31 Money-Saving Days Hacks and Challenges

Are you ready to challenge yourself this month? We have 31 Money-Saving Hacks to try this month. You can try a different hack for each day. Why did I choose 31 Hacks? one being there are not always 30 days in a month. Two, making it a challenge, will spark you into action. Let’s see how much money we can save this month!

How are we going to do this?

Every day, there will be a challenge to do. I’m currently doing this challenge on my social media platforms, and all my followers know of this topic. Want to join? Just visit my page on any social media and tune in.

We all want to keep track of this, so here is a calendar template I made so you can check off as you go. Also, you can put how much money you saved. I’m interested to see how much I’m going to keep and even If I’m going to survive. I’m nervous, afraid, but also determined. Let’s do this!!

Day 1

Hey, we’ve all been there. You paid your bill late. And it looks there’s a surprise, a fee! No, thank you, take it back. Yes, people, late fees can surprise when its wrap into your bill statement. You can save money by not paying late. Think about it this way; you end up paying it anyway. Just a little budget reformation, or calling and changing dates can fix it. Check out your calendar for the week, call and move things around.

You are saving money by not paying late. And this is something you can review today. Cha-Ching, listen to the penny’s drop. Save at least $20 this month by making sure all the bills are covered. Paying late on rent, your credit card, or a medical bill is going to be mean extra fees. Day one, make a promise to yourself, you will not pay late.

Day 2

Have you ever asked yourself, is your money working hard for you? Well, if you’re sticking with your traditional savings account, its probably working less than one percent. Less than one! Don’t worry, and I’ll wait here while you check it! Uh-huh, just as I thought! You worked so hard to save this money its time to look for a high yield savings account. And just as you thought, its hard to get in. Believe me, honey, a lot of online banks have high yield savings accounts.

Even if your super loyal to your bank, trust me; you don’t have to change it. Just open another high yield savings account separate and transfer your money. The transfer is easy; you can even do it automatically on a schedule. I’m currently using Chime banking, and I already have a high yield saving percentage for my savings account. Another online bank I recommend is Empower, it helps you stay in budget with a tracker, and you earn interest on all of your accounts, including checking.

Day 3

While we are still on the subject of banks, can we commit and switch to a bank with no fees? Just like Empower and a lot of other online banks, there are no fees. Do you want to know how banking freedom feels? Well, if you have a bank with a fee, you haven’t felt it yet! Just knowing that the average person pays $329 in bank fees every year, it just scrunched my face a little. Why am I paying to be responsible, exactly how does that help me save? Switching to a fee-free bank is easier than you think.

You can still do online-banking, have checks, and do fee-free online transfers. If you don’t have this bank in your list, scroll on google for Empower Finance bank. I currently have both Chime, Empower, and Netspend online banking. And I write physical checks all the time with my Netspend and enjoy the fee-free life. Also, I have in the past, overdraft with my Chime bank account, guess what? Dare I say it no Fee.

Enjoy Online Banking with some picks below

Day 4

Open up your cabinets, and just a peek at it. Not your average peak on shopping day, but an investment look around. Ask yourself, How many of these items you buy regularly? There are some items I purchase every month, nonstop guaranteed a bottle of ketchup not matter what. Why not just buy these things in bulk? Sure, if you join a wholesale club, there is a membership fee, but it does still save you money. You can even use coupons; there are club discounts and perks.

And without further ado, you are getting it at wholesale price. Congratulations, you don’t have to have a restaurant to buy bulk food items. You are now a smart shopping individual that saves money and shopping trips purchasing the same thing. The list doesn’t end there; we all need toilet paper, toothpaste; there is just so much money you can save on this stuff! My tip for today, get yourself a Costco, BJs, or Sams Club membership.

Day 5

If you have already been introduced to cashback sites, you may have even heard of Drop. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn extra money while spending at your usual stores. When I say easy, I mean less work; just link one or your debit or credit cards you mostly use to shop. And that’s it. You can shop normally and earn points at the same time. You can redeem some of those points for gift cards. Get started by signing up here.

