Things to do on Sundays to have the best week ever!

When the week starts sometimes there are just too many things to do. Trying to squeeze in free time between working hours is almost impossible like the ever-growing to-do list. Getting alot of things done on Sundays will make your life ten times easier. You can still sleep in and enjoy your weekend. Work at your own pace and cross stuff of the list as the day goes.

On Mondays, it feels like you’re dragging a bunch of unaccomplished tasks. Why have this long list to do when you get most of it done the night before? Many people think the weekends should just be for resting. I agree, but resting should be carved out every day. Doing alot of smaller tasks on Sunday gets to give more time to yourself throughout the week. Every day will be a breeze by accomplishing the tasks I listed below on Sundays.

Home tasks to do

  • Clean out the Fridge
  • Organize paperwork and get rid of accumulated mail
  • Grocery shop for the week
  • Declutter something for 30 minutes
  • Do some Laundry
  • Prep, set and or fill your coffee/ tea

Most of the tasks listed above is good to get done before the weekend. Cleaning out the fridge because this seems to be something I hardly ever get too. By doing this before you shop all the new food has space. The food has a clean environment to be placed in. What can I say about laundry? Well, we have a love and hate relationship. I love it when its Sunday, but in the middle week it’s annoying. Rushing to get everything done above during the week hardly gets done right or completely. I carve out an hour of my Sunday to get it done.

Prepping and Planning

  • Mean plan and Prep for the week
  • Grocery shop for the week
  • Review your agenda and plan out your following week.
  • Reflect on tasks you’ve accomplished and make a list for Monday
  • Sets a Goal to accomplish by next Sunday
  • Review your budget
  • Plan your outfits for the week

If you can’t do anything else on Sunday make sure you at least plan and prep ahead. Sunday is the perfect day to sit down with a notebook and plan your week. You can turn this into a relaxing routine, make a cup of coffee, and put on some ambiance music and zone out. That feeling of anticipation of a new week starting will start to get your mind flowing of ideas. Just picture yourself waking up on Monday morning and think of something if planned ahead would make your life easier. Officially buying a planner is not necessary but it makes it feel more organized, a simple notebook or noting app is perfect for list-making. The list above is some of just a few things you can plan. Cater your list according to your lifestyle.

Unwind for the week ahead

  • Give yourself a DIY spa day
  • Journal for 20 minutes
  • Fill the house with your favorite fragrance
  • Relax with Family or friends
  • Go for a long run or walk
  • Buy flowers or a plant for your home or office
  • Have sex with your partner
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Go to bed early

Finally, I’m told to relax! I would put that above all and everything else. Putting your mind and body on reset and refresh is necessary before the hustle and bustle begin. As humans throughout the week we forget to connect with other people, it’s almost like we need permission to pause from our busy lives. Spend some time with family, friends, and your partner. Unwind with meditation, reflect on how your feeling, how your body feels, and how prepared you are mental. Last but not least go to bed early. Hoping that we do get enough sleep, just in case we don’t, go to bed early. Allow your mind to rest for its optimal time. Get that natural waking up feeling in the morning. When Monday comes you will thank me for this.

How are you feeling?

After reading this article, are you looking forward to your next Sunday? Along with finding financial freedom, there is the freedom we search for living a healthy, happy, and positive lifestyle. Do you know on the positive living tab there are other life tips and strategies I’ve shared?

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