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Balancing your Life advice for Full-time Working Mom

You probably came across this post out of the curiosity, How can I balance my work life and family time? Hello out there, Supermoms and Super-dads!! This is possible, you can manage both unpredictable worlds. I’m a full-time working Mom and I’m always trying to find ways to make sure I keep my sanity and have balance. I believe it more than an effort of meditation, to put it simply…you have to make smart choices.

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Have you ever had those guilt-tripping nights when you came home late and your child is fast asleep? Or if you find out you have a meeting at the school tomorrow because the sign-off form was shoved deep in your kid’s bookbag? Ughhh, is my first reaction, my next is we got to make a change. Working is my livelihood, the family is my priority, there has to be a symmetry for this. Some kind of steps I can live by, good choices to make so that I have peace.

Then I really thought about this, multiple times and comprised my “Halleluyah” and “I got these steps”!! The first thing that comes to mind is there other people out there like me, Moms or Dads making it work. And there are, I’ve read so many Mom lifestyle Bloggers and they have more children than I do!

If you hop on one of my favorite search engine like “Pinterest” you’re going to come across some of these passionate Parent Bloggers

@Twinsmommy – who is a full-time stay at home Mom along with her website that teaches and coaches New Bloggers

@HonestlyAlexandra– mother of two, with a website on tips and advice to help the everyday Mom.


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This is a great read on saving time as a working full-time mom.  There are easy go to steps, only Three Steps they are a must do.  Time management is hard as you have to balance work life and parenting.  Click this image to read more and subscribe to get your free downloadable printables.This is a great read on saving time as a working full-time mom.  There are easy go to steps, only Three Steps they are a must do.  Time management is hard as you have to balance work life and parenting.  Click this image to read more and prepare an easy day tomorrow.

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here’s for thought…

Well, what we all have in common is the time of the day, a whole 24 hrs. Those 24hours needs to be used smart and productive. 


Now it’s Time to get serious about Time-Management

As I venture on my journey and really analyzing my time, I realized that I can only wake up earlier. I’m naturally a night owl, oh yes…in a matter of a fact its 11 pm and I’m up writing this. I know that some of you might be as well, and trust me…If you commit to waking up early, you will be putting yourself to bed the next day after a trying day. I’m committed to waking up at 5 am, no matter what, this is my work time when my child is asleep. On the weekends, it’s a little different, I give myself some slack. I’m amazed how I can do so many things from 5am-7am, zeroed in focus time, I have been reading the Miracle Morning. This book has changed me into a morning person.

As I mentioned before its 11 pm, but guess what it’s a Saturday. I like to choose a whole day on the weekend to crunch time on my work and preparedness for the following week. I will pick either Saturday or Sunday for my working day, or productive day (task-oriented). The other day is my Family day. So this brings us to our first step: Designate Work and Family Time. Schedule these times in advance, only two weeks in advance. Let’s be honest with ourselves things pop up all the time so two weeks is how far I go to pre-plan my time blocks.

Put Family First, before work-tasks

The next Step of obvious: Family first, as always. I know it can be said with pride but not implemented. How can we show up to events, make those school meetings and etc. ? Well, work your schedule around family life in advance. You might have a job that won’t give you the time or make it difficult, it knows it’s hard. If in fact, you can request time off for the whole year in advance including doctor’s appointment, you will have an easier time with this.

Look at the school schedule for the year, make a note on your personal calendar. Schedule doctor’s appointments in advance, and mark those on your calendar as well. Make a list of all the days and any additional time you need to take off, for like a vacation, and personal time. Give them to your employer as soon as possible. In my experience as a manager, it was helpful and most likely approved when time-off requests were handed to me early.

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” —Thomas Edison, inventor

If you’re not Prepared, your already behind

The Third and Last Step is PREP, PREP, PREP it has to be organized and set up for the following day. We have evolved from just prepping lunch baggies in the morning, nowadays you can prep anything. When I have everything planned and prepped the week before, my week is super easy and goes smoothly. I cannot personally tell you how much time I have saved prepping everything from meals to my work clothes. If you want to know what to prep for next week here is what I suggest below.

  • Meal Planning (Weekends)
  • Kids Daily Outfits (on his nightstand the night before)
  • Work Daily Outfit (hangs behind my bathroom door)
  • Top 3 Priority for Home (on my Time-block schedule)
  • Top 3 Priority for Work (on my Time-block schedule)
  • Re-Do your Shopping List by Store versus by item only

Just so you know you are still a hero, you are still “Super”, now you can just be “Super organized” :). I know this is like a regimen but your mind needs it. Follow my 3 simple and easy steps, it’s only 3 you can’t forget these. You will first designate specific times, schedule your important days off in advance and last PREP , PREP , PREP. Well, do you know what I doing next, going to sleep. If your as busy as I am, I hope this read motivates you and puts the stress at ease.

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