Get paid for swiping your debit card using Drop

Day 6

Did you know it’s recommended to compare your insurance policy every year? Talk about saving hundreds of dollars, don’t think that you’re always getting your lowest price for any insurance, its good to compare rates and coverage. If you are going to go the loyalty route, it doesn’t hurt to check in with your current company to see how you can save more. I understand that this process can be a little time consuming; that’s where Gabi comes in. Gabi shops for the best car insurance deal for you. Connect your existing policy, add in your driver’s license, and within minutes you are offered a ton of switching options. An average customer will save $825 a year on car insurance; no wonder Gabi is a great tool to use.

List of Car shopping comparison websites:

Day 7

Don’t you dare go into the grocery store without downloading Ibotta. I’ve been earning from this app for years, and I love it. While using coupons, you can scan receipts for select products for a double-dipping in savings! The best part about it is that it’s not just for food; you can earn cash back by shopping online or instore for some of your favorite retailers.

If the numbers are what you need for convincing, the average Ibotta use saves $240 a year, so download this moneymaker to your phone! Save up the earnings and redeem for a gift card or transfer it to a bank account. Side note: You would have to have Paypal or Venmo for transferring to the bank account part. Win bonuses and earn more by referring people and or adding people to your team! There’s always a bonus for weekends and holidays; getting cashback is so much fun and rewarding.

Sign up for Ibotta here, earn your first reward by redeeming a coupon, scan your receipt, and get cashback within 48 hours.

Day 8

So its already been about a week, and I’m pretty sure you might not even know how many times you used your credit or debit card. I’m not that mean, maybe you know, but let’s face the truth, “Are we keeping track of every little charge?” I’m there with you; sometimes I swipe my card so much that I end up just rounding out a number. The fact is that when you put your cards on “vacation,” let’s say, lol and use only cash, there are benefits.

By using only cards, it can be so easy to shop without really thinking about the price. So for the rest of the month, draw some cash from payday and use that. If you’re a starter at using only cash, I recommend cash envelopes. I wrote a post about it here. The use of just cash can make you conscious about spending money. Most likely, you’re going to spend less, and that is the goal. Grab yourself a pen and paper and do some homework; let do the numbers on what you need to draw out for the rest of the month.

Get an intro into using Cash Envelopes for Budgeting

Cut and paste on the front of your envelope

Day 9

What’s the first thing you grab before you leave the house? And maybe when you go to the bathroom? (which is not necessary, by the way, lol) We all do it, to be honest, but it’s your phone. That small electronic device which can be compared to a mini-computer. This little tech device can also be dipping into your cash flow, quite frankly more than it should. Imagine that you’re still in a contract, probably started at a good deal, and now you are pondering if you can save more.

The myth that is switching to a prepaid budget carrier equal sucky service, its exactly what it is, a myth. I’m currently using the prepaid Sprint developer company called “Boost Mobile” To be honest, my relationship with Boost has been about seven-plus years. And I still get excellent service, very rarely do I have a disconnect.

This month, it’s time to be cost-conscious even when it comes to your best friend, your cell phone. Just like comparing your car insurance, it doesn’t hurt to look for another carrier to cut back on this expense. Ask yourself, “Why am I spending a $100 on a cell phone bill?” Is this ok? I don’t think so. At this point, its time to go shopping and go for the switch, sign up with a budget carrier like Cricket, Boost Mobile, or even MetroPCS.

Day 10

If you currently subscribe to a cable service, the truth is your probably overspend. Lowering your cable bill or even discontinuing your use can save a massive chunk of moolah in your budget. I love my cable service, but it cost’s me almost $300 a month. The scary part was I’m too afraid to cut it. My excuse is that there are about two XBOX’s running in my house, my son and I watch so many shows, and I NEED, NEED the best internet on the planet.

So can I still save and not cut the cord? YES! and the answer is Truebill. I’ve subscribed to Truebill and benefited from it. Truebill has a way to connect to your current subscribed bills, like cable, and will try to negotiate to lower them. They will look for hidden discounts and promos for you to save your money. And for scared cats like me, they will never downgrade or remove services.

