal let’s start with these options first! 

1.  Plant a Garden

2. Learn a New Recipe

3. Sleep outside for a night

4. Host a garage sale

5. Make  popsicles

6. Have a movie marathon

7. Blow big Bubbles

8. Watch a Movie in the Backyard

9. Cheer on Team USA during the Summer Olympics

10. Pick Strawberries

11. Try a New Food

12. Attend a Parade

13. Make Tie-Dye T-Shirts

14. Feed the Ducks

15. Do a Random Act of Kindness

16. Watch Fireflies

17. Sleep Under the Stars

18. Skip Stones in a Lake

19. Go Star Gazing

20. Build a Treehouse

 21. Compete in a Food Eating competition

Water activities for Splashing fun!

Water activities for Splashing fun!

When its hot outside,its time for some cooling off fun!

22. Have a Water Balloon Fight

23. Go Kayaking

24. Go to a Waterpark

25. Play on a Slip-n-Slide

26. Go to the Beach

27. Run Through Sprinklers

28. Go Whitewater Rafting

29. Do a Cannonball into a Body of Water

30. Have a Water Balloon Fight

31. Ride a Big Water Slide

32. Go Waterskiing

33. Paddle a Canoe

34. Go Skinny Dipping

35. Learn to surf

36. Stand under a Waterfall

Summer Places for Insta-worthy Photos

Summer Places for Insta-worthy Photos

These things will have people which to know your location

37. Check Out Your Local Farmer’s Market

38. Go to an Out-Door Concert

39. Go on a street art tour

40. Go on a Trip

41. Watcha Firework Show

42. Try Every Ice Cream Shop in Your City

43. Go to an Amusement Park

44. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

45. Go to a Brewery

46. Take a boat ride

 47. Attend Burning Man

Stuff to do at Home

Stuff to do at Home

When you want to be comfortable but still enjoy the season

48. Host a dinner party

49. Make sangria.

50. Paint something on a canvas

51. Take a Staycation

52. Learn to Juggle

53. Grow an Herb Garden

54. Go 24 Hours without Internet, Radio or Television

55. Make a Summer Playlist

56. Read a NYT Best Seller

57. Spend the entire Day Barefoot

58. Porch Sit for the Afternoon

59. Bake a Fruit Pie from scratch

60. Make Icecream

61. Create a Cocktail

62. Sip a Umbrella Cocktail by the pool

63. Make Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Things to do with your Bestie

Things to do with your Bestie

When its fun with two people instead of one!

64. Have a sleepover with your best friends

65. Go to a Concert

66. Ride a Roller Coaster

67. Play Hooky and Meet Your Friends For Lunch

68. Go rollerskating

69. Try hula hooping

70. Visit a Flea Market

71. Go on a Bike Ride

72. Take a Road Trip

73. Go Backpacking with a Friend

74. Run a Themed 5k

75. Get a Pedicure

76. Get a Tattoo

77. Visit a Historical Site

78. Volunteer

Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

Romance and all of the cute movie moments

79. Go to the Fair

80. Go Mini Golfing

81. Visit a Museum

82. Ride a Ferris Wheel

83. Have a Picnic

84. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

85. Go Wine Tasting

86. Go to a Baseball Game

87. Sleep in a Cabin

88. Go to a Drive-in Movie

89. Watch the Sunset

90. Go bowling

91. Hike a New Trail

Stuff to do Outdoors

Stuff to do Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine! More reasons to stay outside

92. Collect seashells at the beach

93. Play twister outdoors

94. Play Volleyball with your neighbors

95. Go on a Picnic

96. Visit the Zoo

97. Host a Backyard Barbecue

98. Go fishing

99. Leap Off a Rope Swing

100. Nap in a Hammock

101. Learn to Fly Fish

102. Play Disc Golf

103. Host a Bonfire

104. Make S’mores

105. Make a sand castle

106. Fly a Kite

107. Watch the Sunrise

108. Walk in the sand Barefoot

109. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

110. Go Somewhere you have never been

111. Go Camping

Well, that’s all of the guys! More than enough things to do all summer long! I hope you get some great ideas from my list. Don’t let the summer pass you buy! Enjoy time with your loved ones and friends and make most of it.

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