How to Save Money and Still Have a Magical Disney World Vacation

Money Saving Tips for Disney World

There are many factors that can determine the cost of a Disney World vacation. If you are considering taking your family to Disney World, you will need to plan accordingly. You might have to save for several months in order to afford this vacation.

After you’ve planned your vacation there are just a few more ways to save money at Disney World. These tips will help you spend your dollar wisely and still enjoy every minute of your day.

Plan Accordingly based on the number of people

A key factor is how many people are going on the trip with you. The more people, the higher the cost will be per person because of the added expenses of flights, food, lodging, and more.

This is why it is important that everyone shares in some of these costs through work bonuses or donations from family members.

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Saving Money on Tickets for Disney World

Purchase Your Tickets In Advance

It is worth taking the time to set up your Disney World vacation so you can save money. Purchasing tickets in advance is one of the best ways to save on a Disney World vacation.

Disney World has ticket offers for both Florida residents and visitors to Florida. Deciding to buy your tickets online through their website will also save an average of $10 per ticket.

Average Ticket Prices at Disney World

The tickets for a child’s admission cost $105 per day on average while an adult ticket costs $129. The prices also vary depending on the time you visit and whether or not it falls during peak season. In Disney World, guests get cheaper rates during the off-season but at this point, there is no way to know when off-season starts.

Some other ways you can save money on your Disney World vacation are by purchasing at their out-of-town travel agency or using their Annual Passes, which are only good for Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

These two options are not as valuable if you are considering visiting Walt Disney Worlds in California, Arizona, or Paris.

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Plan to stay longer to save more

If you want to save money on tickets then plan a longer vacation. After a choosing, 4 days stay you will notice the price per ticket dropping. The 4-day ticket can get to $100 per ticket. Stretch it to 6 or 7 days then it will be lowered to about 60 per day. So the longer you stay the cheaper it will get.

Pick The Right Time To Visit

Best trick to saving on your Disney vacation is to visit during the cheapest times. Disney calls this their Adventure Season. The seasonal times are Jan 1-31, Sep 1-30, and Dec 1-14. Booking during these times will save you on your overall Disney vacation.

You’ll also need to consider what type of accommodations you want during your stay at Disney World. If you plan on staying at one of Disney’s resorts the prices will be higher than if you opt for a neighbor hotel.

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Ways to Save at the Park

Meal plans can help you save money while at the park because they provide access to discounted food items and appetizers at select locations throughout the parks and resorts as well as discounts on dining

You should stop at a grocery store before going to Walt Disney World to buy non-perishable food. This way you can pack a cooler and eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the parks.

If you know what rides your kids want to go on, then go straight to those rides first thing in the morning. The lines will be shorter and wait times for attractions will be lower due to low crowds in the morning hours.

You should not purchase souvenirs every day. Instead, only purchase the souvenirs on the days that you really want them.

Buy the Park Hopper Plus instead of a Water Park ticket

Going to the water park might be already in your plans. Usually, a water park ticket can cost you $60 per person per day. What you can do instead is a Park Hopper plus add-on. This is more like a 22 dollar upgrade and will save you money in the long run.

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Last Minute Savings Tips For Your Next Disney World Vacation

1) Pack light – Bring snacks like granola bars, water bottles, and avocados instead of packing lunch.

2) Stay on the resort grounds – Staying outside of Disney property will cost you more money.

3) Opt for a midday park ticket versus a full day. If everyone is not going to the park till afternoon why pay for a full day.

4) Save Money on tickets from Undercover Tourists. They are an authorized Walt Disney World ticket seller that offers discounted Disney tickets. Undercover Tourists offer mailed tickets or e-tickets that can save you money.


It is impossible to give the cost of visiting Walt Disney World without calculating a number of variables. These include the number of days of your visit, the type of tickets you purchase, and the accommodations you want to reserve.

Otherwise, planning your vacation, purchasing your tickets in advance, and watching your spending at the park should help you save alot of money.

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