Day 11

We are starting Day 11 with being mindful about grocery shopping. Buying food is an inevitable thing; we all need to eat. What happens when it’s unplanned? If you load up on snacks and alot of other new things to try, you never planned on. You are looking at a hefty grocery bill. I understand if you’re in a rush or if you just run to the store and back. If you are trying to save money on food purchases, you have to get serious about planning.

Planning means you have to take that extra hour of free time into doing a meal based plan for grocery shopping. The process involves the basics of checking your inventory and coming up with a list of needs for meals. There’s no shame in sneaking in some junk food; just add it to the list.  Luckily for my readers, I’ve already written about this in my meal planning post here.

Best Meal Planning strategy that will help you save money

Are you stuck on recipe ideas? I love trolling on Pinterest for that. I have multiple pins I separated into food categories. Nice and organized of all the things I like eating. Recipes that represent my style of cooking are quick and easy.

Day 12

Tip for Day 12, one-word UNSUBSCRIBE, I left in bold as a big reminder of the importance. Mainly because we all know this is the quickest way to save, but we don’t do it. For my excuses, it’s the work, the phone call, looking up the card I used, sending stuff back. Yes, I’m coming out of the closet as someone that procrastinated on unsubscribing. So allow yourself to take a day off this, a no-excuse unsubscribe day. Check your bank statements and highlight all the subscriptions you need to cancel. One by one, imagine all those 20 dollar charges reappearing in your bank account. Use this motivation to press on. I know I can be dramatic sometimes, but cutting some of these off can save you hundreds by the end of the year. You thank me around Christmas time, lol.

Day 13

“Buzzz,” The alarm is going off, and its time to workout, except we are trimming the fat on budget. Day 13 is a perfect day to start a No Spend weekend challenge. Nothing like money fasting to save you the 50 to 100 dollars you could have spent.

Did I even tell you that waiting on buying something can sometimes change your point of view? After all, that time passed, what probably seems essential can be nonessential. Try to leave your temptation at bay by avoiding stores and online shopping sites. Don’t check your email unless it’s imperative. And the last tip put the wallet away out of sight out of mind.

Day 14

Your two weeks into our Monthly money, we are making some good progress. Now its time to catch the things that slip through the cracks, you know those small tiny charges that we tend to ignore. What are some of those charges? A coffee, or even a snack break at the vending machine. Those charges add up over time until the point that you realize you just spent as much as your phone bill on a drink. Today let’s start by making our coffee and packing our on snacks for work. At the end of the month, add up how much you save after not tempting yourself to grab a delicious macchiato.

Day 15

We are not on Day 15 getting money saved and now starting another week. My inspiration to create the saving train is to make our Meal Plan for the next two weeks; this includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meal planning will save you tons of time and money at the grocery store. Its sort of like going in there with a mission. Then after everything is purchased, its time to do some prepping.

I recommend buying some containers to use for lunch at least, so grab 5-10 packs of reusable food containers. Prep your food for lunches at work for the week. If you want to save time, you can also prep for breakfast and dinner. Mostly I choose to do lunch because this is when I spend the most money, lunchtime at work. Packing your lunch for work for the week can save you at least $50 and for the next two weeks, $100. Go figure, money back in your pocket.

Day 16

Now that we have gotten our meal plan out of the way, I hope that there were some healthy meals chosen. The word wellness brings me to Day number 16, unsubscribing to gym memberships. I’m not saying don’t go to the gym ever, but let’s see what we can do at home and see if it’s still really worth it. Every morning I crawl out of bed, and after my first glass of water, begin my exercise routine. What does it cost me? Nothing! Because it’s free! I turn on You-tube and search for workout routines and believe me; I still sweat like I’m at the gym.

An average gym membership can range from $20-50$, and that is money in the bank. I’m a true believer that the small purchase that makes us go over budget now the large ones that we claim are the culprit. These small reoccurring expenses sound good at first, especially when they start free. The free trial expires, and now your bank is being transaction on a regular, comparing to a thief in the night. Suddenly your new change your life stunt now requires you to hold the promise you made to go to the gym.

