The Best Places to Go for Fall in New England

Autumn in New England is one of the most beautiful times of the year. And it’s no surprise that it draws visitors from across the country and around the world every year. This guide on the best places to go for fall in New England. This will help you take full advantage of this season. While you’re traveling, make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip to this region. Whether you’re looking to go hiking or biking, visiting a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard. Or how about taking a scenic drive through stunning landscapes, this list has something for everyone.

connecticut in the fall

1) Connecticut

Since I’m a Connecticut resident it’s my choice when it comes to fall foliage. There are a few hidden gems and coastal views that make it worth your while. Start your trip by stopping at Mystic Seaport for a tour of historic ships and exhibitions. While you’re there, check out Mystic Art Festival where local artists showcase their work; perfect if you’re looking for that unique piece to add to your home decor. It’s also a good place to learn about maritime history – something that really shines during a fall trip up north. Be sure to bring your hiking boots so you can take advantage of cool mountain air. Explore amazing trails around Mount Tom State Park, located off Route 202.

massachusetts in the fall

2) Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known as one of the most beautiful states in America. It is memorable with its ocean coastline, rugged mountains, and abundant farmland. As September rolls around, Massachusetts residents are able to enjoy all that their state has to offer. For fall foliage aficionados, there’s no better time than mid-September through October to take a trip north.

When it comes to autumnal colors, Massachusetts reigns supreme; just 20 minutes away from Boston you can find drive-through patches of red maples. And if camping is your thing, make sure to bring along your passport because there are plenty of tree-studded parks. There are near reserves where you can pitch a tent or just have a seat by the fire.

Additionally, The Berkshire Mountains have some of North America’s highest peaks and vivid hues year-round. In the fall months, they really come alive. From leaf peeping to hiking, fall in Massachusetts provides visitors with ways to embrace change while soaking up stunning scenery. If anyone knows how best to kick off autumn it’s those living along the eastern seaboard. Be sure to board an airplane bound for MA—it’ll be worth every penny!

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maine in the fall

3) Maine

Even though Maine isn’t technically part of New England, it is still one of our favorite places. The scenery, art culture and outdoorsy vibe make it a haven for artists and nature lovers alike. Try Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park during peak fall foliage season; you won’t be disappointed by its 1,100-foot shoreline with beautiful views of Damariscotta Harbor.

While you’re there, drive another 30 minutes north to Portland and check out some local art galleries. You can also sample a wide variety of brews at Great Lost Bear Brewing Company or Shipyard Brewing Company. At night, dine on traditional lobster rolls or chow down on pizza made from locally grown potatoes—the only ingredients allowed! (And yes, these are both actual things.)

Staying through October? Head up Route 15 to Bar Harbor where Acadia National Park will put your fall color viewing skills to test! Along Atlantic Ocean’s rocky coastline, take advantage of several hiking trails that vary in difficulty and length; learn about moose facts along America’s Longest Wildlife Overlook trail. Before leaving town, head to Katahdin Stream Campground where campsites are first come first serve but each site has an electric hookup.

vermont in the fall

4) Vermont

If you’re looking for a place where autumn is enjoyed to its fullest, Vermont is your destination. Enjoy fall foliage at their peak by driving along Lake Champlain or Lake Memphremagog. You can also stop by Stowe Village, Hydeaway Arts Center, Copley Square, Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour and Shelburne Farms. Many of these places have special events that are family-friendly. For example, during October weekends at Shelburne Farms, children are invited to try their hand at gardening.

Those who are interested can take part in corn husk doll making, pumpkin carving and even writing with turkey quills! If you’re planning on visiting during Thanksgiving weekend then make sure to take part in Paint Your Plate. Its a Painting Party where attendees paint plates inspired by what they see around them. The cost for kids under 10 years old is $50 per child while it’s free for those aged 11 years old or older. Adult pricing starts from $80 so remember to bring your checkbook if you want to participate! After all of that fun, go back home and prepare some mouthwatering dishes using fresh produce from local farms.


Whether you’re here year-round or just visiting, fall is a beautiful time of year to visit New England. Take advantage of mild temperatures and leafy trails with these five things to do during fall in New England. Who knows—you might even make it your new favorite season!

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