Stop being busy and be more productive

I’m Busy but I’m not making progress

Task after task can get overwhelming sometimes. I admit it seems like sometimes my list is very long and I still don’t feel accomplished. Realizing I was always tired and still not crossing off my to-dos, I was just busy not productive. Anyone that knows me, know that I am always busy. I work really hard not to have less work to do. If this make sense to you, your probably stuck in the trap too. The trap of being busy is ever evolving and exhausting. It’s wasn’t until one day I laid in my bed trying to figure out what to do for the day. Then I though about how many lists I’ve created of to-dos. I have a list in my phone, my planner, my iPad and my notebook. So why was I still thinking about what I needed to do? Honestly, my lists are a-little overwhelming but I love making them. It feels good to write it down, but to actually do it can be hard. Then I begin by doing something off the many lists, eventually I get distracted and make another list of stuff to do while I’m finishing a tasks. Do I have a list addiction? Maybe, but what I really think the problem its that I’m just keeping myself busy.

I’m not going, to begin with, relation to addiction versus being busy, save that for the psychology major. What I do know is the cure to any problem, is finding the source. The source of being just busy is not to be focused on. You’re probably thinking if you’re busy you are focused, but where did it lead you? I have some tips you can try that has to help me be more productive.

Wait…I can manage this?

How do we become more focused? Designate work times specifically for work and create a minimal to-do list. I prefer the morning times for work because my evenings are for family and home. Start with one hour and increase your time based on your workload. The idea is you get used to an amount of working time, start with the one-hour minimum and see how much work you can get done. If you have more energy, after two weeks of one hour, increase it by an hour. The hour increment will start you off small so it’s more realistic and manageable. It’s like starting a project that has a lot of components but you work on one piece at a time.

The to-dos should not be more than 3 things for work and 3 for home. I stress on the three things because of its doable. I know you’re probably thinking that’s not enough but you can divide those three things into steps. Sometimes there are a lot of steps to completing a task, and if you are not focused I suggest you include the steps along with the task. One task that may seem simple but has many steps can be easy as cleaning the kitchen. Sure it’s one thing, but the are many steps like washing the dishes, clean the fridge, and etc. Just as easy as it sounds this one task can range from 30-mins to two hours.

The Planning Part

The best thing you can do is to plan your tasks for two weeks at a time. Planning a month ahead can be a waste of time because life changes too frequently. It’s easy for the last two weeks to change and alter your tasks ahead. At the beginning of the week, create two lists, one for work and one list for a home. Just go on a brain dumping spree, get it all out of your head. Nothing too small or big just go for it! Next number each list in order of priority, starting with number one. Number each task according to their importance and deadline. Try using a pencil for this step because you will find yourself changing it a lot. The next step is to write near each task how long you estimate the task will take.
Guess how long it will take to finish each thing on your list and be as realistic as you can, in fact, add in extra time.
So your list might look something like this:
1 Clean Kitchen 2hours
2 Change Bedding in each bedroom 30 mins

Make it easy to not forget

Your last and final step is to add your list to your planner. You might use a digital one or a physical one. I recommend separating work and personal for planning so it’s more manageable. Depending on how much time you have allotted for your focus time that’s how you can schedule your first two weeks. Manage your day based on the numerical order you place for priorities, do place your tasks throughout the week based on this. I have created a time-management worksheet that coincides with my time blocking method. You can obtain this by subscribing it is my second worksheet roll-out. First, when you subscribe you will get a budgeting sheet, then my time-scheduling worksheet is available. If you need this worksheet as soon as possible you can message me on my Instagram via. DM @shekeepsthechange, it will be free for followers only. I’m glad we got through this, your week will be very productive, I’m sure of it. This is the same method I’m using today and I have more things crossed off my list than I ever had.

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