When life happens as it usually does, saving money becomes more than apparent as you have to cut it loose. The change doesn’t need to affect your health. You can still find more frugal ways to move your body and increase your heart rate. Besides going online, you can walk, jog, or even run in the neighborhood or at a park where its more private. Go to the beach for a more intense jog or swim. Ride a bike in the park as well, or takes a stroll with your kids. Saving money sometimes means you have to think outside the box.

Day 17

Do you think earning money from video games is a dream come true? To think this can even be possible sounds unbelievable. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is true. You can play Miss play at the accessibility of your phone. Although you might not become rich from earning this way, it’s still a side Hustle. Mistplay was developed for new Game development companies to have their games reviewed by actual players. The earning potential is similar to a loyalty program. The more you play, the more you learn. Do you want to know the best part about it? It’s free to download, oh, the only cost to you is your time.

They get the information to make any alterations or advancements to their games from player reviews. So to sum it up, it’s a win-win. You get to play, and they get information. Gamers earn points to redeem for gift cards and or credits. Let’s give a summary of how this works. First, You must disable your phone’s power-saving and allow the app notification to appear above the others. Then you can download the app from Google Play. My apologies go out to all the iPhone users; unfortunately, this is still for Android and iOS devices.

There are many ways to earn points; this includes the length of playing time and achievement goals. As you Advance two levels, your gamer experience points increase, which are called gxps. Oh, it mainly depends on how long you played versus your achievements. The higher the GXP is on a game, the higher pxp, which are player experience points. Through your experience, you can earn more points, also known as units. Typically you get $5 for every 15 hundred points in credits. You can also earn credits through their referral program, sort of like a bonus.

There are many popular gift cards to cash your credits and do, including Amazon GameStop And Google Play. There are some general rules to consider. You must be 18 years old and older to play. And the availability of games depends on your location, And your account will be deactivated if there is no usage for a hundred and eighty days. To conclude, this method of a side hustle, you’re not going to be rich playing this game app, but it’s a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. 

Get paid to game with Mistplay

Day 18

We have now conquered our way through simple hacks and tricks to save money. What is there was a technique in which you can save money without thinking? The saving automation may be something you might already know or even reluctant to try. Have you ever tried to do things automatically? Putting your savings on autopilot might be the best way to not think of spending. The newer Technologies Banks make for money transfers simple and easy. It might seem not easy at first, not knowing where your money is going, but It’s the peace of mind that’s the best result. Besides automatic savings transfers, you can also do auto-pay with your bills.

If you’ve already created sinking funds, you can Auto transfer funds to particular savings categories. Most banks allow you to open multiple savings accounts. You can designate these accounts for specific savings goals. Look through any of your recurring bills to see if they can be Auto paid. Savings goals should be divided between months to weeks. Whatever amount you have in mind to say, try dividing the sub between the number of paychecks. Then calculate how much needs to be transferred to that particular account, whether savings or not, for you to reach your goal.

Day 19

Let’s discuss the dreaded “Electricity Bill,” oh my now we have to get educated. You might have even read about tips on saving energy, maybe even not have tossed those flyers that your electric company sends on energy savings. Even thought of turning off the lights and unplugging things. When the dead humid heat rolls around and the cold winds hit your window, we are changing our tune. Just turn it on!

I’m not against cool A/C; in fact, our summers in CT are super humid; it’s like why even go outside. And the winters, don’t get me started, ice cold!!! It’s one thing to use electricity when you need it but another thing for overuse. We have to be smart about how we can conserve when we can. Even though my summers are hot, there is no need to have the A/C on arctic blast overnight or early morning when the temperatures drop. Weather changes sometimes happen unexpectedly, and where your electric usages concern, its always good to be aware of the temperature changes.

What are some other things you can do to save electricity?

