Easy techniques for Decluttering your Car

We have reached the end of the week and my car is a disaster. Those long days of errands and trips to work stuffing my takeout in the backseat has finally hit me. What hitting me was the smell, literally, my car smells like an old couch. Let’s be honest here, as a mom sometimes cleaning large messes is part of the routine. On “Shekeepsthechange” we don’t just discussion finance, or productivity, there as many things that we want to make changes in. Decluttering can contribute to the preparedness for a lot of things we want to improve on. We will be going over my time-saving tips and strategies on my website to help you declutter something every month. We are starting with our vehicles in November, the best month for holiday prep and my curated taste for everything pumpkin 🙂

If you have a sigh in hesitation, believe me, I feel you, it seems like a lot. It will look overwhelming when your trunk is piled up with miscellaneous stuff. I mean just look at all that stuff, I could of easy brought this stuff in my home. Why didn’t I just throw this stuff out, oh yeah those lazy days? Well just think of how embarrassing it was for someone to see the condition of your car. How much stuff do you need to hide to make it seem somewhat decent? I guess that’s what the trunk if for, lol. All kidding aside we have to get it together. We need quick effortless tips because ultimately being tired and lazy is how we got into this mess. That is why I came up with a list of quick tips and hacks for us.

Organize your car by your weekly needs

If your car was a grocery store, there would be different aisles or sections for everything. We can designate areas in our car for particular things that we need. Ever wondered why you continue to constantly add more items to your car. I’m pretty sure your reasoning starts with “In case I need it”. So let’s fix this issue, what do you NEED to have in your car?

Try thinking of sectioning things off by compartments. I’m a working mom, so my things might be different from yours. The necessaries are non-negotiable but other items should be included if it would help you become more organized.

The Car Map

1. The Glovebox: Flashlight, A pair of Scissors, Insurance and Registration Paperwork, Coupon Organizer to store receipts, Car Manual, Vehicle Maintenance log, Pen & Notepad

2. Center Console: store cardholder, Small Cosmetic bag (feminine needs, mascara, tweezers, etc), phone car charger, small to-go Kleenex

3. Cup holders: small jar with a lid to store coins, or you can use an empty gum container. Grab some cupcake silicone liners for avoiding future sticky messes.

4. Driver side door compartment: Umbrella, empty container filled plastic bags for trash, Car cleaning wipes

5. Trunk: Trunk Organizer, Shopping Canvas bags, Emergency kit, Blanket, a few water bottles.

6. Visor / Overhead: Sunglasses

The Purge

The first step to complete a clean overhaul on your car is to do a purge. Clear and get rid of everything in the car. Most of these items will fall into three sections, Trash, Keep, and Stuff to place in the home/garage. Start with clearing out your car and separating them as such to those three options. You know I’m always looking for a quick and easy solution so I use two laundry hampers and a garbage bag. If its been a while I might need two garbage bags. This ideal method is to have fewer items in the keep pile, the other hamper is for home stuff. The laundry baskets hold a lot of stuff and I can easily carry it to my home to sort.

Bye, bye, bye

Second, toss away all the garbage. Trash easily gets collected throughout the week. Its wiser to be prepared especially if you spend a lot of time in your car. Store extra trash bags for future things to discard, invest in a trash bin for your car or create one. If you want to clean on the go a quick tip is to throw out the accumulated trash every time you stop at a gas station.

The third step is to vacuum out your car!! I’m not blessed with a handheld vacuum, maybe I should definitely invest in it. I’m sure there is a ton of inexpensive small cordless vacuums on Amazon or eBay you can purchase. I will be linking items to buy to go along with this post. Personally, I have a monthly subscription to a car wash in my town that has free vacuuming.

I pay 30 dollars a month and its unlimited washes with free vacuuming. If you are on a budget, which I always am, try a local gas station. When I want a quick vacuum during the week I will drive over to a gas station that has a vacuum, it costs me only a $1.50. Vacuum out everything, car floor, floor mats, interior seats, cracks, and crevices.

Wipe away the grime

The final step is to wipe, wipe away. Typically I grab a generic brand of car wipes from like DollarGeneral, it’s only like $2.00. I prefer getting the scented kind, lemon or orange are my favorite. After wiping away all the grime my car smells super clean. Then I take a cloth rag to get rid of the residue from the wipes and buff it clean. Windex wipes or a glass spray cleaner with a cloth rag is perfect for windows and reflective surface. I also brought like a mini squeegee from Walmart to clean my glass, for no streaks, if you need something quick most gas stations have squeegees for the windows by the gas pump.

Something you might need to help get you more organized

BRONZEMAN Kick Mats Backseat Organizer and Storage

High Road Front and Back Seat Car Organizer Caddy with Movable Dividers

High Road StashAway Console and Headrest Car Trash Can with Lid

FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer

Portable Handheld Vacuum Cordless

We did it!

Amazing my car is now, clutter-free and sparkling clean. How did you do? I truly enjoyed writing this, I hope that we can declutter together. It’s nice for someone else to say, “Hey, I’m a mess too, let’s work together on this!”
Stay tuned for the next decluttering project.

Do you have any decluttering spaces you would like to tackle? Message me on Instagram or facebook @shekeepsthechange

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