Techniques to save money if you are salary that actually works

Have you ever consider if getting paid a salary might make you want to take that job? Any even if you are already on salary, do you feel like it’s easier to save money? If this is true we might have not even need to write about this.

The truth of the matter is that many people struggle to save money whether they are salary or hourly. The differences between them just change how you budget but not how you save.

Savings are the same all around. Whether you are paid salary or not, your ultimate goal for saving is 20%. You can place 10-15% for your retirement and 5-8% for your sinking funds, savings account and debt.

What makes it one less step is to know how much income you are bringing in. A lot of us hourly folks, the income might vary depending on the hours or commission. If you are a salary you can almost consider budgeting the whole year!

So how you actually save on salary income?

Consider your spending appetite first. Have you ever heard the saying “spend less save more?” Easy to say but to do it.

There a pattern to this

You get paid and then what’s the first thing you do? spend it. I know some might be righteous to say, “Well I pay my bills first” Well the truth is, your spending it. When you making a salary as mentioned before you have a good grasp on your income amount. Why don’t you save first?

It’s easy to spend everything and not save anything at all. A good practice is to put aside an amount auto-drafted out of your bank account. This should happen immediately on payday. Pretend what you have leftover is your income to divide into expenses. I know it might still sound impossible but believe me auto draft is the best way to go.

If you do send the money over manually you would be more cautious and most likely won’t save at all. When I get paid I go through this imaginary deductible process.

“I got to pay this and that”.


“After paying my bills, the money leftover it feels like a lost by putting the money aside”.

Well quite the opposite, my mind feels better seeing the money sit in my bank account versus my savings. How do I reverse this mental cycle? If not the obvious to save first and spend less.

Do a budget review at the end of each month

Prepping and preparing for your budget may come easy because the numbers generally stay the same. Pick a category in your budget and challenge yourself to cut back in that section each month. At the end of the month do a full budget review on spending and income.

See how if possible you were able to save with your challenge and document steps in which you could do better. Revisit the same or similar challenge next month. A review is a great way to reflect on your decision making and offers insight into your spending habits.

Most of the time after realizing I spent too much in one store, I reflect on how next time I probably make fewer stops. Or even I’ll shop there during a sales day when their prices are less and just as simple as making a list before I go.

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You might have a salary income, or even thought about if this would be better for you. When it comes to different types of ways you are paid there are things to consider. Considering salary is pre-determined budgeting in its own way might make it seem easier.

I can honestly tell you whether you are hourly or salary the saving money part is similar on both sides. You have to take into account the best way to save is to start with the income you have. You can be rich or poorer the techniques are the same.

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