  • Unplug, unplug…do you need your microwave plugged overnight. What coffee are you making that cannot start in the morning?
  • Change your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones, all of them, even the small ones in your bathroom mirror.
  • Line dry your clothes if you have a dryer; they smell the best that way anyway!
  • Please don’t turn on the lights until you need them; natural light is always the best and brightest.
  • Only use your A/C or heater unit when you need to

Day 20

My next tip might sound strange as a money-saving hack but for Day 20, its to Find a Side Hustle! Nowadays, in 2020 everyone has a side hustle like fixing someone’s car, knitting a sweater, or selling digital products. Not to leave out what we can call this wonderful world of blogging, but yes, this too can be a side hustle! Hopefully, for me, this becomes a full-time job, fingers crossed, and prayers are going!

You might even think where in the heck…am I going to find time to do this? When you manage your time better, you will soon realize you have more than enough time to do something on the side. It doesn’t have to be another part-time job with required hours. It can just be as simple as an hour a day hobby. Now that I’ve got your mind going with ideas think of something that you enjoy. You may have even been told by a friend or two that you are fantastic at this, take the time to pull out a notebook and jot ideas.

There are some skills that people will pay for that they hate to do themselves, even organizing their household or budgeting their finances. Whatever it may be, this skill is second nature to you, and spending time doing it will be like nothing! Lastly, I know it’s easy to give pricing breaks to Friends and Family, make sure you are getting paid for the job as a stranger would. The discounts usually are applied to returning customers. Friends and Family should know that you are putting in time and effort; everything should be fair. Even if they are coming to you with a price break, see how much a company would charge and price a little less, don’t low ball your talents.

Day 21

If you thought the last tips sounded off kind of strange, well, it’s getting better. We have already discussed working a side hustle, but what if you can’t find one? Think about the job you are already doing. Is there any way you can make more money doing what you are already doing, day today? Of course, there is! I know we are still on the subject of work, work, work but saving money is hard! Don’t let the mountain of debt or bills scare you away from picturing the other side of this, Freedom!

Try to see if it’s possible to earn more money at your current full-time job where you might see the possibility could come from working more hours. It doesn’t hurt to ask if there is any more opportunity to cover some extra shifts or work a more extended shift. In most cases, your boss dreads even to ask you to stay longer. Even though this might be tiresome, think of it as only temporary and give yourself a goal and time frame that you need to reach it.

Do you think extra working shifts might do the trick? Why don’t you try just clocking in 15 mins early every day? The added minutes is nothing compared to working another shift but still can put a boost in your paycheck. At the end of the week, you would have added over 2 hours of work time. Is that just awesome or what? Now let’s not forget about the bonus time!

Suppose you have had the privilege of being offered a bonus in efforts to reaching your companies goals. Just go for it! Do whatever it takes to make that bonus! Don’t let pride get to you; you need it! I love it when bonus time comes around or even offered. The extra money goes into your savings. The money earned shouldn’t have an impact on your monthly bills since you have been budgeting with the “said” amount. Just pretend its not there and smile in glee when you check up on your savings balance.

Day 22

When you thought just budgeting your money is all that it takes to meet your financial goals, there is also planning that needs to happen. What if you don’t have the skills or knowledge to plan these goals? That is when Savology comes in. It’s a free financial planning website that gives you step by step actions according to your personalized status. What’s so great about this is the first; it’s FREE! And second, it’s customized.

First, you take a Savology survey, which generally takes about 5 minutes to complete, and then creates a free account. Pathology then takes this data and comes up with a detailed financial plan. Even if you think you’re on track, you can still get insight into what you should have accomplished by your progress. There are different values you can gain from given variables of insights into insurances, debt, and retirement planning. There will be a report card breaking down how well your progress has been so far.

Personalized actionable steps help you reach your goals. The site is secure, and the information you provide is not to third parties. Once you have had a steady budget, goal planning is the next step. What are some goals that you have already? Do you want to own a home? Are you thinking about getting out of debt? I’m one to back out on a goal without a plan. The steps make it easier to do one at a time. Seeing the progress will motivate you to get to the next step. Try out this website and see how easy it is to reach them.

