Purchases to avoid when you are on a tight budget

We are discussing what purchases to avoid when you are on a tight budget. I’m going to list just a few of them. There are a ton of purchases you can avoid but these made my list solely because I’ve purchased all of them. The best teachers give lessons from experience. I’ve chosen to teach from my faults. So I’m bowing down and showing off my wisdom.

Money is always tight, sometimes tighter than a pair of jeans straight out of the dryer. I’m not sure if a lot of men can relate to this, but I’m mentally visualizing the women thinking “Hell yeah, that’s right!” Let me tell you what a lot of us think as well, “I can cut from somewhere else if I buy this one thing”. Keep in mind, I have no doubt that you can cut from somewhere else. The issue, which will come up, when you least expect it, is that something else is due. I’ve been in the spending trap so many times, I can honestly tell you so many ways you can cover that expense

. The problem is that you will always sacrifice it from another expense. If at it’s worst, this just gives me a big money mental headache. If you are like me, you get those money headaches all the time. On payday, it’s more like joy and then a couple of days later you are trying to stretch $20. I ask myself every time “If I can be so clever with this $20? Why can’t I be just as clever with my whole paycheck?” That cleverness can sometimes be just avoiding what triggers you to spend.

Eating out or Outside Entertainment

Entertainment has always been a category in my budget. With all of the worries on stretching every dollar, I felt adding this was necessary. And like me, necessary to spend money. The truth is like getting hit with reality. A tight budget means just that, tight!. When it comes to cutting our losses, this section is the first to go. All happiness doesn’t have to dimmer from this loss. Get creative and try new recipes when meal planning. Take yourself off the usual 30 min meal wheel and mix it up on a new cuisine.

Love movies? Try renting one for less than half the price at the “Redbox”, add in popcorn and dollar store theater box candy. When it comes to living life on a budget that requires you to always thinking outside the box. This theory is the complete opposite of me thinking I’m depriving myself but not leaving money aside for fun.

Getting Coffee to Go

Folks would say this goes along with eating out and I’m sure you are right. Pretty much the same concept, do it at home. I find this one might still need a category of its own. So much so because its a sneaky one. Why did you say that? “It’s only a couple of bucks?”, or maybe “I need my latte desperately and they make it just how I like it”. It’s the small purchases that will add up just before you know it. It seems reasonable because it’s small but on a tight budget, we need to save every penny. Just take the time to purchase your own coffee, get a flavored creamer you like and your mornings will be heavenly. Grab a to-go coffee mug and you’re off to drive in heavy traffic with a warm beverage.

Impulse buying which I call an unplanned purchase

Many us get that urge, that sparkle in the eye of an insist to buy. Whatever voices try to convince you that you are making the right choice, ignore them. A lot of retailer knows the tale signs of what will get you to buy. They depend on them so they can make their numbers. I’m not trashing the seller’s motives but if you are on a tight budget, you cannot budge. What do you need to avoid exactly? How about the words SALE, CLEARANCE, EVERYTHING MUST GO, this doesn’t mean you need it.

A good sale is enticing but you have to be realistic and say it’s not needed. Then its the newest products in view, and easy to reach, popular by demand so it could be next season stuff. The spending circles are spinning, already you have a plan for it. Somewhere to put it, already seeing yourself using it. I’m not one to talk, this is a trap I easily fall into.

I find myself leaving stuff in my amazon cart just lingering and asking for me to click the “Buy Now “ button. We don’t have to punish ourselves over this. And if you asked yourself, do you deserve it? Of course, you do, but you need to earn it, not buy it. You have to put the money aside to buy it that fits your budget or write it down on a list. Reward yourself with the things on that list when you can afford it. I guarantee half of the stuff on that list you might now want it so much anymore by then. Lots of experts say, even a 24 hours wait time can persuade you to not impulse buy. If you find yourself in a daze of buying wait 24 hours at least before you do. I tell myself if it’s not there, it wasn’t meant to be.

Quantity versus Quality

I have to admit I find myself driving over the dollar store just to save more times than you know. Sometimes you have to think of its uses. Does that smaller size just mean you are saving just in this one trip? You could be buying multiple of the same item versus buying a large size branded item. Lots of brands are providing coupons on their items so you can pay less than half of their prices. Take a look at the units or size depending on the price, and that way you know what you’re getting. If you tend to use the same products, see how often you replace it and buy in bulk. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything in bulk that you don’t use often.

Great items to buy in larger sizes are paper goods, laundry detergent, and other common house goods. If you are sticking with the cheap because of the cost and using more of it, this is all relatively a waste. Getting a good brand that you have to use less of and buy less often is better. Always look for a coupon or sale to purchase branded items and once you do, buy it.

There you go, items to avoid and I believe I stuck in there some things to buy. So all is not lost to buying anything at all. Just being smart with our money it the best we all can do. Financial health is not a triumph its a trial. We are always going to be learning something new and trying different tactics. The best way to get great money is to really know yourself. Once you know who you are in this relationship, you know what your duties are. You might be on a tight budget, but that’s so you can have a limitless future.

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