Strategic Positive Mind-setting as a Femprenuer

Owning and running a business can be difficult and draining at times. Talk about the sacrifices, especially as a mom. The one thing you lose always is time. For me, its the end goal in mind, the Why in what I do and want to do. My main goal is to help people that have gone through similar struggles I have because everyone needs a coach in their ear.

Family, and our future is what drives me

The other thing, my number one is my Family. I spend the long hours and days just thinking about the days when I can spend time home all week with my son and he is my gift that I have been blessed with for free. I’ve wanted to write about what has helped me in the lost jungle of entrepreneurship. These are tips that can guide you on your path and gain a little motivation. So if you need more advice on gaining a need positive insight as a Femprenuer read below.

Find a Mentor

Everyone needs support and guidance for inspiration. It’s good to find someone that is in a similar niche that you are working in, but they are at the next level. I generally follow several people on social media platforms that I’ve looked up to as a mentor in my niche. I don’t believe in imitating the things they do but let it serve you as just inspiration because copying is a no-no! Seeing a go-getter Female Boss that under went a struggle to a successful company, helps me push myself. I just need that constant reminder some days when I’m working long days even after my full-time job is done. I see this other person similar to me and I tell myself “I can do it to”.

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Who is in your Entourage?

Align yourself with like-minded people. It is true the people around you even indirectly can effect your decision making. Most of your days are ritual and soon you notice that it becomes repetition. So it is possible that you can become conformed to people you spend your days with even without noticing. You might rely on their opinions and thoughts when you have a question and sometimes it might not be so helpful. Take the time to reach out to a few people that are in the same boat as you, maybe working towards running their own company. You can find a community or group of people in your local area , for example try Facebook Groups. Localize your search within your state and search for key-terms, maybe your are a Single parent that also is an Entrepreneur. I find that I can get a lot of questions answered in the groups I’m involved in and they always promote engagement, so ask away.

Improve your Education

I learn something everyday from reading, it can be insight or just psychological perspective. I am a true believer that if you want to be great at something you need to do research and gain a lot of education on the subject. Experience is the true master of teaching but being knowledgeable can make the road map seem more prepared. Everything you don’t know you can learn. Even if you don’t become great at it, you get a better understanding. After that, you make a choice. When you become more involved in a world of business there are a lot of things being thrown at you, and readiness doesn’t warn you before it knocks on your door…it just opens it. Education doesn’t just stop at college, an ever growing mind can teach others. What the world can get the most value out of is education, this investment doesn’t depreciate.

Entrepreneurial Educational Resources

  • UDEMY– The website has alot of learning course, and a bunch of variety of things to choose from. You do have to pay for each course you pick so chose wisely, prices range from $10 to $500 per course. Most of the expensive course are for business and technology but you can read the reviews of former students before you pick the one you want.
  • SKILLSHARE-is a marketplace platform if you want to learn a new skill. The choice in courses are ranging from business to personal skills. Many classes are available to take without a membership, but the costs $15.00 per month, this is for top classes. Reviews are available before purchasing.
  • LINKEDIN LEARNING-offers a subscription-based video tutorial library, this is good for visual learners. Its a reasonable cost of $29.99 per month which provides unlimited access to 13,000 + videos on a broad range of different subjects.

Having a System and a Schedule

Not everyone likes routines because you feel like a robot stuck in a line, but if something falls apart you know where you left because of that system.

I would say most of the time even though I don’t finish my list I can always go back to it and add it again, therefore its never forgotten. A system might feel regimen but in a chaotic world its the routines that can hold us together. It can start from even just a morning routine like waking up at the same time everyday. That one day your routine is off you are spending the day picking up the pieces. A good system to start is Time Management, managing your time is the most important thing you can do. Systems can be also be manipulated to any aspect in your life, just point out the priorities and start from there. If you want to be successful get yourself on a schedule and you will be able to do the next step.

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YES is YES, and NO is NO

When your running a business, having clear defined answers is what makes decision making important. Stay clear from impulse decision making if you are not 100% percent sure. You can simply advise your will follow up with the individual. The more confident you are in Yes’s and No’s people will start to accompany your thoughts as more concrete. Along with coming up with answers, there is just that moment sometimes in a conversation when what you say makes up your whole identity. When you make a decision you need to be firmly involved in that. Don’t be afraid to say No when it is No, being conscious of people feelings are good but somethings need to be clear. When you are running a business a opinion can be worth a lot, they make up of your main cause.

Identify your Weaknesses and Strengths

I know you are an adult and your probably thinking I know what they are. I can tell you this for sure, the people that surround you might already know. So embrace them, whatever they are so you can make better decisions. Your strengths can be your compassion but turn them around as a weakness and recognize when they are used against you. Maybe when you see this as such it can feel like being taken advantage of. Come to know yourself through and through, know that everyone is different and still can become successful. In the business world, being most sure of yourself is a great skill. Take the time to value your capabilities on either side of the fence. When you become more sure of who you are this is the ultimate control in any situation.
Here a more of my posts that are related to helping you improve personally in life. These reads can also help benefit you as a Business owner, since being an entrepreneur is part of your life.

Invest in your Future

Even though our times can be numbered and life worth living can be a short one, but even after death there is a future…an evident future. What do you want the future to look like? In your life, in your kids life, even in your company. Anything and everything that you do should be an investment whether its continuing education or looking into a cause. Create a design map of what you want your future to be with a vision board every year because lets face it life changes. So let it serve you as a reminder. It’s always good to look at your future as something that can grow not just with time, add value to it. Do some reading everyday, take a class, open up an account, develop relationships and just simply invest.

Mindset strategies for female business owners

Saving money in the beginning when your starting a business on your own can be tough. Review some of the topics below if you need help with this

And Lastly…

When you take to time to do each tip above you can really gain insight to mold you in the right direction. Feel free to do research and studying on each one. I know you will feel more impowered each day. Doing numbers, answer calls, even as not defined on a list should be done in a strategy. As a women, some people would put my weakness as that “I’m a Woman”, but you know what some people judge it as such. The words that come to mind is emotion, empathy, just turn them around into strategies, what can I gain from emotion…more compassion into my company so people are more clear of what my “Why” is. What strategies are going to work on? I hope that you got motivation from this read, and if you have any questions please comment below.

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