Get your free financial plan at Savology

Day 23

WOW, the month is almost over, and I bet we have now become masters of our own money. How does it feel to gain control again? I hope after all the above steps, we have got some money in our savings account! Man! look at that positive number in the bank; what a relief! Even if it’s small, it’s still something. Compare it to place the first brick to building a successful, healthy, and lasting wall. Day 23 is going to be a nail bitter or even a stomach quencher! Lol, I wanted to talk about our grocery budget again.

Even after we have couponed and used cashback sites, there is still no more wiggle room to bring this number down. I say no and laugh at the face of a challenge. Trying different meals will be a challenge, however, because, for us Carnivores, the most significant chunk out of our budget is Meat! Good old’ grade-A beef, or even chicken, ooh Salmon love that and pork. Meat is the most significant expense in a grocery budget. Sure, you have used your coupons to purchase boxes of cereals and can goods for next to nothing, but gosh for the meats, I hardly ever see deals.

My solution to save on your grocery bill is to create more meatless meals. Before you start to cringe in the thought of making something meatless, think of how creative you can get. There are tons of savory recipes, and might I mention healthier meals that require no meat. Take breakfast time, for instance, can we do some pancakes and eggs versus adding the sausage.

We can often do without all the access fat and get our protein from eggs and various nuts and vegetables. Try looking at your existing meal plan and search for ways to get the meat out of the equation. I find a ton of recipes on Pinterest when I’m in a recipe funk. You never know you might find another favorite meal to put in the regular. I know you can do this!

Day 24

We are making good progress and almost done with the month, but with a couple of days left, its time to tighten up. If you had asked me the second most purchase that I make every month, it would be clothes! I’m in love with fashion, and dare I try to hide it. When the month is done, all I’m left with is something I’ve already worn. Well, let’s try this again; I only need more clothes! Wrong! My breakthrough moment came when I had only $100 to spend on my son’s back to school wardrobe. A hundred dollars, yeah right, each jean purchase for a 12-year-old going on 20 men size jeans, you got to be kidding me!

A pile of newly folded pants on display was 60 dollars for distressed black denim that he wants but is most of my budget. I told my son, if you go with me to the thrift store, I’ll let you pick out whatever you want. I’m not a stranger to thrifting. I’ve loved picking out things for my home. My pride got in the way about the clothing, used clothes? Going to my favorite thrift store coming to terms with this is how it’s just going to happen. We have found a variety of sometimes even hardly worn, expensive brand name clothes.

Today I’m not a hypocrite; I’ve been going thrifting first! I had brought home two large size bags of clothes for my son and me. And when I wear the clothing, most times people ask me where I got it from. It’s amazing what you can find at a thrift store, and the epiphany moment was when I realized its just clothes! All of the clothes I’ve purchased in the store brand new at some point might have been tried on before. When you’re in a pinch with your clothing budget, do what I did, go thrifting. A good thrift store is worth the travel if there’s not a good one in your area. No need to thank me when you find something super cute!

Day 25

Well, well, only a couple of days left and still so much money not to burn! We have spent a lot of time talking about large purchases and expenses. What about the little guys, you know the smaller presidents, the change! The pennies that make it to the bottom of your purse caused it to weigh an extra 5 pounds. Aww, back-breaking! Eventually, they all add it to dollar bills. So for that reason, it’s not wise to discount them but add them up. For many reasons and more, I have a change jar that turns into a change bucket into extra savings in my account.

Every time you spend cash on a purchase, and have change left over, put it right in the jar. No, I mean it! and when it’s full, put it in a bigger jar! That’s if it’s not in a large container already. Remember those big crayon piggy bank you had as a kid! It took forever to fill those! After a long period of collection, you can take it to the bank or a Coin Star. My Coinstar machine is conveniently located in my local grocery store. Take the cash and transfer it to savings. Put it this way, its money growing that could have been wasted.

