The Best Free Budgeting apps to take control over your Money (in 2020)

If you clicked to read this, you’re like me and others are looking for Free budgeting apps to manage money. With so many out there now, how do you make the decision to pick one? One thing to mention again is that they are free to use. Some might require a subscription for more perks, but otherwise free to use. I’m going to lay out the options for you. Choose the one that benefits your needs for budgeting. Now let’s begin!


Curated by money guru Dave Ramsey to help manage your finances. I downloaded this app on my phone and this one is definitely one of my favorites. This app is free to use but if you want to have your transactions automatically transferred there is the upgrade for EveryDollar Plus. The upgrade includes a monthly fee but using it as a free app without the perks is useful. Famous for his 7 Baby Steps to financial freedom this app works along with those strategies. Often preached, a zero-based budget is what makes this app works on as well.


Created by the well-known company called Intuit including the making of Quickbooks and Turbotax, this saving app is a great free to use. I came across Mint back in 2012 when I want to get out of debt. I would say that this online platform has been around for some time and now you can download it to your phone. You can add on your banking car information and keep track of your expenses. Mint has a large search platform to an array of all financial institutions, credit carder users and lenders. Compare your expenses against your actual budget and it alerts you when you are overspending. Do you want an update on your credit score? You can track that on Mint as well. There are also tips and strategies you can get on the app to start improving your financial life.


Try this budgeting app if you want to track your spending. Link PocketGuard with all of your bank accounts and compare what you are overspending versus your budget. This is a good way to be aware of what you spend most of your money on. Create an action plan the following month based on what you’re spending the most on. If you’re not just concerned about spending but what your saving, it does that too. When you link all of your accounts you can also track what your depositing into your savings account as well. The bills you pay for on a monthly basis, like phone, cable and etc. will be tracked as well. PocketGuard looks at this and helps you find a better deal on your current subscriptions.
Use this app to lower your expenses and help you save money.


This app tool has become popular but may not be the easiest to use.
Wally helps you track your income, expenses and offers you a snapshot of your remaining budget to help you avoid overspending. Download this app on your iPhone or the Android version called Wally+. Wally is globally friendly as this app is optimized for all currencies, making it sufficient for those that live out of the U.S. If your main goal is to keep track of your expenses and incoming income, Wally does great for those two things. Receipt scanning is a perk in this, in which you can store them in the app. Another good way to review all of your spendings.

Retirement planning is crucial at any age, but best starting early to capitalize on the return. Click To Tweet


The once Easy Envelope app is now known as Goodbudget with all the same previous features. The budgeting app is great for people that use the envelope budget method. Now you can apply the cash envelope method digitally documenting your expenses. Budget balances in each envelope and once the envelope is empty, no more spending in that category. This app is also great for couples because you can share and sync together with your budgets. Available across many devices it’s easier to share and communicate your expenses with your partner. The free version has a limited amount of envelopes if you need more go for the paid version.

Financial Tips and Advice


The best budgeting app for couples to help track your bills and expenses with each other. HoneyDue is free to use download it on your Android or iPhone device. Stay on top of incoming bills as it alerts you or your partner when one is coming your way. Communicate and chat with your partner on unfamiliar expenses. Great communication is best when it comes to managing money as a couple. Money is one of the number one disagreements in a relationship. Sticking together to achieve a healthy financial relationship is key.

Personal Capital

I would say that I started to notice the marketing for the financial company most recently. I was watching television one day and a commercial for it. If I didn’t do the research beforehand I might confuse the sophistication with paid software. After looking up Personal Capital I found that’s it’s Free, plus a ton of good reviews. Personal Capital offers tools to track your finances. And have you ever wanted to know ” what your net-worth is?”, download Personal Capital! The budgeting tool automatically tracks all of your incoming and outgoing funds. Get an overview of your financial health with the graphical tools, and see what you’re spending. Let’s not stop there, as an added benefit this software also tracks all of your investments. Link all of your retirement and investment accounts for an analyzed review. Retirement planning is crucial at any age, but best starting early to capitalize on the return.

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