In my world, every penny counts to savings, so it should be for the earnings. Most banks are taking to roll over change ideas automatically electronically. Some banks round off the dollar amount for each purchase. All the difference gets placed automatically into your savings. I happen to be one of those lucky people with my Chime bank account. You don’t have to be the left out; Chime is free to join! I’m sure we discussed this already, but here’s the link again!

Join Chime here and see how you can automate your change into savings

Day 26

Its the weekend, and wouldn’t be just lovely to order in? Sure it might only be $20, but after the phone ends, you up to $50 plus a tip if you don’t pick it up. Let’s pledge to ourselves to cut back on ordering out! Look, I hear you, after work, slaving away at the stove is the last thing I want to do! It’s nice to do it maybe once a month, stretching on the maybe. After a few times, its time to cut the cord and make plans for dinner at home. You can save a lot of time just by meal planning alone. Try even cooking the meat ahead of time for the various meals; one can say that saves on time and electricity. Two notches off the belt! Another technique which even your mother reminded you of is batch cooking. Crockpots come in handy for this, or even just making lasagna for two nights versus one.

Are you still whining over Mr. Woks eggrolls? Try looking up a recipe that is similar to your favorite take out and make it in your kitchen. The first time I made my Hibachi replica at home was fingertips to the lips, much great! So you can understand that wasn’t the only time making it, soon it was my favorite meal to make. I can bask in the way my kitchen smells after, also could make a neighbor knock on my door to see what I was cooking. No, I’m not a chef, but following the directions, getting all the right stuff, yeah, I can do that! Plus, a fully involved recipe deserving my Spanish guitar playlist and a nice glass of wine. Now I feel like a chef! Ole’!

Day 27

Almost towards the end, I do want to throw a party right now! Parties cost money, so we are going to cheap it out! It costs as much as what we like to do in our budget as “Entertainment” Only this category for me being a Mom would be called “Treat myself” When you are on a tight budget, this seems like the first to go; why? Rewarding ourselves looks more like a luxury when you’re trying not to spend. I’m almost at the point when I feel like saving is a punishment. Why can’t we still reward ourselves? Is there a more frugal way we can do this at home as well? Entertainment and, as mention before, Eating out doesn’t have to be a considerable expense. Along with the ways of me learning how to make Japanese food, I can know to a DIY spa experience.

I’ve already written a post about this with tons of ways to have your at-home Spa experience. There are many other ways us Women, in particular, we treat ourselves. We were getting our nails done, getting a hair treatment. Believe it or not, we can try to skip the deduction out of our paycheck at least for one month. Doing your nails at home or even trying to copy a YouTube hair tutorial might get things done. I’m not telling you to skip the salon treatment altogether because, let’s face it, they still do a better job. What I’m preaching here is that its ok to get by with a little DIY. Every once in a while. If you are trying to save money this month, now is a good time.

30 Self Care Ideas you can do at Home

Day 28

Ok, if you’re still with me now, baby, you are officially committed to saving! So congratulations to you! This next step will take a lot of heart; that’s if your willing to depart from some things. Hold your chest for a moment, and no, its not a heart attack. That feeling you have is the same feeling I have right now staring at my closet. Fellow collectors like me, let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes these things we fall in love with turn into clutter. Once you detach yourself from the items, you can now open shop. What you have is a full market here, even for the things you thought weren’t sellable. There is no need for 3 UV nail lamps, I tell myself. I only have two hands. Is one enough?

After scrolling through my closet, there was a large chunk of items I don’t even wear anymore. Most of those are just only in the bedroom. If I went through my whole house, we might have a small fortune here. Going to websites to sell use clothing like Poshmark can put some money back in your pocket. Do you have a great sense of style? I’m sure others think so too. Don’t be afraid to give that gently used leather jacket right at home versus keeping your hair dry crossing the parking lot on rainy nights. Letting stuff go and selling them yeah, this is today’s tip! Let’s not stop there, though. Even if you can’t sell it, trash it. I’m sure you can agree if it’s not giving you Joy, sorry KonMari method lovers. I so stole this lol, make peace and let it go. Trending now is minimalist living. Its now a design model for life.

It not only gives less stuff to clean and or let’s say buy, but it clears your mind. Think of all the new progress you will make on your financial goals by having one less thing cluttering your mind. I know one thing, I would surely like to cut my house cleaning time in half. And folding less laundry well, that’s a plus; I’m too lazy for that anyways. So while you become a mini bank into selling all your goods, remember you made it happen.

See how you get sell your unused clothing on Poshmark

Day 29

I have to buy a gift; man, is it Chrismas time again?! No, its someone’s birthday, bar mitzvah, or just an office pool for someone retiring. As life would have it, I’m spending money somehow for a gift that wasn’t planned. Is this too harsh to be Day 29’s tip? Well, I didn’t want to be a grinch from day one, lol Lighting things up a bit, I’m not a grinch, or a stingy Scrooge, more like a people pleaser. I love giving gifts; in fact, I take pleasure in wrapping the presents and picking out coordinating tissue paper. It’s just that I tend to overspend on gifts; yeah, I’m a great gift giver. For this reason alone, this tip deserved a day of its one, even if it’s just for me.

Saving money on gifts lesson one, get creative, and DIY your gift. I’m sure if I’m so good at picking things out, I can make my own. Well, even if your not as crafty as I am, it’s ok to give yourself a dollar limit on the gift. DIY ideas are flooded on Pinterest, and I have to say it’s pretty incredible how these things come out. Why it even looks like I purchased these items at HomeGoods. HomeGoods has nothing on me, or my will to save. Just don’t place me in that store with a full paycheck though, its like death to my budget. To some things, up make your gift, or set a limit on the gift your buying. Still stuck, well, let’s go to my little friend, the gift card. Oh please, at least its a dollar amount I can stick to and not overspend. Now I get to splurge and pick out a fancy $7 Hallmark card!

Day 30

Look at you driving out on the weekend with a ton of errands to run! Wait; first, we need to Gas up! Man, gas went up again! If I paid attention to gas prices as much as I make my grocery list when I’m hunting in a store for generic versus brand name, I would be gas price-cutting queen! Sometimes we don’t always have time for that. Have you ever heard of Gasbuddy? I did years ago and downloaded the app. It will show you the cheapest gas prices in your area. It doesn’t hurt to join a BJ’s or Costco membership to cash in what others are pumping at. I had an initial idea for this tip, and it started with gas price, but now thinking about it, we can also calculate our usage. I mean, even if we are paying less, it’s still gets used up, and then here we go mid errand filling up again.

If I’m candid with my readers, of course, I will look just for you guys; the cheaper priced gas stations are always so freakin far! Why are you so far away?! I’m running out of gas getting there! Lol. I’ve tried a different strategy another Saturday, same errands planned out, and then a light bulb went off! Why not calculate my chores from furthest to closest. By switching my driving routes, I saved so much money on gas. I took it a step further by doing some of my errands on the way home from work. Well, I have to drive to work anyway, mind and check some things off my list. After that, I was looking at my Saturday to being less driving around and more relaxing time and this time at home not wasting any more gas. How do you like that? lol

Day 31

I’m going off the deep end here and going to say something opposite of what you might think I’m going to say. That’s alot of I’m and going in that sentence, sorry grammar buffs. Just pretend that I’m talking to you right now and believe I would say it only as its written. Day 31, the last and final day, even if you landed on Day 30, I want you to read this anyways. Celebrate your victory! I know I know it has nothing to do with saving money, but I have an influence. Squinty eye thought process here, then hand on my chin, then a head shake. Yeah, yeah, you need to celebrate this victory!

You have worked so hard, saving money, and it’s not easy. I’m not asking you to take a breathe and go over another hurdle. I’m telling you that you are at the finish line, and I’m holding your hand up. If we don’t stop recognizing when we have gotten past a huge hurdle, the quit in us might prevail. Sometimes the quit comes knocking on our door early, and then just before we get to the end. Imagine where you started and where you are now, even if you saved $100 this month. I’m looking at saying, you know how long it been since there have been $100 in your savings? You saved a $100; congratulations!

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